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  1. Admiral Hornblower


    are you absolutely kidding me? 3288m! I don't even think the course is that long!
  2. This is my main source and here's some articles My first post was probably a little sensational, I tend to go back and forth whether its a scam or just the flu, and so on. But on one thing I am certain about is and that's that its not what its put forth to be!
  3. Okay I see what you mean now, buts that's just what's not been going on. There has not been ''careful interpretation interpretation of weak positive results'' and that's partly how we are getting such enormous case numbers. or so I've heard from various sources like
  4. where is your evidence that my sources are based on a WHO report from September? I didn't find it in those links
  5. What do you have to say to this gents? Just another bit of evidence proving that the Scamdemic is a scam
  6. Looking for (used) class legal Radial Sail in good condition. Will pay shipping from anywhere in the US thanks, Adm. H
  7. Admiral Hornblower


    Got it! 346m
  8. Admiral Hornblower


    How did you win that race? I am having great trouble winning by anything over 100m, which is very frustrating!
  9. Admiral Hornblower

    Prada Cup

    ahhh, the good old days...
  10. Admiral Hornblower


    I'm on the leaderboard!
  11. Unfortunately I can't watch it because I don't have to YouTube, but I bet it's funny! If this this video is on any other platforms let me know
  12. Admiral Hornblower


    This is me trying to get a bunch of leverage It pretty much never works.
  13. Admiral Hornblower


    It does seem to be hard to win by more than 50m in these comparatively steady wind conditions.
  14. Admiral Hornblower


    woohoo! I'm in 5th place!
  15. Admiral Hornblower


    Finally got on the leaderboard! I am @Dominic I don't understand what those guys are doing to get high scores so consistently!