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  1. challange

    What do you know of places reopening for sailing?

    It’s certain that Greece will open up to foreign cruisers, timings a bit vague but mid June has been suggested by tourism minister. italy open from early June, with no quarantine period for incoming yachts. Balearic islands mid June. interestingly Greece is putting a 3(ish) month limit on open ports and airports, so they can deal with the likely second wave.
  2. challange

    Beautiful boats

    Rowdey? Built by Herreshoff and shipped over. Sailing a NY40 transatlantic would be like taking a F1 car on the Dakar ralley.
  3. challange

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I'm trying to get the YB race tracking working in expedition. Getting "requested url not found" I'm probably getting the race name code wrong. Tried rdr2018 and many similar variants. Anyone got it working?