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  1. newbie bowman tips

    Just make sure there's one person on the boat who makes the call - could be the bowman, mast, pit or crew boss, but at some point, someone has to say 'left' or 'right', and that's the side the kite's coming down...
  2. newbie bowman tips

    And your Dubarrys?
  3. newbie bowman tips

    Yes - but don't wear it in the bar after the race.
  4. newbie bowman tips

    In terms of the 'nomenclature' mentioned above, I think it's pretty important, especially on bigger boats and/or in bigger breeze, for everyone to be on the same hymnsheet as regards orders. For instance: If you shout 'take up the slack' people may just hear 'slack'. And do you really think people will always hear the difference between 'clutched off' and 'clutch off'. We always try to work with "take up on X" and "slack on X", "clutch closed" and "clutch open" etc.
  5. newbie bowman tips

    Not trying to get at ya - I know what it's like to be the new young guy on a boat (hell, I am that guy). Have you tried bribing that masty with beer?
  6. newbie bowman tips

    I didn't think there was another option - taking the old guy out before putting the new one in means you have a free spinny pole - not something I'd want. In terms of the strength - not such a big deal, I've been doing it since I was 14, although I must admit that it's got easier with age and bulk. By rotating the sail yourself, you help the donkeys at the back out no end and make yourself look better, keeping the kite full and preventing a wrap or the kite posting through the foretriangle. On the tactics debate, I would never expect to call tactics on a big boat, that's for the afterguard - the most I would ever do is call shifts and gusts; there's enough people speaking to the tactician as it is without another voice. If you want your mastman to help out, try this crazy idea: open your mouth and breath out while manipulating your larynx to make the following sounds: Hey buddy, give us a hand with this sail would ya?
  7. Older well known IOR Boats

    Isn't that the one that got some mixed coverage in "The Training Ground"?
  8. Hobart Scene

    Some carnage on the Derwent, or maybe it is a tricky new way of rigging the pole? What is really noteworthy in this picture is that the Mumm in question is NOT on its side! Classic - I've done exactly that once. Big gust hit just as I was about to gybe the pole, boom crashes over and sticks pole into the drink, carbon pole snaps and pushes broken end through the kite. That was expensive.
  9. newbie bowman tips

    I've never sailed an assy bigger than an RS400, so: when on a big assy, do you have two sets of sheets rigged, one set for inny gybes and one set for outty gybes? Or do you just feed the lazy sheet round the front of the sail when you want to do an outty gybe.
  10. newbie bowman tips

    1. My best and possibly only tip is to always have a mental picture of what everything should look like. 2. Our pole = J so we keep it clipped to the track at deck level. 3. I drag the jib clew round then crawl across coachroof. Leads to lots of bruises n grazes, but seems pretty quick. 4. I have slight problem with complying with rules 3 or 4 - the skip's my dad.