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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    They're a little low too, but that's probably to protect the hull from shark attacks.
  2. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Didn't WEST originally stand for Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique ?
  3. quick!...Someone call the WHAAmbulance

    Yes, you will. Chill. Enjoy your weekend with the soon-to-be missus... there are worse things going on.
  4. Yeah, that stuck in my craw too. Kudos to them for a great achievement, but I think we can all agree that a RACE record (as opposed to a COURSE) record does imply certain additional constraints.
  5. There was nothing wrong with her original color IMHO.
  6. BCam Eight Bells

    Shit. I met Bruce at a US Sailing meeting also (in Chicago) back in the mid or late 90's. He and I and Larry (QW) had some interesting discussions about the decline of IOR/rise of IMS, the pressures the IMS rule was coming under, the shortcomings in the VPP, etc. He was a pleasant, smart, no-nonsense guy. Over the years we communicated off and on via rec.boats.racing and here, email. Like you say Glen, a warm personality, quick wit, real sense of balance.
  7. Chance 44` ketch

    If you search the forums under Larry's "Some of my old photos..." thread and look for Cumulus, I think you'll find a picture and some additional info/stories on her...
  8. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    They'll add a disclaimer to the units : "This device is not intended to be used for emergency signaling purposes. In a real emergency please use a chemical light stick or your smartphone flashlight app."
  9. Agree wholeheartedly (kind of my implicit point when mentioning the "automated systems"). While in principle one could engineer systems to make it doable, with requisite redundancy, efficiency, etc, it really would cost ~0.5-1M$ to do it to the level where I would risk my life doing it. Think multiple hydraulic furling systems for jib top, staysail, yankee etc. (don't even start thinking Code 0 shit on this boat), in mast furling or similar for main reefing, full-on hydraulic winch systems and rig controls, hydraulic steering systems (ugh!), autopilot(s), then the multiple generators, control systems, PLCs, etc to automate/control it, all with backups... rivals a moonshot. And this is in addition to the usual shit like nav gear/instrumentation, watermaker(s). Just buy someone's used Open 60...
  10. Yeah, but that's a bit misleading... slips are NEVER given to boats under 36 or so feet... early finishers get 1st dibs. Use for your sample not 280 boats but the number of boats 40+ and longer and you'll get a better sense. Or more accurately, look at the number/type of boats likely to be the 1st 60 finishers (PHRF less than 24? ORR > 0.99?), then bin them by size and compare that to the number of available slips for that size range. Isn't math fun? Or better yet, send me wads of cash in a brown paper parcel and I'll get it all arranged for ya...yeah...
  11. You and me both :-). Though doing runners while SH was still a trick...
  12. While not around-the-world - Jean Yves Terlain did the OSTAR (SH Trans At) on Vendredi 13, a 126' monohull. Not to be outdone, Alain Colas did it the next time around on Club Med - 236' monohull, with (rather primitive, comped to today's technology) automated systems to help him sail it. I tend to agree with others that this isn't the right horse for the course - while people are solo circumnavigating on 60' monohulls now, you have to realize these are light displacement bats that are not loading up anywhere near what Sassy would in the same conditions. Developing sail handling systems for solo use in these conditions (Southern Ocean) will be a challenge (and expense!) - not to mention keeping them functioning reliably.
  13. Chicago Area III

    I bailed... about 7 years ago! Kudos to those who kept on truckin'... almost jealous enough to come out of self-imposed exile. I was warned that after a few years I'd start talking about doing it again even tho after 25 i swore never again, no how, no way... Is there a 12 step program to fight recidivism?
  14. Probably - there were 88 from1970 (I thought this was the highest, and certainly was the highest due to severe weather), but there were 91 in 2004 when it was really light, adn lots fo people DNF'd due to not being able to make the time limit. At any rate, yeah, this is probably a record.