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  1. Baconator

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Speed is one thing but can they point higher into the wind and reach deeper? Also what about tacking speed . Spittal could win every start and then cover them and put them into a down speed tactical battle.... Or could he?
  2. Baconator

    Crew setups

    I notice Pradas two helmsman are always on the helm... so is the following correct?... 1. Prada. 8 grinders, 2 helmsman, 1 flight controller. ( Tactician/s is ?) 2. Ineos. 7 grinders, 1 helm, 1 flight, 1 tactician. 3. American Magic. 8 grinders, 1 helm, 1 flight, 1 tactician (who was tactician if TH was grinding? .. 9 grinders?)
  3. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    Good job ben!... Why tolerate fuckwits that wear those kinda hats
  4. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    Rafa is my fave.... Humble and kind. And he's a good sailor too!
  5. Baconator

    INEOS Team GB

    Hello!!!... A Covid winter in Pomgolia versus cruising the gulf in summer. No brainer...
  6. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    Thanks to his car..... But maybe I just don't like his woke spoilt brat cuntyness
  7. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

  8. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    Would lewis hamilton win in a Ferrari... No! Mclaren are so much superior it a tech race with drivers just the delivery agents
  9. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    Lucks got nothing to do with it. Choosing hulas when you needed masts and a dry cockpit design is not luck. Teaming your Japan challenge to the yanks is not luck. Trying a tack - bare away rounding in a big breeze with a big lead and when you brains depart ment says not too... That's not luck that's poor decision making. Luck is when you toss a coin or roll a dice to get a answer.... No skipper does that. Dean is just not good enough. He like s to have the fame, but has not deserved it compared to winners.
  10. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    What contribution? Butterworth told Barker what to do and when to do it.
  11. Baconator

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    Exactly. That's q better analogy.
  12. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    That's utter bullshit! This campaign was a success ... He sailed well, his crew sailed well, his campaign was well managed in and off the water. His only weakness was boat/ foil/ rig/ sail design. ... Which one or combo of a few we will not ever know. . And get never had any pre regattas to check his boat in with If he had Prada's boat he would be in the final.
  13. Baconator

    Ben Ainslie

    The cup was already won when Coutts gave the boy a go.
  14. Baconator

    Cunt of the week

    Wanker x 2 please
  15. Baconator

    Mozzy Jumper

    Not so... Speed relative to your next mark is VMG which is a combo of hieght upwind or depth downwind. If prada and Ineos are both doing 38.6knots but Prada is 5 degrees higher ( In an even breeze) it's game over. Then there is the anomalies of shifts. Take an upwind beat. . Going 5 degrees lower but 5 knots faster when hunting a persistent shift can be a winner. Transversely, sailing 5 degrees higher when you're on the inside of a persistent shift is also beneficial. Be interesting to analyze upwind VMG for all the races they had. I think prada may have a equal upwind vmg with ETNZ.