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  1. J80 1123

    J80 PHRF setup

    I'm looking at new sails and wanted opinions / experience with Evolution Sails. I've got a bid from them for a Carbon Sport with Lite Skin for the main and 105% jib. They are a bit higher than North but to be fair, North has proposed a different material - the NPL Sport Xi Aramid. I want to get a lighter sail that will hold it's shape. I sail short handed now with Covid so reducing heel without being able to put meat on the rail is a good thing. Thanks for the input.
  2. J80 1123

    J80 PHRF setup

    In the sport boat class, which is 88's 80's, 70's and U20s, all but one other J80 run with class headsails. The other 80 runs with a 155, but the rating hit is 6 seconds here for anything bigger than OD - so no benefit to carrying a 135 vs. a 155.
  3. J80 1123

    J80 PHRF setup

    I'm sailing #90 on Lake Norman, near Charlotte, NC. Our Wednesday Night Series goes from mid April to mid August, with winds getting lighter each week. I've currently got a 135 and the class jib. The 135 was on recommendation from my sail maker, echoing a lot of the comments here about a 155 getting overpowered quickly. However, our lake has just two ratings for the 80 - 123 for the class jib and 117 for anything bigger. Like other posters, I find that I can't point as high as the J 70's, 88's and Ultimate 20's in the fleet and am sailing more distance upwind. Downwind we do fine but have a lot of ground to make up from taking the extra degrees on the beat. So - my question is whether to change my PHRF certificate to the class jib and get an extra 6 seconds plus better pointing ability, but lose some speed when the winds drop in the summer. No standard course here either - sometimes is a straight W/L course, other times it W then reach, then beat to another fixed mark. I'm thinking in those cases where I have to put a reach in, I could put up the A-sail and carry it up as close as possible. There's only one other 80 in the fleet and he runs with a 155, but his heel angle is usually much more so he's slipping sideways some. Thanks.
  4. J80 1123

    J80 135 Genoa Track Info

    Which one is the correct measurement for the 135 track? One shows 5" in from the cockpit bulkhead and the other shows 8 1/4". I have an extended track from where the 155 track was but the angle on it seems to be too far outboard for the 135. Can't point worth anything with the genoa up and there's no place to put an inhauler. I'll put a short track inboard - either in the 5" to 6" angle shown in the diagram or the 8 1/4" to 8 3/4" angle shown in the pics. Thanks...
  5. J80 1123

    J80 - Anti Fouling Paint

    We hauled our J80 out last summer, took off several coats of Baltoplate all the way to the gelcoat. Unfortunately had close to 100 blisters to repair and fair out before applying 3 coats of Interlux HS and then 4 coats of Black Widow. Pics below of the barrier coat and then the BW. We sanded the barrier down with 600 and then with the BW went from 600 dry, 1000 wet and stepped up to 2000 wet for the foils and first 5-6 feet on the bow. I didn't spray - used 3/8" nap rollers for the barrier and then had crew following with a foam cabinet roller to smooth it down. On the BW we just did the coats with the foam cabinet roller. Nubs were there for sure but lower than if I'd done it with a higher nap. First race with the new bottom started in 4 kts and finished in <1. We were able to keep speed going and she coasted extremely well. We ended up first in that one. So I'm very happy with the results from all that work.
  6. J80 1123

    J80 Graphics for Team T-shirts

    Holokai - where did you find a clean version of the line drawing? The ones I've found have been very low resolution and wouldn't work for silk screen or iron ons. Thanks...