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  1. Yes no problem. I usually have the battery and tiller removed when daysailing. During a race I have the motor stored in the cabin of the boat, so it is almost ready for immediate immersion.
  2. seppel, what kind of boat is the 503 pushing around? A Beneteau First 21.7. I added to the original battery with 320Wh the 520Wh to extend the range.
  3. I switched two years ago from a Suzuki 5hp out-border to a Torqeedo Travel 503 and I don't want to go back. Never had any issue with the Torqeedo, enough power to get out of the harbour and back. I'm charging the battery at home over night. I can easily remove the motor from the stern or put it back there. So I'm very pleased with the device and can recommend it.