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  1. Snatch Block

    Carrera 290 - Offshore?

    Looking at a Carrera 290...hoping to do some offshore distance events. Being told the boat may not have the best hull, ballast weight configurtation...thus will not make the cut. Thanks
  2. Antrim 27 vs Carrera 290 Both in great condition, lots of sails and carbon rigs. Cheers
  3. Antrim 27 or Mumm 30?
  4. Antrim 27 - IRC / ORC? Where could I locate IRC or ORC certificate for this boat? Regards, SB
  5. Carrera 290 or Antrim 27 for short handed long distance.
  6. Carrera 290? Thoughts.
  7. Anyone know anything about a J100? Found a basic one without a sprit at a good price - $49000 Thanks
  8. Spinnaker Snuffer? Wondering using one of those Chute-Scoops or similr brands would be a safer alternative to short or single handed spinnaker managment?
  9. Snatch Block

    Keel / Hull Repair

    Displacment: 3527 / Ballast 1598 Keel is lead. Solid glass, non-cored hull. Bolts are tight.
  10. Snatch Block

    Keel / Hull Repair

    See attached photos, of keel & hull showig cracking around keel 2" around on hull. Big expensive repair? Take a pass on this boat? You'll have to click on this: KEEL-PDF.pdf
  11. Snatch Block

    what is it?

    Bend In Two?
  12. Keel modifications done dirt cheap! Who can I contact to review my exisitng keel and make modification to it?
  13. Snatch Block

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    Needs a bigger wheel
  14. MacGregor 26! Yeah, you're lean, mean, and I bet you're not too far in between are ya!
  15. Snatch Block

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale

    The number of used sailboats in the 30 foot range for sale has been growing exponentially over the past year. Plenty of old plastic from the 80's and 90's. If they don't sell where will they go to die?