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  1. 964racer

    Best use of budget?

    No matter whether you buy a 40 year old boat or a 15 year old boat, you are going to have to put money into that you are not going to get back when you sell it in 3-5 years. I would focus on your primary of objective of saving for your cat and join a sailing club or factional lease arrangement as an interim way to get on the water until you are ready to buy.
  2. The North Tour Xi 100% jib came in about a week ago and we installed it. The North rep was very helpful in making suggestions at the dock on how to trim it. I got one with 3 battens, white UV cover. I've sailed it twice so far in very light winds and I have been very impressed how it holds it's airfoil shape in super light winds. I'm saving up for a new main of the same design because the current one (12 years old ?) looks really baggy now in comparison to the new jib...:-).
  3. 964racer

    Order of Vaccination

    My daughter who is a telemetry RN and works in COVID ward of a local hospital was vaccinated with Pfizer about 4 days ago. No side effects other than sore arm...I’m glad she got it but I was not that worried because their PPE procedures are pretty strict..
  4. 964racer

    Trying to find a bilge water source...

    Thought about that but it is a continuous but slow inflow.
  5. 964racer

    Trying to find a bilge water source...

    Had not thought about it being rain water that gets salty. Where does the salt come from ? Is it residue salt from evaporated seawater ?
  6. 964racer

    Trying to find a bilge water source...

    Yes, the boat has been regularly used, but not over the last 3-4 weeks due to a project we did on running rigging reorg. The boat has a tiller but the tiller is stored in the "up" position but the rudder is not locked, so I noticed the tiller does move periodically in the slip. That is one area I have not checked, so maybe I will look there next - move the rudder around while inspecting the rudder post.
  7. My boat (Ericson 33RH) accumulates a small amount of bilge water (maybe a pint over 2-3 weeks). I tested the water with a saline detector and it is definitely salt water. I have checked all the thru-hulls (I think ??) that I can find and can't feel any moisture around the base where they contact the hull. The hull was painted and boat surveyed back in march with no findings. I dried the bilge and put clay in the round passageways and the bilge stays dry and I see no seeping around the keel bolts. I found a small pool of water (maybe about a sponge full) under a small opening right behind the speed transducer (is thru the hull) which is next to the near the forward v-birth. I thought it was the transducer thru-hull or the o-ring in the transducer, but the actual transducer base stays dry for hours after I dry that area. That water must be coming from somewhere !. I don't think it can come from the bilge because that area is a few inches higher than the bilge. I thought maybe that pool of water is just dew from the mast, but when I sponged it into a glass, it tests as salt water. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  8. I did have to purchase a new sail cover as the stack increased in height by a foot or so over previous rope track which takes up little vertical space . ( this site won’t let me upload a photo for some reason) . I needed a new cover anyway .
  9. I installed a Tides mast track and cars on my boat (E33RH) in July. I am very happy with it. I can hoist the 300 sq ft. main at the mast easily with no winch. I have a composite sail. When you drop the sail with tides, it really drops ("like a piano"). This is great if you want to drop your main in a hurry, but when flaking your sail (depending on how you do it), you have to definitely will want to install a cam cleat at the mast to hold the halyard. I recently installed retractable lazy jacks. I can drop the sail now and it does a pretty good job of self-flaking. I retract the jacks, use sail ties and and standard cover.
  10. 964racer

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing all the details with us. Keep us posted on your adventure !
  11. Everything I read about for SH cruising and occasional racing was to go for Dacron. The North rep convinced me that is “old school” thinking since the new cruising laminates (like the tour Xi) are lighter, don’t stretch as much and are comparable to Dacron in strength . I’m also not getting younger and I have 300 sq ft. Main, so handling was important. So, I bought it. I’ll see how it works in a few weeks.. The expense for laminate was about 20% more than Dacron.
  12. 964racer

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    E33RH...The below deck space is very limited - it would not be fun job, but I think it's possible because the rudder shaft is fully exposed. I use the boat for cruising with ambition to do some SH racing this spring/summer.
  13. 964racer

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    Yes, it is. It's an Ericson 33RH and the shaft is fully accessible . It looks to be a conversion from a wheel helm to a tiller. It is a coffin below deck though - not a lot of room to work and some sort of mount would have to be glassed into the hull for a below deck cylinder to be mounted. I might have to recruit a much smaller and skinnier person to do the below deck part (and it wouldn't be free).
  14. What tiller pilot do you use for SH and are you happy with it ?. I have a Simrad T32 and looking to replace it - maybe with a below deck system if I can install it myself.
  15. Does anyone have any experience with using a wi-fi hotspot and camera on your boat as a security measure to check on your boat remotely while you are away ?