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  1. rockb

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    I have been thinking the same thing. But it has kept the tread alive and entertaining. If it is someone trolling they have definitely opened themselves up to a defamation suit.
  2. rockb

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    That is a BIG deal. If he did you should press charges. If you do not he WILL do it to the next person. Even if he does not get convicted there will be a record of those charges WHEN he does it in the future and maybe that judge will see a pattern.
  3. rockb

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Does that mean you don't know or just don't want to say? Just curious what 25,000 subscribers can generate: <$100/month, >$500/month, more.
  4. rockb

    ISO 32-36' Cruiser without Mast / Sails

    How far does it have to move each year?
  5. Haven't dove the freighter in many many years and even then it just looked like a large pile of scrap metal. The natural bottom starts in about 80' but lots of it out there if you know where to look. My folks live on the east side of town and it is still pretty nice but the West side of Pensacola is getting pretty bad from what I hear violent crime is up. I visit every month or so. It all depends on what you are looking for. I do not think anyone has ever accused Pensacola of being a cultural center.
  6. rockb

    "Precision" double braid splicing on Black line

    I know this is a completely different direction but what about some Kevlar/Dacron cord and aluminum swage. You could put some black heat shrink over the swage to keep it all black.;utm_campaign=Old&amp;utm_source=adwords&amp;utm_medium=ppc&amp;hsa_acc=7830372009&amp;hsa_cam=10115626785&amp;hsa_grp=100426651606&amp;hsa_ad=436922998974&amp;hsa_src=u&amp;hsa_tgt=pla-353967104601&amp;hsa_kw=&amp;hsa_mt=&amp;hsa_net=adwords&amp;hsa_ver=3&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQjw7sz6BRDYARIsAPHzrNJTeGV1hiJ2BLR1yspuUpr6AIT5LV7bY4azb6PRnXTDS2w4ePvV1SsaAlYUEALw_wcB
  7. rockb

    Zombie Boats > Balls

    I still do not see where privacy is an issue. If you don't want to put your home or cell phone number on it get a google voice number, it is free. If you choose not to check the voice mail (not hard at all since they send you an e-mail containing an mp3 every time someone leaves a message) when the code enforcement folks call then your mooring disappears. And once again no one is forcing anyone to put one out. And again we are only talking about unused moorings that are left unused for long periods of time. The only person I can see that would have a problem putting their name on one is someone who knows that they are going to take up space in a public mooring area while never using that space.
  8. What is reasonable? 1. That the vessel is equipped in accordance with USCG requirements. It passed inspection. 2. They have written policies in place that the crew is to operate the vessel safely. If they are not on board and there have been no complaints that it was not how are they supposed to know that it was not? If it can be proven that they knew it was standard practice that they did not have a proper watch then I absolutely agree that they shoulder some of the blame.
  9. When all the violent criminals turn theirs in I will turn mine in. Until then I'll hang on to them.
  10. rockb

    social security , bye?

    Since biology doesn't seem to matter anymore can I start drawing social security if I identify as a 67 year old human?
  11. rockb

    Everyone is buying boats...

    Me too. Only difference for me is instead of a 40 min commute I now have a 40 second commute. Had some cash reserves and got in when the market went down so am looking at some decent returns as of right now but believe it is really 50/50 as to which way things go in the next couple months.
  12. rockb

    Everyone is buying boats...

    I think that part of it is that there are many people who have not had a negative impact in their finances and many of them are used to taking a family vacation every summer. With everything being shut down they have that $$ sitting there and it makes a nice down payment on a small boat bringing the monthly payment down to something they think they can afford. I give it a year and a bunch of them will be on the market as those people start seeing the maintenance costs of ownership or they look at those payments every month in the winter and see they are not getting any enjoyment out of the $$.
  13. Not sure if things have changed in the 25 years since then or not but I remember a dive charter boat backed over one of their deckhands and chopped him in half. Due to the corporate structure and laws at the time the family could only get up to the value of the boat.
  14. rockb

    Zombie Boats > Balls

    So what is your solution to the problem?
  15. rockb

    Zombie Boats > Balls

    How is my suggestion a violation of Privacy? No one is forcing someone to put out a mooring ball. " Imagine if they applied to cars?" You mean what if we were required to put something on a car that would allow identification of the owner if it was left unattended in a public space for a long period of time?