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  1. rockb

    Black Lives Matter

    No hate crime here because it was black on white crime. If this had been 4 white guys beating a black guy they would all still be locked up with Aggregated Battery and hate crimes charges instead of out on their on recognizance with simple battery charges.
  2. rockb

    Handheld VHF Antenna

    If you are talking about operating a marine VHF from your home you need to do some research. FCC does not allow this unless you have a shore license. From what I understand this is hard to impossible to get unless the site is commercial and used for the marine industry (marina, fuel dock,..) I have never heard about anyone getting in trouble for it and am not saying don't do it just make sure you know what you are getting into.
  3. rockb

    President Biden

    Most of the bottom of that 87% support whoever they think will take from others and give to them. Most of the top of that 87% support whoever they think let them keep more of what they earn.
  4. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    I have already said that there are bad cops so no all complaints are not false . That is why they all have to be investigated ( substantiated ). If someone is resisting, to restrain them you have to use more force than they are using to resist. The only other option is to let them go.
  5. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    So if I don't like a particular cop I should be able to get a bunch of buddies to all file false complaints against them and get him fired? If someone resists arrest the officer(s) should just let them go?
  6. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    I absolutely think that cops with multiple substantiated complaints against them should be weeded. As do the officers that I know, but just because someone complains doesn't mean that the officer did something wrong. Someone can pull a knife on an officer, get tazed, and then file a complaint claiming excessive force. Someone can resist arrest and then file a complaint that the officer used excessive force. If someone is physically resisting getting handcuffs placed on them and being put in a car there is no option but to use more force to restrain them than they are using to resist. With enough opposing forces it is going to be uncomfortable. No way around it, it is physics. I admit that there are bad cops out there. Just as there are bad politicians, preachers, teachers, doctors, journalists, ....... They should all be weeded out.
  7. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    No there is plenty of money already in the coffers to cover it. Just have to move it around a little bit. A couple sources of income I can think of off the top of my head would be: Diverting some funds away from foreign aid. 10% of what we give to China and Russia should just about cover it. Eliminate Congress retirement and health insurance programs. Make them rely on the same systems that the rest of us have available to us. Restructure the way that current social programs work. If you are able to work you work. If you can't find a job there are plenty of government buildings that need cleaning, painting, and general maintenance, plenty of trash on the streets that need cleaning up, and the list goes on. And just like any other job, do a crappy job or not show up, no check for you. Why should an able bodied person get a free ride because they do not want to work? Ever since I was 15 I have worked when I wasn't in school and some times when I was.
  8. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    You are the one that brought race into this not me. My statement applies to everyone.
  9. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    THE problem is people thinking they have a right to do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. THE problem in the video that that started the thread is someone thought they had a right to speed while they were impaired. Then thought they had a right to fight with the person that was doing their job to keep the other folks on the road safe. Someone's right to do stupid stuff ends when it puts someone else at risk. Someone wants to get drunk or high and drive around an empty race track or with others that have voluntarily joined them knowing their condition more power to you. Just don't do it on public roads. Someone wants to bust out their own windows and burn down their own house. As long as they don't have a mortgage on it, don't expect an insurance check, and it doesn't endanger their neighbors house, go ahead. Just don't damage other people's property.
  10. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    What problem is that? White cops shooting black people. Nope. Not unless you got rid of all the existing white cops or is that what you really meant to say? If that actually happened, yes there would be no more white cops shooting black people but it would not stop cops shooting black people because even if all the cops were black, those cops would still shoot black people just like they would shoot white people. Or is what you are really saying is that there should be no cops at all?
  11. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    I addressed the question to "the anti cop crowd". Unlike Sol you did not identify as Not Anti-Cop but did reply, saying only if they were specifically shooting at me.
  12. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    No one specific. Just the folks that have an opinion that all cops are bad. Mr. Clean's comment pretty much sums up what I figured the response would be.
  13. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    So they have to wait until they are actually being fired at.
  14. rockb

    A much more typical police shooting

    A question for the anti cop crowd. Is it ever justifiable for a cop to shoot someone?
  15. rockb

    Garmin 741XS touch screen not working

    Software update seems pretty straight forward as long as the screen is responding (1:46: in the you tube video below)