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  1. FixinGit

    What's a Kirby 25?

    1956-Melbourne Olympics Bruce Kirby of Canada sailed in the finns and 8th overall. Bruce Kirby created the Laser which was introduced to the games in 1996. Plagerized(nearly)this from a book im reading.
  2. FixinGit

    Minneys Closed

    Jeez i wish Australia had a few of these places.
  3. FixinGit

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Very nice @BooBoo looks tidy.
  4. FixinGit

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    Sorry. Garmin tried to buy out Raymarine but FLIR bought them instead.
  5. FixinGit

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    Dont Garmin own Raymarine now?
  6. FixinGit

    What is it?

    Mooring level: Expert,Genius,wreckless(maybe). Departing level: Miracle.
  7. FixinGit

    faint oil sheen in diesel exhaust

    Put a chemical injector cleaner thru it first before worrying about stripping it out for cleaning/testing.
  8. FixinGit

    Singlehanding My Wally 100

    Lets face it, if i had the disposable income to own one i might.. But i’m unlikely to make a video of me pretending to be soloing it. My guess is some of these people have huge dramatised oil painting of themselves “Taming the beast” above their office fireplaces. Large egos. Beautiful yachts though.
  9. FixinGit

    Sailing. Corsair F-31 to China

    Did it have a Pushpit?
  10. FixinGit

    What is it?

    Sony/Erikson 1072” marine projector screen.. A must have for the discerning raftup party.?
  11. FixinGit

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    @Presuming Ed Good onya mate. My condolences for your loss. Valhalla bound sounds good to me. GBNF.
  12. FixinGit

    Nuclear Sailing

    and maybe...?? Are you thinking of buying ‘A’?. its up for sale i think. If so, dibs on crew spot.
  13. FixinGit

    Log book pen anarchy

    Dare to be different...... (No good in choppy sea state)
  14. FixinGit

    Nuclear Sailing
  15. FixinGit

    Nuclear Sailing

    I read somewhere that the Sailing Yacht ‘A’ has an observation lounge in such a position.