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  1. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    Great for that "slimming look", eh?
  2. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    Carter 36. Taken ca 1974.
  3. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    Then there was the spinnaker version of that...
  4. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    I remember using a version that did not have the quad-head, just a regular triangular head, but same idea... longer on the LP than on the hoist.
  5. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    Kevlar scrim - lightweight, appropriate for a staysail and/or windseeker, as others have pointed out.
  6. JoeO

    Daisy Staysail

    Dazy staysail, after Golden Dazy. Scroll to the bottom of the attached, and read about the "80% Staysail". As you square away more the tack can move from centerline to the weather rail (get it out from behind the main).
  7. JoeO

    Nice Problem to Have

    Buy a bigger boat...
  8. JoeO

    sailor chick of the decade

    That post doesn't say the it was any police force that necessarily sent the OP to the other event organizer. Could have been sent by someone else who had a copy - duh!
  9. JoeO

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Well, whether due to a stigma or the perception (not wholly un-earned, having also been a bowman in a former life), that it overly restricts movement, my point is we need to be more supportive or encouraging (or maybe even demanding) of people (and ourselves) to clip in.
  10. JoeO

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Another consideration - I'd bet most of the MOB drills were done with the owner/skipper/primary helsman at the helm... but a MOB can occur when they are not steering, off watch etc. So one should perform multiple MOB drills, with different people on the helm (at least any of the other drivers for a distance race, for example, especially if they normally don't get much helm time when the boat's doing W/Ls).
  11. Well, I'm gonna go with this one:
  12. JoeO

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Seems to me the solution to last year's tragedy is one we've already had for many years, but perhaps fail to implement as often as we should. Clip in. Stay onboard first and foremost. Day or night. Maybe just as we're slowly eroding the stigma of wearing a PFD, we should work on the one that shuns clipping in. I know for me I've always hated doing it. But frankly that distaste came, probably, more from the image of being perceived less macho than the reality of it impeding activity.
  13. The Reinell 26. A friend of my dad's cajoled him to offer my brother and I as crew to help him learn to race his boat, during some Wed nighter. We had no idea what kind of boat it was ("It's a 26' racer/cruiser" my dad was told). We showed up at the harbor and found this : Soon as I saw it, and was told that the keel looked like this: I knew it was going to be a long evening.
  14. JoeO

    Gary W Mull

    Didn't bow down trim also provide lower RM (righting moment), which also improved the rating?
  15. JoeO

    C&C 30 implosion?

    More to the point, it doesn't instill a load of confidence when production "records", especially those critical to ensuring OD compliance, are written on scrap cardboard. Really, nobody there had a laptop and Excel? SMH.