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  1. KiwiInLondon

    Hanse 540e

    Thanks, that’s some good info. We decided against it and continue to look
  2. KiwiInLondon

    Hanse 540e

    Thanks us7070. You are right about me having coastal experience and not a lot of ocean experience. Hence why I am asking the question here. The Hanse was the first ‘cruising’ boat we had looked at and were impressed by the living space available and comfort at anchor/marina factors but as we only saw it in the marina I have no idea how it will sail. I will take a look at the x-50 and what is available. In your opinion what makes the x-50 such a good boat for such a journey i understand some of the arguments I keep reading for a purpose built blue water cruiser with centre cockpit, full length skeg etc but these are not really for me for a few reasons. 1- I normally race yachts so want some performance from her. 2- for the budget and size we are looking the boat of that type would be pretty old. 3- we like a more modern interior. If budget was no problem we would be looking at a new oyster or amel but we don’t, quite literally, have that sort of cash floating around. As you say there is a continuum from the blue water cruiser down to the 15yr old 30ft Bavaria that never leaves the marina. They will both probably get you there but the key is finding a boats at the right point on that continuum when taking into account safety, comfort budget and personal (and wife’s) preferenceA
  3. KiwiInLondon

    Hanse 540e

    Hi, Foes anyone have any thoughts or experience on the Hanse 540e? We recently looked at one in the U.K. and were impressed by the size and amount of boat you can get for your money We are a family of 4 currently in the U.K. thinking about sailing to N.Z where I am originally from. We are not quite ready to leave the U.K. and would look to leave in the next year or so Covid and work dependent. Before leaving the U.K. we would look to base her in the solent and sail her around there and further afield while further introducing the kids to sailing and getting our own confidence up. Maybe even eventually basing her in the Med while we decide on a time to sell up and go. I am from more of a racing background, however I have cruised as a kid in NZ and the wife and I cruised the med for a bit it what seems a past life...without kids. Therefore, as a predominantly racing sailor i want a boat that has some performance characteristics about it so was quite attracted to this boat which looks to give me a little bit of a foot (however small) in that camp. When we got to NZ we would ideally keep her in and around Auckland to cruise her in the Hauraki Gulf so the kids could experience some of the childhood I had there
  4. KiwiInLondon

    FAREAST 28r Tuning guide

    If anyone has one I would be interested too
  5. KiwiInLondon

    Adding shore power

    Google lithium jump start batteries. I am using one to power instruments. Fits in your hand and can be taken off to charge. The one I have is something like 18000amp hours
  6. KiwiInLondon

    Fareast 28r crew positions

    have you got links to these sites?
  7. KiwiInLondon

    Fareast 28r crew positions

    I found this video the other day of the FarEast's being used in the World Match Racing Tour. You should be able to establish some positions for match racing on there.I did see some boats sailed with 5 and the others 4. I especially liked the overtake between 13 and 14 mins
  8. KiwiInLondon

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I ordered a racegeek last week and it arrived the next day. As I am fitting it on a new boat I had an open licence (but not open checkbook) on what transducers to fit. The support from the guys at racegeek was phenomenal in helping me work through all the different options. Unit looks great. Just need the boat to arrive so I have something to hang it on
  9. KiwiInLondon

    Fareast 28r crew positions

    I also have one on order and it went into the container in China today. I was thinking in terms of positions, bow, pit, 2x trimmers, main, driver and nav. Would think you can probably have 1 or 2 less and but is what I am going to try with the crew I have. More than happy with advice on this too