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  1. sailerjim

    Best 30 foot racer?

    Henderson 30... We just acquired one recently and the boat is an absolute blast to sail. Very technical for sure when it comes to making to boat go fast, but can be sailed around for fun much easier. We race with 7-8 people (sometimes hard to find). A big reason is weight to keep the boat down but also most people should know whats going on because the boat is definitely busy. That big a spin is a monster and can take you for a ride when your not on the ball but if you can can keep her sailing its an awesome ride. We have only had the boat a short time and have already enjoyed our fair share of downwind wipe outs.. when you feel that tiller start to loose grip shes adios! That being said if you just want to go for a tear around the harbor or even light wind racing it is very manageable with less people. Its really when you get into the more technical maneuvers like spin hoisting and dousing (especially when windy) that having a larger crew who knows whats going on... not just rail meat, can pay off.
  2. sailerjim

    Help! Henderson 30 vs FT-10

    I always thought it was interesting that the Farr's have the inboard diesel. I wondered if someone had ever taken it out to swap to a more light outbored. I would imagine there would be a big difference like you said.
  3. sailerjim

    Help! Henderson 30 vs FT-10

    Did you say you have/race a hendo? Do you dry sail it? I would be keeping it in water and wondering if that would pose any issues?
  4. sailerjim

    Help! Henderson 30 vs FT-10

    Just out of curiosity, what would have the edge in a round the buoys race for crossing the line first a Henderson 30 or Farr 30?
  5. Hello guys I need help with this. So I have been looking to purchase a sport boat and seemed to have it narrowed down to the Henderson 30 and the FT-10. Things I like about the Henderson is that it seems to be a pure sport boat built solidly (or so I have been told). The only thing that I am not sure about is the ability to overnight on the boat. I realize neither will provide luxury but the FT-10 seems to have a little more room down below perhaps making it slightly more comfortable for overnights. That being said I really do not want to sacrifice much performance wise which makes me think I should just suck it up and take the Henderson but I am looking for input. I would definitely like to take the boat on some extended trips with some ocean sailing. I understand that the Henderson takes a crew to manage her in heavier conditions?? Also any general comments on either of these boats would be much appreciated. I would also consider the Farr 30 but there just does not seem to be any around me whatsoever. Currently the Henderson is definitely in the lead. The main use for the boat would racing and some overnight trips biggest priority would be speed. I'd also be open to any other suggestions of boats that have the same or better performance in that relative price range.