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  1. gkconnor91

    Want to get into Finn (open to suggestions, though)

    I appreciate all the help gents! I emailed the NorCal Finn club, so I’m just waiting on a word back from them. Currently going through the sailing clubs to see what their fleets offer! I really appreciate the help (I’m military, so I can handle snide ass sarcasm ) Thanks everyone!
  2. Hello! So I am interested in learning to sail Finn. I’ve never sailed before, but I’ve been interested in sailing for a while. So, a little about me, I’m 26, I live in the Bay Area of Cali, I’m 225lbs/102kg. I’m 5’10”. So, before I’m told to lose weight and sail Lasers, I’m a competitive Olympic weightlifter, so losing weight would mean losing muscle for me. Im not sure if it matters, but I squat 410lbs/186kg, deadlift 495lbs/225kgs, snatch 100kg and clean and jerk 120kg. I’m adding this info, because it seems some boats are a bit more strength reliant. Like I said, I’m interested in sailing as a whole, and would definitely love to be competitive within it. I’d even be interested in learning a crew boat. Thank you all for your time!