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  1. Alberta

    A view on Morf blocks

    Thanks @BashfordHowison still working my way through the thread but very interesting. So far pretty happy with the Morf Blocks, friction remains low at load (much preferred to the Ino-blocks) and they take being kicked and stepped on fairly well. That said I’ve only used them for a couple of sails so time will tell. A few more photos with them test rigged on a jib tweaker and the vang.
  2. Alberta

    Best Ocean Races

    I still struggle with a race whose motto is as hokey as “The FUN race to Hawaii”
  3. Alberta

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Epoxy is also a pain when it comes to employee safety with the development of contact allergies which Vinylester and Polyester don't trigger with the same severity.
  4. And was allegedly scared stiff the first time he sailed it.
  5. Correct' monos/C8 Newcastle.htm
  6. Alberta

    A view on Morf blocks

    I struggled to find much English language coverage of some of the more modern block designs and companies so I thought I’d share the beginnings of my experiences with a very new player, Morf. The blocks are all textile axle using what feels like Marlow D12 Max, but have a plastic bushing between the textile axle and aluminum sheave. This lowers the friction compared to the textile axle only Ino-rope blocks I own, but is still a far cry from Harken or Karver ball bearing blocks. Instead, these blocks are all about high working loads and low weight. They definitely deliver on the low weight with the smallest block I purchased (MB01 for 3-5mm line and 225kg SWL) coming in at just 6 grams which I confirmed with my own scale. Part of this weight advantage comes from the minimalist design. Unlike Ino-blocks there isn’t much of a housing on the blocks beyond a couple of ears to keep the bushing aligned with the sheave. Also unlike Ino-blocks and Karver, these blocks are a tight fit for the their maximum line diameter. The tiny MB01 is rated for 3-5mm but 5mm is definitely pushing it. Fingers crossed that these turn out to be as durable and reliable as Ino-blocks (and harken for that matter). They do have a bit of the garage built look to them with 3D printed bodies with clearly evident layer lines and a couple of the blocks have edges that look like they lifted from the printer bed a bit during manufacture, which is a common problem with consumer and light commercial printers. I purchased a range of blocks to upgrade my vang, tweaker, and Cunningham on my Figaro 3 and will have more to say once I get them rigged this weekend and put under load. From left to right: MB3XL, MB03, MB02, MB01
  7. Alberta

    Show your boat not sailing

    Glad you like it. Here are a couple more from what has to be one of the only Figaro 3 cruising trips.
  8. Alberta

    Show your boat not sailing

    Riding sail is correct, fashioned from the boom cover. As a 6000lbs 32fter with very little lateral resistance when the foils aren’t in buried in the water it can sail at anchor like nobodies business.
  9. Alberta

    Show your boat not sailing

    In cruising configuration at Santa Cruz Island.
  10. Transpac has to be on the list. Open to doublehanded entries over 30ft.
  11. Alberta

    Phil Sharp

    Has the Figaro class figured out how to trim the foils for each point of sail yet?
  12. Alberta

    Block Costs and Value for Harken?

    I don’t recommend purchasing lower quality than Harken, but there is a whole world out there of high quality at similar prices and up that tend to offer lighter weight and more unique functionality/form factors than Harken. Ino-rope, Ropeye, Antal, Ubi Maior, Karver, etc.
  13. Alberta

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Series/production minis have static keels, aluminum rigs, Fiberglass construction, and shorter bowsprits. Older ones are cheap and one of the few ways in this size range to get what I would call decent performance. It’s only the prototype class that has canting keels, daggerboards, Carbon construction, etc. Here are the mini classifieds
  14. Alberta

    New Performance Sailboat Charter in SF Bay

    Try J/105 and J/120 mostly. The fast boats are mainly reserved for the big races. Perhaps it’s just me, but while fast, a crew that outnumbers a Volvo team on a 50fter is incredibly unappealing when you virtually the same result can be realized with modern design and only 2 onboard. I’d certainly rather learn the short handed skills.
  15. Alberta

    New Performance Sailboat Charter in SF Bay

    Perhaps the solution is to structure it as an academy rather than bare boat charter. Provide the coaching staff and boats like a high performance J/World.