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  1. Thankfully it has worked out that I can be there ! See you guys soon!
  2. Cops plant evidence

    Never once have I suspected someone I worked with of planting evidence. Basically finding legit drug cases is way to easy to need to plant evidence, and then about 75% of officers would rather not do the paperwork anyways. I have seen some lie about a situation and called them on it or turned them in to supervisors if it was warranted. Have now been involved in getting two coworkers fired over lies and their treatment of suspects.
  3. Cops plant evidence

    I will say that if they were willing participants they need to face the exact same charges as the officer who did it. We don't know they aren't the ones who told on him so the video could be reviewed. So if they turned him in then it is possible they won't get in trouble. Granted I haven't read the article so I don't know all the hard facts but I am just throwing out a scenario where they wouldn't be guilty. Granted they should have stepped in out on the street but it is possible the officer doing the planting could be their supervisor and they need to go to someone higher to deal with it. I don't know those answers but that is possible, also possible they are all just scum and the entire Baltimore police force is suffering from poor hiring practices.
  4. Cops plant evidence

    That is another sad part, I am sure a decent percentage of those were legitimate bad guys who need to be in jail. Now they will walk because he is being a dumb fuck.
  5. Cops plant evidence

    Yep, fuck that guy, he needs to be charged with possession and what ever the charge is for planting evidence and the other two are in on it . How the fuck are cops supposed to have the trust of the public she you have scum like that doing the job.
  6. This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.

    I hadn't seen the shot multiple times thing. Unless the passenger somehow suddenly decided she was a threat I have no idea. I look forward to the investigation and the information. Guess it is possible the cop just snapped.
  7. This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.

    Yes, we wear our gear belts while driving around, and yes it is uncomfortable. I know very few officers who don't have lower back problems by the time they retire due to the belt. It is a pretty well documented issue and the fix is to allow us to wear a vest outside the shirt that we can hang most of the gear off of to put that weight on the shoulders instead of the hips. But when we proposed the new look at the city council meeting it was rejected because they said it looked to militarized. Same exact gear... just a different way to wear it. Anyways. It sounds like the driver was talking to the woman for a while prior to the shooting. My guess is they officers were joking around, maybe flirting with the woman, passenger is showing off somehow with his gun and accidentally fired a round. Stupid and irresponsible is about the only way this situation happened.
  8. This is What Happens When You Call The Cops.

    Normally I can see why/how an event might have happened. This one I have a hard time with and can't put it all together. I completely understand why no cameras were on because they were contacting the calling party. I am going with officer in the passenger seat was new and had his gun out or something dumb like that.
  9. Police officers beat up kids, video!

    Hmm, not sure why you can't pull it up. It is the kids video that he shared to the police Facebook page. Len, I know that a basketball game won't fix everything but honestly I don't believe they are as bad as you portray them or as the Castile shooting makes people believe. Remember millions of police/citizen contacts daily and rarely is anyone hurt or killed. It is less than 1 percent of 1 percent of officer contacts where someone is killed by an officer. Doctors don't have they kind of average! Most cops are good guys, sure there are bad apples, and I along with the good guys I work with do all we can to get rid of them. So yesterday the three of us chose to take time to bond with our community. It is a little thing that might help.
  10. Police officers beat up kids, video!

    I realize this isn't political but this is where I frequent and you all are all so uptight recent. Thought some humor would be fun.
  11. On the basketball court! Spent 45 minutes playing basketball in the Oklahoma summer heat in full gear. Sweaty and hot Here is the video https://m.facebook.com/TheVillagePD/activity_feed/?type=checkin&ref=notif_graphql&target_story=S%3A_I100001975436056%3A1399442606798240 Vg
  12. So last night I stop a car, the drive was a 23 year old black male and the passenger was a 22 year old black male. I smelled marijuana coming from the car and told them I was gonna search the car based on that. At that point the driver said "I need to tell you something". Then as he said "I have a piece" he reached towards the back seat. I could see he was pointing but it was a tense moment. I told him to put his hands on the steering wheel and he did but when I said "don't reach for it, but where is the gun" he again instinctively turned and gestured towards the back seat with his hand. It just shows that people make poor choices and don't think how things are perceived. Guy wasn't a felon and legally owned the gun so after the search I gave him some advice on how to deal with cops in the future and explained he couldn't have a loaded gun without a permit. Even gave him a break on the speeding ticket. Oh and driver said they smoked earlier.
  13. Watch the video, Castile handed his ID and insurance to the officer before the gun statement. He then told the officer about the gun and the officer the told him not to reach for it. So assuming he was reaching for something, what would that be other than the gun? Because he already handed over paperwork.
  14. Uncooperative Californicators

    This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. Cops enforcing firearm laws they don't have to follow. Those cops should just not enforce them, we all take an oath to the constitution, this is unconstitutional and any cop that arrests someone for a law that they themselves wouldn't follow is BS.
  15. I will say again, none of us know what happened. But something, some motion caused that officer to be very worried. How many of you have been in a situation where someone tried to kill you? I am sure some have, but it isn't the movies, it is personal, violent and happens fast. Statistically a gunfight will last 5 seconds from start to finish. The long running gunfight seen in movies doesn't happen very often. I will say again, the officers initial reaction to the statement about the gun is very calm. Then something escalates it.