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  1. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Minor update to the whole story. Today I had my use of force review board where they review the video/situation and my use of force to make sure that what I did was justified. Chief, Captain, a Lieutenant, and one officer of the same rank as me (Sergeant these days). Review went well as expected, they agreed my use of force was reasonable and met the legal requirements and was within policy. After the board chief informed me that in 1991 he chase and fought this same guy when he was a rookie and the guy was 18. Made me feel old because I would have been 5 at the time.
  2. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Well this is spiraled out of control, see you guys later.
  3. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Nope, I can put on the friendly face and I absolutely love being part of the community! But that community expects me to be the guardian if needed, so I spend many hours of time making sure I can do that if needed. For reference, the picture in all the gear was taken during a manhunt who killed a deputy in a neighboring county. We took him into custody a few hours later after a long armed standoff.
  4. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Lol, I'm not meant to be intimidating. Friendly and approachable in that get up If I want to look intimidating you get this attire and a whole bunch of other guys dressed the same way.
  5. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    That is the best part of the job, getting to take a photo with some kid who ran up to me in a park because she wants to be a police officer. Now you all know the actual department I work for. "The Village" is a small city that is bordered on all 4 sides by OKC. I chose to work for a smaller department for the community aspect of it. We have about 25 officers and the population of our city is about 10K. Our city also participates in the Oklahoma County Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT team by sending 3 of our officers to training 2 days a month and 2 weeks at the end of the year. I am fortunate enough to have made that team so I get an incredibly high level of training compared to the average officer.
  6. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Tom, that is 100% correct. 99% of calls can be handled by one officer, so the city buys a second car and spreads us out. It is a fact of the job, when you sign up you know you will sometimes have to deal with a call on your own. I would also like to clarify something, I don't "enjoy dealing with assholes", I just happen to be reasonably good at it and have a few skills that allow me to do it better than most. I would rather deal with the assholes of the world so some innocent person who doesn't have my skill set doesn't have to deal with them. But also, no one here needs to get an overly high opinion of me, about 95% of my job is being an adult for people that can't. I am incredibly lucky to have some great superiors who have taken me under their wing and trained me. I figure if I surround myself with people who are better than me some of it will filter over. I work with some true heros, guys who have been in far worse situations than me and made far tougher choices than I have.
  7. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Thanks Ed, I'm glad too. If we decided to never handle any call alone the level of service our citizens receive would dramatically decrease. It is a balance between officer safety and the level of service expected by our citizens. I have made well over 100 arrest for shoplifting in my time as an officer, many of them alone. It is just a reality that sometimes it needs to be done.
  8. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Well without an urgent need, backup was 5-10 minutes from being available. One officer was in the process of administering tests to a possible intoxicated driver, the other was helping a family deal with their autistic 35 year old son who was being physically violent. Once I was fighting the one dealing with the family broke off his call and came to help. 99% of the time an officers presence is enough action to bring the suspects actions back within acceptable societal norms. It would be quite unusual to block a vehicle in and then just sit there for an extended period of time. Due to staffing issues we just have to deal with calls alone many times.
  9. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Nope, all his motions were towards the weapon but I can't prove that was his intention. And he never struck me or assaulted me other than trying to break my grip on him. The DA here in this county wouldn't take the charges.
  10. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Oh and yes, it is possible he was trying to ditch the gun in the car. I wasn't gonna let it get to that point. If his gun came out of his waistband my options would have been extremely limited.
  11. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    So he is being charged with the following -Larceny of Merchandise from a retailer- Felony due to multiple prior convictions -Resisting arrest ( which is the same level as the arresting offense, so in this case it is a felony) -Possession of Stolen Property- Felony (the firearm) -Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony - Felony Not sure what the punishment will be for him, he has multiple prior weapons charges and is on probation for prior charges so he should get the book thrown at him. I am guilty of not following up on people once I arrest them, it usually frustrates me when I see what they get plead down to and how little time they end up doing so I have found it better to do my job on the street and let the court system do their job. It is two separate systems for a reason, it is so the anger I feel towards him doesn't affect his punishment. As for doing anything differently, I have run it through a bunch and can't see anything I would change other than I would have rather not got in a fight. The shoplifting didn't reach the needed criteria for drawing my weapon and having him exit the vehicle at gunpoint. Once the fight was on it might have been better to disengage and sprint for cover then deal with him from there, but that would have likely meant a gunfight and getting shot at which I am in general pretty against. Plus my back drop was a "RedBox" machine with a family standing in front of it so my shooting opportunities would have be extremely limited. So I guess the real answer is, no, I wouldn't change much. We both survived a situation that could have quickly turned into a lethal situation for multiple people, that's about the best outcome I could hope for.
  12. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Frenchie, I honestly have no idea what his deal was. I am sure he realized he was going to jail, knew the gun was stolen, and knew he was caught. The level of resistance I am seeing from suspects has been steadily increasing over the past 4 years. The overall respect for police from criminals is decreasing and in general we are seeing far more resistance. SloopJonB, I'm not gonna touch the gun subject, I don't blame the gun at all for the situation.
  13. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    When the forums changed it reverted back to my original handle which was this. I haven't taken time to change it back. Sometimes I just step away for a bit from here due to work and other outside of work callings.
  14. Someone tried to kill me tonight

    Well, I am not as sore as I thought I would be. Overall I feel good about the situation I went home, he only had minor injuries, and he is in jail where he is supposed to be. To answer a few querstions, the gun was a Smith and Wesson, it had been stolen three days prior in a second degree burglary and funnily enough my backup was who took that report. The suspect stole four packs of Trojan Magnum Condoms, about $60 worth. He apparently had big plans! As for why I did not shoot him, I had drawn a mental line in the sand. I decided that if I lost control of his right arm that was reaching behind him I would draw my weapon and evaluate his actions from there. So believe me lethal force was on the table, it was the next step. I felt pretty in control during the struggle and I had pulled his hood over his head so he couldn't see, so even if he did draw his weapon I would have a brief instant of him not being able to see where to attack. Not a perfect plan but it was what I had come up with in that moment. Watching the body camera video is odd, I have watched it several times through. At the beginning i am vocalizing and giving commands , then when I realized how serious the struggle was I went silent and was just fighting. I stay remarkably calm in high stress scenarios and it is one of the traits that I believe makes me a good police officer. Anyways, I appreciate all the support, I have to give credit to my backup. It take a professional to end a fight and not want to hurt the guy who just tried to kill you or your partner. After the subject was handcuffed my backup and I both began asking the suspect if he was injured and if he needed any medical care.
  15. Well that was a shitty day, I have been away from here for a while but decided to come back and post this, and yes I realize it isn't political but this is where I am active. I responded to a shoplifting call tonight and knew I would be without backup for a bit because both the other guys on duty were on other calls/traffic stops. I show up as the suspect is leaving the store and see him enter a vehicle. I blocked him into a parking spot and he couldn't pull forward due to a concrete pole in front of his car. As I approached I saw him reaching towards the center console, I instructed him to put both his hands out the window and he only showed me his left hand. I was able to control it and ordered him out of the car, he was reaching towards the back of his waistband as he was seated in the driver's seat. We had a 45 second physical altercation as i attempted to keep him from bringing his hand out from behind him. I was eventually able to open the door of the car and pulled him out. When we hit the ground he kept reaching for his waistband and I felt a hard object in his waistband. I was able to control his hands and got him handcuffed, I then began a search of him and found a loaded handgun in his waistband. About that time a 2nd officer arrived on the scene and they controlled the passenger of the vehicle. Anyways, that is it, just had to vent! I am all banged up and kinda pissed off, the suspect is in jail and I am alive. But fuck that sucked!