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  1. LakeErieMonster

    Soverel 33 Chainplates

    I just got a Soverel 33 and wanted to add some reinforcement to the chainplate area. I just don't know how to get them off. I've removed the four nuts on the bottom side and can't figure out why they won't come off. Looking at the top, I don't think the nuts could be screwed into the aluminum plate on the bottom, but the plate won't come off. Is it just caulk or some sealant holding the plate on. Any ideas? Please see pics. Thanks in advance.
  2. LakeErieMonster

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    Any of you using a B&G Vulcan system? Pros/Con? Do you like it in general? Thanks, Steve
  3. LakeErieMonster

    Nexus Silva (old) wind transducer needed

    My boat has old Nexus Silva instruments. They all work, so I really don't what to have to replace. Problem is the wind transducer at the top of the mast got hit by something over the winter and the windvane and cups have been destroyed. Anyone have an old one they want to part with?
  4. LakeErieMonster

    Rigid Boom Vangs... Seldon?

  5. LakeErieMonster

    Rigid Boom Vangs... Seldon?

    I'm guessing about 1/2" pin size. Rough length 59"
  6. LakeErieMonster

    Rigid Boom Vangs... Seldon?

    Someone stole the rigid boom vang, the spinnaker pole and a bunch of other stuff from my Soverel 33 while it was on the cradle in storage. I need to replace the vang, but am on a tight budget. It seems Seldon is the least expensive option. Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with these? Any other suggestions? Anyone have a used rigid vang for sale? Thanks, Steve