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  1. sailingqueen200

    Hold my beer...

    Hey I'm gonna kitesurfe on the lake Garda in Italy within the next weeks. It's a big and quite lake, so I'm not challenging any waves. That's good for a semi-beginner like me. Now I'm looking for wetsuites on my own and found this site, which gave me a good impression. (it's in german but I could easily translate it) Which wetsuites do you use? I think Lycra is good enough. What is your experience?
  2. sailingqueen200

    Rap/Hip Hop

    Masego is a super cool R&B singer with jazz fusion maybe you will enjoy
  3. sailingqueen200

    Surf Anarchy

    this is such a cool video! always wanted to learn how to surf. amazing
  4. sailingqueen200


    These look amazing!!!! Inspired me to be more brave when cooking (am not the greatest cook, but will give my best)
  5. sailingqueen200


  6. sailingqueen200

    Sunset pictures

    Omg love this feed , such amazing sunset pictures: )
  7. sailingqueen200

    Cracked cabin roof, non-starter?

    I agree with this, definitely check what the costs will be!
  8. sailingqueen200

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    super thankful for all the information! I am new to the forum and I can honestly say, that I am very glad I joined
  9. sailingqueen200

    Covering your new racing rf sail

    I also use ATN sleeve, so anther vote for ATN from me
  10. sailingqueen200

    J97 and PHRF

    I would also appreciate more info about the J97
  11. sailingqueen200

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    same haha ... definitely different over here too