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  1. Stopped for taillight, he had warrants for unpaid child support, he ran officer chased him, they wrestled, guy broke free and ran again, officer attempted to use his taser, they wrestle again and bad guy gets taser at some point, officer was hit by one barb of taser in leg, bad guy drops taser and runs, officer shoots him some number of times as he runs, officer thenot broadcasts that the suspect took his taser and shots fired. Officer walks to suspects body, realizes taser isn't there, walks to where taser was dropped and places it near the body. Officer lied, then video showed truth, officer now going to jail.
  2. Battlecheese do you know that the other officer didn't say something or that he even saw it happen? Because I haven't heard anything about that either way and if he did know it happened and didn't say something then I agree he should be at least being reprimanded and possibly fired. But if he did say something after the fact then he did his part. I don't know the rank of anyone involved in the incident but it would be a pretty tough situation to see a senior officer do something like that when you are brand new. Something better to address at a later time with a supervisor rather than at the scene. Once again, not making excuses for either of them. I believe based on the video and what I have seen that the officer who shot made a mistake. He violated the 4th amendment rights of the suspect. He used deadly force to stop a fleeing felon but did not have facts he could articulate to justify that deadly force.
  3. No the guy who ran from the police and then fought the officer did not get resurrected. And yes the officer made a mistake under stress, a horrible one and he will now face those consequences. Plea deals happen daily. This is actually a pretty harsh one. I have arrested so many people for truly horrible stuff that gets plead down to nothing. Rapists that take a plea deal for assault and they never see a jail cell. Drunk drivers that grt the first 5 offenses plead down to minor traffic offenses then wind up killing someone on their 6th offense. This ex-officer wasn't a life long criminal, he was someone who had spent many years helping his city. Don't take this as me defending his actions, he messed up, no question there. But he deserves the same thing from the justice system everyone else gets.
  4. Yep sounds like he is getting a long jail sentence. Based on the facts and more than anything his changing testimony I think that is reasonable. I believe a manslaughter charge would have been reasonable also but prosecution will take what it can get.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NfEb1cXFN0fV7dTsvI8qmNs0XxmZUTa_KMlZ7PAZcjg/htmlview Document showing all the officers shot this year. Note the blue ones are the ones who died.
  6. Well yes they have, they are looking at other methods. Realistically he will get life in prison.
  7. The grenades have to be deployed by the launcher. You can drop them all you want without any danger. He will be tried and they are going for the death penalty.
  8. Well technically, we used "powder" we deployed impact OC 40mm grenades. They have a foam tip and when they hit any object the impact causes a large cloud of pepper spray dust to fill the air. Generally makes life really miserable.
  9. No doubt things were bad, and could still get better. I am doing my part tonight. I am at the YMCA participating in Friday night Full Court. Basically a time for 14-18 year old kids to come play full court basketball. I am in a "police" tshirt and play basket ball with the kids. Most of these kids are from the low income area surrounding my city. I have arrested several of the kids in the room. But this is my way of trying to connect with these kids. I give up two of my friday nights to do this and all I get is 1.5 hours of comp time. But let's hope it helps.
  10. It made a few national news stations but only briefly. Police all over the country are shot on almost a daily basis. Most survive thank fully but it is rare that the incidents make national news. The asshole that shot this officer had been in a shootout with police prior to this incident. He spent 6 months in jail before being released for the previous incident. The officer shot was the model officer, active in his community and truly what an officer should be. I knew him well but some of the guys I work with had grown up with the officer. That makes two officers I personally knew who have been killed this year. Tell your son to be safe.
  11. In Logan County oklahoma a deputy I knew from training was shot and killed about two weeks ago. He was serving an eviction notice and one of the people at the house decided to shoot the officer. The suspect then stole the officers vehicle, drove to a gas station where he car jacked another woman. It was about that time that the multi-jurisdictional SWAT team I serve on got called out. We were in the right place at the right time to be the team to take the suspect into custody. He had holed up in a shed, we used gas deployed through a launcher to make the shed miserable for him and he then surrendered.
  12. Looks like a fun day!
  13. Start eating now! Rush Creek is my absolute favorite place to sail and this will be a great event.
  14. While I agree this is ridiculous I will tell you that right when I started with my police department we had three targets we used. They are all printed on a target sized piece of paper but they are "actors" who are holding guns in a threatening manner and then have scoring rings printed on the picture. The first one was a white man holding a knife, the second is a white woman holding a gun, and the third was a black man holding a gun. Our city attorney came to the range one day and it just so happened that while he was there we were at the point in the stack of targets where about 2/3s were the black male. After that he recommended that we stop using that target because of possible perception. So now we no longer use the black male targets.
  15. There was a camera man filming the whole thing. If there was a camera man, there were others as well. It wasn't quite as life and death as it might have been. I am not denying that being a police officer is a difficult often thankless job but the video you linked might not be the best example to illustrate your point.Ed, that is from a show where the incidents are broadcast "live" with a camera man and usually one other person who work for A & e. They are instructed to only help if the officers ask for it. That was 100% as life and death as it seems. A gun in close quarters like that is terrifying. I talked to the officer just a bit ago and he is pretty shaken up by the whole thing. His wife watched it before he could call her about it. How often do you think that kinda thing happens without cameras? I have been there and so have many other close friends of mine