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  1. J24TrickBag

    Craigslist Finds

    Nice mahogany Celebrity in Glenside, PA (north of Philadelphia). It's my brother-in-law's boat. I haven't seen it myself but it's supposedly been very well maintained. Price is negotiable. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/boa/d/glenside-celebrity-sloop/7247126565.html
  2. J24TrickBag

    Caption Contest

    The signal to hoist the A kite on the SV Bedrock is "YABA DABA DOO!" Confuses the hell out of newbies, but skipper Fred is pretty old-school.
  3. J24TrickBag

    Cross-U.S. Boat Shipper Recommendation

    You could try Chris at US Boat Haulers- http://usboathaulers.com However, they're set up for much larger boats and don't normally take boats below 30' unless they're hauling two at once, so it may not be possible to come to a cost-effective arrangement for both of you. Can't hurt to ask though, worst he can say is "no".
  4. J24TrickBag

    Should I Even Bother

    That's the right attitude. The verm can be awful, but then again, some old verm-filled boats are still dry and it doesn't matter. (I just got done racing on one tonight, and it does just fine.) Same with the sink drain- no big deal. Squishy masts and rudders can happen on any boat of that vintage, so nothing new there. Can't say I've ever encountered one with a center seam issue, so I'm not sure how widespread that problem is. The bulkhead and rotten floors are problems but both are solvable. Bottom line is any boat of the same vintage is going to come with it's own share of issues. These boats did/do have their share of maintenance problems, but at least with the J/24 you get a huge, active community of owners that have seen and fixed them all. Go into it with open eyes, a plan, and a budget and it'll be fine. Again, not saying that this boat is "the one", but it's worth checking out.
  5. J24TrickBag

    Should I Even Bother

    Just saw the Craigslist ad in question over in the dinghy forum. Yes, if it were my money, I would go check it out. Not saying it's a winner for sure, but it looks like it has potential. Probably a mid-80s build. May be post-vermiculite given that it has the newer cabin hatches, but maybe not givent that it still has lazarettes. To make it competitive, you'll want to get a bottom job done and start swapping out some of the vintage hardware, but it could be a good starting point. If you get a hull number for it, let me know and I can ask a measurer if it has a measurement certificate.
  6. J24TrickBag

    Should I Even Bother

    All J/24s will eventually need deck recoring to some degree or other, unless you go buy a factory 5000 series and overdrill all of the through-holes yourself before putting it in the water. Just a fact of life. If it's just one or two spots, it's neither a hard job nor an expensive one. On the other end of the spectrum, I recored over 1/3 of the deck on #1155 and it took me almost 2 years (although I had absolutely no clue what I was doing when I started). PM if you want to talk details- I can tell you exactly how *not* to do it $2700 is a pretty good starting point for an older boat, especially if it has a trailer and some sails... But I will say that there are tons on the market right now at all different prices, so make sure you do some research before making an offer on any boat: https://sailingforums.com/forums/J24-For-Sale Edited to add: as a general rule, rot in the deck wouldn't scare me away unless it is extensive. Rot in the hull is another story altogether. If you can't bring a moisture meter, bring a rock hammer and tap out the entire boat. A good rule of thumb is that it's going to cost you $10k to get the boat to point where it can be competitive in one design regattas nationally, plus or minus a bit. You can either spend that on the boat upfront or you can buy a cheap one and upgrade it, but you'll pay it eventually. But if you just want a good PHRF boat, you can spend a lot less than that.
  7. J24TrickBag

    Best All Around Little Boat for Traveling

    This has been at the top of my short list for a while now, and if I had boat money it would be between the RS21 and the VX One. Only thing that gives me pause about the RS21 is the size of the class- I have absolutely no idea how many have been sold in the US so far. We're spoiled in Houston by the 10 boat club fleet at Lakewood Yacht Club, but even with that baked-in fleet there usually aren't more than 2-3 on the line for any given race.
  8. J24TrickBag

    Who has had the test?

    Yep, I had a test in Houston about 3 weeks ago. Knew I was going to pay out the ass for it, and didn't find out until after they swabbed me that I wouldn't get the results for 7-14 days. Results came back (negative) on day 13. Whole lot of good that did me...
  9. J24TrickBag

    Looking for a new watch...

    The only boat I actually own cost me $1, so I'm down to drawing a watch on my wrist with a Bic pen. It's not so bad, unless you miss your start or the RC does a recall... The reset function is a bitch.
  10. J24TrickBag

    Tell me about the 1D35

    I just spent all of this time whining and the forecast for our coastal race this weekend is a steady 15+. Hooray!
  11. J24TrickBag

    Tell me about the 1D35

    Ugh, like the lack of handholds down below... It's downright dangerous in the cabin on a hard beat.
  12. J24TrickBag

    Tell me about the 1D35

    Summer racing is almost all under 10 kts. We get some winter days in the upper teens, but it's usually not blowing that hard here unless it's storming.
  13. J24TrickBag

    Tell me about the 1D35

    I crew on one of the Houston ones (hull #8) semi-regularly (owner lives in New Mexico and flies out to race when he can). We're one of the fastest-rated boats on Galveston Bay but get beat regularly because the boat just isn't competive in the local conditions and doesn't sail to its rating well. It doesn't plane in light wind. Upwind in heavy wind, you need a ton of weight on the rail to keep it flat, unless you reef early and often. In both cases, we can't point as well as any J/Boat, new or old. Ours is semi-turbo, with a fixed sprit but the standard main. It's a wet ride, and in chop the whole boat shakes when you drop off a wave. We do coastal races on it, and once upon a time I was trying to persuade the owner to do R2AK on it... But that shaking makes me nervous. I still enjoy sailing it because it's technical, and on those rare instances where we do get to go downwind in 18+ kts it's an absolute riot. Unfortunately, our handicap ratings seem to factor the impressive broad reaching speed pretty heavily into the calculations, and we almost never see those conditions. I don't expect we're ever going to win a race on that boat. I think they were probably a huge amount of fun when you could actually race other 1D35s in one design races. And I bet it would be a hoot on a long downwind race. But it's not great in handicap racing.
  14. J24TrickBag

    J/24 - Tillotson-Pearson vs Performance Sailcraft

    Yes, rudders must still be builder-supplied. If the Worlds winner somehow snuck a carbon rudder on, there'll be torches and pitchforks.
  15. J24TrickBag

    Single Handed roll call?

    I joined this club a couple of months ago. Stock one design J/24, no provisions for singlehanding except for a tiller bungie. Only doing inshore races (because J/24) but it's been an adventure so far!