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  1. rockb

    J27 Sails

    Videos of sails
  2. rockb

    J27 Sails

    I thought that the previous owner said they were for a J27 but looks like may be a J24. Headsail Manufacture: Quantum Mainsail manufacture: Seidelmann
  3. rockb

    J27 Sails

    I am in Panama City FL. I do not know the age or manufacturer of the sails. I will get some pictures this weekend. Hopefully there will be something on them to identify MFR.
  4. rockb

    J27 Sails

    I recently acquired a boat that came with sails that the Previous Owner said were for a J-27. They are too big for my boat so reaching out here to see if anyone needs a spare set of sails. I took them to a local sail shop and was told they were: Head Sail: Radial Laminate hank on Main: Dacron Cross Cut 7-8 Oz My rough Measurements are as follows: Head Luff: 27' Leech: 24' 8" Foot: 15' 6" Main: Luff: 31' 8" Leech: 33' 11" Foot: 11' 2"