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  1. Doesn't sound like a very thorough investigation... only five survivors and they didn't even interview them all? "One photograph presented during the hearing showed numerous cellphone charger cables draped over the back of salon seats on the boat. One of the five surviving crew members told the Coast Guard that sparks emanated from an outlet when he tried to plug in his cellphone that day, but NTSB investigators did not interview the crew member. "
  2. Salona

    B&G Nemesis

    Garmin does - the GNX 120 7" display. Perfect size for the mast, integrates with B&G just fine over NMEA2k, including pulling distance/vmg to waypoints from a B&G chartplotter. Daylight readable, can configure with up to 3 data fields and very low power consumption. I was disappointed that B&G didn't make a direct competitor, b/c the only thing that the GNX won't do is pull the target speeds/polars from H5000.
  3. I need to investigate my speed sensor more then, b/c I seem to be the only one whose boatspeed goes down as heal angle & speed increases. I wonder if it's b/c aeration is being introduced and it's interfering with the UST 800 ultrasonic? (FWIW, I called airmar today, and they confirmed that you cannot run two US800's on port & starboard, their ultrasonic signals will interfere.)
  4. This season we started using the UST-800 ultrasonic sensor, it's great b/c it doesn't clog up with growth in between racing. Unfortunately we're still struggling to calibrate it... In flat water & motoring, we can get very consistent calibration runs. But once we're heeled over a lot, or above 8.5kts, the calibration gets off, reading too low by a kt or more. Theoretically this can be corrected in the H5000 tables, but I haven't had consistent results. Best answer so far seems to be to switch to SOG for anything over 8-9kts.
  5. My bad speed through water calibration would still be the weak link...
  6. Salona

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    The heavy weather jib is required in addition to the storm jib. The sizing is highly specific too, based on the SERs; for your rig, will probably come to a 90-95% LP. But IIRC, you have inboard tracks too, so at least that will hive you good sheeting angles.
  7. Salona

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    Probably to give them better options to shorten the course or try to ensure a course that gave a mix of upwind/downwind/reaching? Last year they sent everyone 60nm south & back, but when the wind shut off and they had to shorten course, it left competitors 2+ hrs motor away from Annapolis. For next year, a longer course option might be needed though, in case winds are a lot higher. Even with the light air, almost everyone finished close to 24hrs.
  8. Salona

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    The very light wind and flat water made for some interesting comparisons of sail choices. At one point we (w/code zero) were exactly pacing two j/105s, one spinnaker reaching, the other jib reaching. And all us matched about 2-3kts btspd.
  9. Salona

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    But with a cloudy night in October... there would have been wind!
  10. Salona

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    ...and that particular J/105 was sailed by a 2-time Olympic medal winner.
  11. Salona

    Annapolis YC DH distance race results

    The wind was very localized, light, and shifty until around 2-3am, with holes and windlines only a few hundred yards across. Avoiding (or running into) those holes in the dark was a big factor, many boats changed position, which you can see in how spread apart the j/105 fleet ended up. The best strategy after dark (in retrospect) seems to have been to stay just east of the rhumb line and a little closer to shore, where the breeze was more consistent. Once the breeze filled in, it was probably a close reach from the bottom mark for about 75% of the way, which helped the newer designs with code sails.
  12. As the saying goes, if you want to keep a secret from racers, put it in the SIs...
  13. Should update immediately, at least it was when i tested the tracker earlier.
  14. We're required to carry transponders that send every 30 minutes; AIS is not required. It's a full moon, so boats should be somewhat visible out there even without AIS.
  15. Great turn out for AYC's Double handed distance race tomorrow. Nearly double from last year, with 37 entries and an interesting mix of sports boats and bigger racer/cruisers. Scratch sheet here: Start at 1200 Sat, tracker link here: