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  1. SSOCK

    CORA Flag

    It is a slippery slope. First you change the flag of one club (as a former member of CORA, I do not oppose the idea). Second, you go after the two (or more) other clubs that will not entertain the thought of women members or other people not like themselves as members.. Ok, they are Private clubs and are entitled to vote on membership but, where does IT end? Would they allow LR, Dawg, Squeaky or even Snaggs (shudder..) to be a member?
  2. Vamp has a new owner, USMMA (sigh). that boat could sail the course itself if you just let it. She has done it over 27 times and has cheated death in the sluceway at night many of times. Scary fun. Sail Safe!
  3. Some more background: The firm is based in Marseille and it is a private company, one of the closest competitors even sponsored an AC program out of South Africa. I think I will need to do some digging locally, like maybe the non-profit that has a bunch of Harbor 20's in Newport Va. and work on the Teambuilding approach rather than racing. This COVID 19 thing may 'help' in some form by giving me some time to research and give the company a (eye opening) need to regroup the masses that have been working remotely. Thanks for the good information. Happy 4th of July! Sail Safe!
  4. Some good ideas, thanks. I am thinking of more of teambuilding scenario that would: Help retain employees while empower them to do something they otherwise, would not have etc. I know we have carried Comanche and Jack Black to their new home recently. Maybe, I could work the idea from our customer base up? Thanks for your help so far. Sail Safe
  5. I work for a multi-national company (based in Marseille) that is big on 'Carbon neutral by 2050' and like most, is currently adverse to spending. In the 1990's, I was able to race in NYC on some sponsored teams with brands like Microsof and Marc, Amax etc. (it was very cool). How do I best reach inside the company flap and sell them on teambuilding in the waters off Norfolk Va. or beyond...? Any good ideas on how to best extract $$ and get them to pay for a chute / boat? Flame on only if your are LR or Dawg..
  6. As the OP, I am going to report that I plan to do the Wed night series (at least the first section) with this boat. After reading all the above and remembering most of the 35 yrs of big boat racing, I realize that I should try it and just see what happens. What the owner puts up on FB is her business and her ideology is pretty much commonplace anyway. Thanks for the wake up call. SSOCK Out
  7. Thanks for the responses. I was not really referring to politics discussed on the boat. I have never been on THIS boat. I do have a feeling that they are more excited to try to do well rather than debate / discuss DC politics. It was really about the social media political ranting and that turning me off as crew. P.S. Espo is a Dick. When he asked me to do bow for him at B.I.R.W, I told him it would cost $200/Day. Go Team!
  8. So, let us take this a step further. Do I just keep my head down and mouth shut unless specifically asked about my views? or Let the owner know as I first step on board that I do not care if she is a P,Q,R,S, T and a flaming Liberal but, not to shove it in my face. It might be really fun and my wife might actually approve (of some of it) ..
  9. It's off season, and I have met the owner and some of the crew. Meh, it seems that they are newer sailors and they could use some help. I think that it could be a good fit as they are not all 'rockstars' that do not take suggestion. Owner FB 'friends' me and seems to spout a lot of political opinion / stuff that I do not necessarily agree with. Do I keep it in my hat (as we ALL have previously raced with / for owners that we do not share the same political views)? I am inclined to give it a try and see how things shake out, if I do not like it, I can always bail I guess. Flame On and no I am not LR or Left Hook or even Snaggie..