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  1. Rectangular fabric pockets with mesh fronts work great. Top is held closed with velcro. East to make yourself or have done locally, they weigh nothing and you can see where everything is, no groping around. Fastened to the side with screws thru grommets on the corners Pat
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    sanding concave areas

    Finally found it, similar but less $$ :
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    sanding concave areas
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    Here Comes The Night

    View from my office
  5. Daggerboard and trunk are offset to port side slightly. Gives us an after facing seat on port side of trunk with head underneath, a forward facing seat aft of that and a small seat on the starboard side, which was all we needed for a small family.
  6. I'll have to look around for some pictures of the installation of a daggerboard in our Seaclipper 28. Ours has the standard height cabin, the trunk goes from the keel thru the deck. One of the benefits of the trunk going up thru the cabin top is no leaks in the cabin, which was a problem with the centerboard trunk. Another benefit is the boat always sails better than it did with the centerboard. Our boat also has a small wing built out between the cross arms.