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  1. how fast is it?

    No need to provide support in light air? Doesn't the leech get closed off from weight of boom? I guess it's only a USS prescription to have some means of "boom support".
  2. how fast is it?

    No solid vang?
  3. Chicago Area III

    Probably a bit of a gift ;-)
  4. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Sailing in the Olympics? Who the fuck cares... about as relevant to me as the price of bulk goat dung in Upper Zamibia.
  5. how long would it take

    Do this.
  6. Chicken Chute

    Which is why we stopped using 1.5oz and 2.2 oz kites as chicken chutes on one-tonners in the late 80's... as rigs got spindlier, they would far outlast the rig, esp when the bow slammed into a wave and the boat came almost to a stop - the rig would keep going. We used a 3rd string 3/4 oz for 25+... we'd prefer it blow before the rig. The kite-as-fusible-link theory.
  7. I wonder if this was their boat as previously owned... Lagniappe
  8. Enforcers

    You all know that quote by Paul Elvstrom, right? Maybe OAs should include it as item #1 in all SIs.
  9. Surveyor - South Haven Michigan

    Contact Mel Surdel - he'd probably come down from Saugatuck easily enough. http://a1marinesurveying.com/about/
  10. Santana 20/tuna 20

    1979 could refer to the year the sail was made (most sailmakers put a date on the bag so you know whether you're using the most recent one or not, when you have multiples aboard or in storage). Weren't many assyms made back then, unless cruising style as Sled mentioned.
  11. The shape will depend upon the design of the sail - and not just designing the flying shape (luff curve, residual broadseaming, leech hollow, etc.) but also how the sailmaker uses material to make sure the shape is achieved in practice. You can design on computer a good shape, but if you then make the sail out of 0.5oz ripstop nylon, it will distort in anything over 3kts into an unusable sail. On top of that, assuming the designed shape is actually realized when the sail is made by judicious choice and use of material. the flying shape may still not replicate the designed shape if the rig setup does not match the assumptions used by the sailmaker (rake, headstay sag, mast bend, tack offsets, etc.). So... it generally pays to get a sail made from a reputable sailmaker who is familiar with your boat... it's performance parameters (so he knows appropriate draft depths an positions, twist, sail ranges, mterial weights, etc.) and also rig setup. In your case above, assuming both sailmakers have designed the appropriate shape and the sails replicate that shape when hoisted/trimmer, then the 3Di sail will in general hold that shape over a wider range of windspeed, and assuming it is made out of lighter cloth weight (almost assuredly the case), it will also present less heeling moment, be easier to handle, etc.
  12. Here's the bumper-sticker version : Performance comes from shape Material (and how it is used) defines shape longevity and modifiability
  13. Agree... not needed in the GL, even in the North Channel or other "cruising grounds" (e.g., Beaver archipelago). The better upwind ability which will be more useful in getting you where you are going, and reduced maintenance, are pluses.
  14. Here you go - tall rig/deep keel, already a freshwater GL boat. Just get rid of that dodger/awning crap and you can go sailing for real. Tartan 37 on LM
  15. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    They're a little low too, but that's probably to protect the hull from shark attacks.