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  1. Salona

    Impact of Stack Pack/Lazy Bag?

    It came with the boat, from Salona. So far I’ve replaced the zipper and swapped the lines for smaller uncovered dynema but otherwise it’s about 4 yrs old and in good shape. It looks pretty similar to the one I’ve seen on a local X-yacht.
  2. Salona

    Impact of Stack Pack/Lazy Bag?

    We race with ours on 95% of the time. You just roll it up with velcro straps, and really isn’t in the way at all. I’ll take it off for the offshore racing this summer, but for anything shorthanded, it’s pretty great to just drop it into pack and zip up. Here’s a decent picture from last year.
  3. Salona

    Annapolis Newport Race

    Idk, seems the faster boats usually have an easier time connecting the dots and finding new breeze.
  4. Salona

    x-yachts x-119

    Sellers market right now.... good luck with that approach. Unless there’s good cause to suspect a problem, I’m not not paying 2k and taking the boat off the market for 3 weeks waiting for the yard to do the work, just for the novice buyer to change his mind anyway. A more realistic approach is to escrow 8k on the price and let the buyer buyer handle the rudder inspection, within a reasonable timeframe, say 2 weeks. It will be a good lesson for him in how much even simple boat projects cost... But when potential buyers start making expensive demands, that’s usually a sign they’re going to be unreasonable about something and the deal will fall through anyway.
  5. Salona

    x-yachts x-119

    I’d be surprised to find a seller willing to let you pull the rudder at survey. It’s not a small job on a bigger boat, depending on how difficult it is to access the quadrant & autopilot ram. And it has to hang in the slings the whole time, tying up the yard’s lift. If it were mine, I’d only agree to that after an otherwise satisfactory survey, and the buyer would need to pay the whole cost with a contractor/yard of my choosing.
  6. Salona

    Physics of sail power.

    You may be stuck in mental rut, Some of what you’re inquiring on is counterintuitive and I don’t know that this stubborn approach will work.
  7. Salona

    The Swedish Experiment

    Given that this pandemic is not going to be over until end of 2021, early 2022, seems that we are not going to know the extent to which Sweden’s approach worked or did not, until then. But fine to keep arguing...
  8. Salona

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    One of the things I like about Peter is that he takes the equipment he sells and builds prototype systems and tests it, so that he can advise his customers. I don’t know anyone else who does that.
  9. Salona

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    Talk to Peter Kennedy at Sells all the Victron equipment and he’s probably one of the most knowledgeable on how set up an integrated system. Has a great blog too:
  10. Salona

    B&G Nemesis

    In one of the setup pages, you can select which of the boatspeed/wind etc to display. You want the btspd and twa/awa thats output from the H5000. The tricky part is that each of the sources is indicated by a seemingly random number. To figure out which one is which, you need to go and turn off sources u til only the H5000 outputs are left.
  11. Salona

    Seeking 6061T6 Aluminum for Snipe board

    6063 has a bit more corrosion resistance but costs more.
  12. Salona

    Best way to Measure keel foil section?

    Here’s a better picture of my keel before burnishing — think this might be exactly as @The Q describes. The flat portion is at the base, where it’s widest. Down at the bulb, where it narrows, it’s an aerofoil.
  13. Salona

    Best way to Measure keel foil section?

    I haven’t checked closely, but my Salona also seems to have a flat section in the middle. It’s a modern design but I have also wondered whether this was intentional, or something that should be fixed with fairing. It’s in the water right now but here’s a picture from this summer, it’s wet so maybe difficult to see the lines:
  14. Salona

    Firefly charging

    If it’s a relatively small charger (say 10 or 20 amps) the 14.6v is probably fine for occasional use. The Firefly batteries can suck up a lot of amps, so a small charger won’t actually hit its target voltage in the Bulk phase. If you put a multimeter on the terminals, the voltage will probably be in the 13.5v range until its nearly full. (You will also lose a little voltage to the resistance in the wires, especially if the charger is connected to the bus, but not directly to the battery terminals.) you could probably charge on the charger until the voltage gets into the absorbtion stage and then completely charge using a regulated source like solar on an mppt.