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  1. Grestone

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Lookin' good there, Admiral!
  2. Regardless of quality, I think you'll find northern boats at better prices this time of year as people offload at the end of the season. Plus the CL 14 seems rather similar to the Catalina/Capri 14/14.2 that are well loved trainers here in the American southwest.
  3. Grestone

    Craigslist Finds

    What am I looking at here? It is so ugly that I kinda love it.
  4. Grestone

    Craigslist Finds

    2 505's complete on a single trailer for $1500 in north-central AZ. Condition unknown
  5. Grestone

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    That is a pretty view you've got there. Have a safe and healthy winter and I'm looking forward to more adventures in the spring!
  6. Grestone

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    congrats, man! Looks like you've got yourself loads of fun in that little cobbled-together dinghy.
  7. Grestone

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Incredibly cool to see the process as it goes and thank you for sharing your new Pogo's journey with us!
  8. Grestone

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Who wants to start all over in CA?
  9. Grestone

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Good point there. A GB32 in need of some fixin' has much better resale value once you're done playing:
  10. Grestone

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Congrats on getting her in the water!
  11. Grestone

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    Go sailing. You've got it documented and if it fails in the first sail, the dealer will probably cover you. If it doesn't, you're probably going to be fine for the lifetime of use before you all "graduate" to another boat. Congrats on taking ownership of the Taz!!!
  12. Grestone

    Force 5 sailing downwind

    Yeah, I'd love to hear an update on how your weekend fared too.
  13. Grestone

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    if you're sold on going the new+inexpensive route, could I talk you into upping an extra $500 for the sunflower over the super snark? It sounds like (for your kid) the extra 4" of width and the splash deck may help with comfort and enjoyment of the experience. Otherwise, they appear to be very much the same boat. I had a Snark for a while and enjoyed it for a time (Sea Devil/Skimmer) but after a while and sailing other boats, I determined that I wanted something else and sold it to fund my Force5. There are some days, though, where I still wish I could just grab that vacuum-sealed styrofoam board and go. I guess what i'm saying is, the most important thing is that you pick something out while you still have time to use it this summer/fall and get something that you and the kiddo will actually use.
  14. Grestone

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    Personally, I would test your concept out without a central dagger (swing or slot) first by using leeboards. A dowel or board that spans across the gunwales with a simple mount on each side could let you fashion leeboards without cutting into your hull below waterline. I'd test that first and see if you like it.
  15. Grestone

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    We calling that a 7' Trimaran? I love the ingenuity and back to topic, yeah, those leeboards will dramatically change how you can use that little rowboat.