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  1. Kolibri

    Here Comes The Night

    Chillin' at the in-laws for sunset on the North Shore of Oahu...Rocky Point. Photo by my daughter Samantha.
  2. Kolibri

    Wind Hippie

    I have 2 daughters about the same age as Holly so I can easily relate to her. She's awesome. It's inspirational to see young people chasing their dreams. Sure she can be a bit annoying from time to time, but her level of annoying is an order of magnitude below the level of the "grown up" fucks in society and on this board :-). Live and let live MF's. Cheers, Phil
  3. Kolibri

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Hokule'a http://www.hokulea.com/worldwide-voyage/
  4. Thanks for the link. I'm very close to putting together all of the relevant info on the Shipmate 701 at this point and your link definitely fills in several gaps.
  5. Kolibri

    Coolboats to admire

    Some great boats. I came close to buying to buying a BCC, but decided I didn't want to pay slip fees on a bow sprit. If a mooring was an option I would have bought the boat.
  6. Kolibri

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    The only center cockpit boat that I have sailed was a Nor'Sea 27. For a small boat I thought it was the dumbest design I've ever seen compared to the "aft cockpit" version. Small boats are claustrophobic by definition. Chopping up a small space into smaller spaces makes that situation even worse. On the bigger boat front...the center cockpit thing results in the same question for me...WTF?
  7. Kolibri

    coastal blue water boat recommendation

    Yeah......YotLot is prone to being overly verbose. Odds are they have a few aspiring Hemingways in their crew. That's ok...I just visit their site for the boat porn.
  8. Kolibri

    coastal blue water boat recommendation

    Looks like that Norseman 447 is getting some hype on YotLot. https://yotlot.com/a-1981-norseman-447/
  9. Kolibri

    coastal blue water boat recommendation

    There are a few Pacific Seacraft from 31' to 37' for sale in CA. Here's one. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1998/pacific-seacraft-34-3736499/
  10. Kolibri

    coastal blue water boat recommendation

    Here you go.... https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/cabo-rico-38-3711511/
  11. Kolibri

    Here Comes The Night

    Not a sunset, but I plan to return to this area of the Marin Headlands for a sunset as soon as a get the chance.
  12. Kolibri

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I've been contemplating electric motor systems from Elco and Electric Yacht. My 1981 Volvo MD7A only has ~890 hrs on it so it might be a little while before I switch to electric, but I'm definitely planning to do so at some point. https://www.elcomotoryachts.com/?mc_cid=91ccfa96c0&mc_eid=fd83654ce2 https://electricyacht.com/
  13. Kolibri

    Show your boat not sailing

    Very long story told very short....Ever since a family trip to Costa Rica our family adventure vehicle of any sort has been adorned by a bit of mojo in the form of an "Adventure Monkey". Here's the latest mascot aboard Kolibri.
  14. At least Amy Coney Barrett and her type inspired a pretty good song.
  15. Kolibri

    Here Comes The Night

    A view from the post work walk along the beach.