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    J105 competitiveness

    How competitive versus 109 in short course sailing?
  2. irlsailor

    Farr 30 irc modification

    Thinking about doing the above. I will put a prodder on but what are the do's and don'ts. Does anyone have any experience? Cheers
  3. irlsailor

    j 88

    Hi I am looking at possibly gettign a J88. i wonder if you guys have any experience on how they perform on IRC. They seem to give a lot of time to J 109's for example which we will be sailing against a lot. Do they plane really early in which case WL are favourable?
  4. irlsailor

    j 88

    yes I was looking at those already!
  5. irlsailor

    j 88

    thanks for replies folks- That's what I thought. also seem to be a few build issues on J88 which is surprising as usually j boats are pretty good. I am looking for something which is competitive in a broad range of conditions. my price point is up to 100k sterling. I am not really interested in J109's but wouldn'et mind hearing some alternatives?
  6. irlsailor

    shorthanded charter

    Does anyone know f it is possible to charter a boat for race the wight in a few weeks. ideally something competitive. do we know anyone that might do that?