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  1. Does it come with a forklift to tail the sheets?
  2. Cashelmore

    Australian Sailing

    LB defaming his own sock. Fuck I love this place.
  3. Cashelmore

    Should I Even Bother

    Depends where the boat lives / has been stored. My 1970s J24 is dry as a bone, but it's in Southern California where most boats bake in the sun all day. A drop of water doesn't last long out here.
  4. Cashelmore

    Velocitek Speed Puck

    Minor thread hijack, but does anyone have any recommendations for iPhone or Apple Watch apps to get SOG? They both have GPS in them and there are apps that will give you driving, etc speed but not sure how well they'd work for sailing. Giving the speed to the nearest MPH or two every so often is good enough for a car, but in sailing we're interested in speed down to fractions of a knot up to several times a second. Yeah I know a speedpuck is better if you want to watch your speed over the course of a race, but a 99 cent app is a hell of a lot cheaper for occasional use, e.g., when you want to check a setting change or how you're doing vs target speed.
  5. Wouldn’t throwing winch handles be more appropriate?
  6. Cashelmore

    Should I Even Bother

    Sail number? Verm status? Condition of the mast, trailer, etc? One benefit of the old hatches is that they’re a lot lighter, so your COG stays a little lower. If the comment about the glass is intended to imply a soggy core, then yeah you could do better with another boat, unless it’s otherwise in outstanding shape and you like doing repairs.
  7. Cashelmore


    Looks like a light sailmaker’s breeze
  8. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    To me that's part of the attraction of J Boats. They crush it upwind. Plus most of them can be shorthanded, so you don't have to assemble a crew for a day sail. Santa Cruz boats are nice but they purpose built for downwind racing and don't go to weather worth much. They're also basically impossible to single or short hand without a ton of modifications. Yeah, I know Hal Roth went around the marble solo on an SC 50 but it wasn't an off-the-shelf build and he wasn't an ordinary sailor.
  9. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    Nice. How often do you do that? Once every 5-10 years?
  10. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    Comprehensive insurance: ~$1900 / year Property / luxury tax in CA: ~$4000 / year Slip: $700 - $900 / month depending on the marina Diver: $60 - $120 / month depending on whether it's 1x or 2x / month Maintenance: $500 / month (just a total WAG), of which, say, $200 is for cash expenses and $300 is to budget for some of the larger items below Total: $21k to $24k / year, or a little under $2k / month for all operating costs How far off is this? Big ticket maintenance items out of the maintenance reserve mentioned above: Rig every 15-20 years. It was last done a few years ago so there's at least a decade left. Figure a halyard or sheet every year on average: $500 / year? Bottom job: $3000 every 2 years Electronics: $1k / year for an addition / gadget and complete replacement for $15k every 20 years? How far off is this?
  11. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    Not trying to ignore slip fees, sails, and insurance. Slip fees vary by location and I can look up what my exact costs would be. Similar deal for insurance: it’s easy to get a quote. Sail costs are pretty variable too, depending on material selection and frequency of replacement. I’m not good enough yet to where I think I’ve ever lost a race because my rags aren’t as good as the next guy’s. So my sail budget would be pretty low compared to the top boat in town. I’m not a new boat owner or racer so I know the basic drill. I’m considering upgrading significantly in size though and the one big variable cost I’m not as accurate at estimating are repairs and maintenance on a much larger boat, a J46 in particular. Hence the fairly generic question.
  12. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    Honest question, but how do you spend $20k/year just in maintenance unless you’re campaigning it hard and breaking stuff? I can change the oil and filters myself. And no need to hire out swabbing the deck. For costs, I’m thinking more like 3k every few years for bottom paint, 10k every 15-20 years for rod rigging, a few hundred a year for a halyard or a sheet, maybe a 2-5k in case a head, fridge, a winch motor, etc.... breaks. Maybe 10k in electronics once a decade. Maybe a mast what, once every 30 years? A few k in canvas/covers every 5-10 years? A grand in oil, nuts & bolts, varnish, gelcoat mixture, foulies, etc... There must be a huge list of stuff I’m missing. What’s on it and what does it cost?
  13. Cashelmore

    J4x maintenance costs

    What’s an average annual maintenance budget look like for a J40/J42/J44/J46 boat? Let’s leave out sails, campaign costs, slip fees, and taxes for now since those are pretty variable. What’s a good rule of thumb for bottom paint, cleaning, rigging, engine work, fixing random stuff, electronics, etc... on an annual basis? 1% or 2% of the boat’s value per year? Or are there some good threads on this topic already?
  14. SC52s are gorgeous boats, but how easy are they to sail single handed? E.g., can you go upwind in 10, 20, or 30 knots without a ton of weight on the rail? How does singlehanding them compare to the J160 and J46?
  15. SC52: inline spreaders with runners 160: swept back spreaders, no runners needed That difference makes the 160 easier to handle and somewhat safer in terms of an eff-up not costing you the rig. The 160 performs well all around whereas the 52 is meant to go downwind. The 160 also has a richer interior but that furniture adds weight.