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  1. Venom

    "America's Frontline Doctors"

    Your positions are always political. I never claimed otherwise.
  2. Venom

    "America's Frontline Doctors"

    I never voted for Trump so stop with the Trumpalos bullshit already. Sorry but I'm just not buying the political narrative you are parroting and your bully tactics won't stop me from questioning your assertions and stupidity.
  3. Looks like a goddamn hippy with a mullet.
  4. Venom

    "America's Frontline Doctors"

    Don't get triggered but you don't actually know fuck all about science do you? Twitter is for twits. Study graph.
  5. Venom

    Evidence of systemic racism

    we know that Legleitner did not threaten the general public in the manner that Lloyd did by robbing a public and family friendly restaurant during business hours. We know that Legleitner cooperated fully with the State Attorney and his testimony was needed to get convictions for the co-defendants. Although there may have been multiple parties involved in the robbery of the drug dealers in the Legleitner offense, there was only a single incident. This contrasts dramatically with the circumstances involving the two separate robberies committed by Lloyd and his co-defendant during their crime spree. The rebuttal pointed out that, according to a Stuart Police Department arrest affidavit, Lloyd and his co-defendant Louissaint had caused a Pizza Hut employee to “fear for his life” before handing over $150 in cash, and that when the two men (along with another man who was driving them) were stopped, police found “two young children inside the vehicle … [who] were inside the vehicle during both armed robberies.” The children were aged two and five years old. Whether the discrepancies between the cases of Legleitner and Lloyd amounted to “monumental factual differences,” as the 12th Judicial Circuit described them, is ultimately a matter of opinion, as is the question of whether those factual differences warranted such vastly different sentences. However, it cannot be disputed that significant differences existed between the two cases which went beyond the race of the defendants, and in giving Legleitner a relatively lenient sentence, Judge Bauer followed the recommendations of both the defense attorney and the prosecutor, and he fulfilled his obligations by citing the reasons for that lighter sentence.
  6. Does he need a haircut, Ishmael or is it that you don’t like the color of his skin, truck or was it the straw in his mouth that got you so angry and triggered? You’re a fat ass bigot Ishmael.
  7. Venom

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Were you surprised?
  8. When the old turds will be floating to the top in victorious stupidity.
  9. Are you jerking off to gay porn again, Ishmael? Fucking hell, get a life, dude.
  10. Wake up to the propaganda being shoveled down your throat.
  11. Venom

    Black Lives Matter

    Looks as if she needs to use the thumb to hold down her index finger or it doesn’t work.