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  1. JoeO

    Summer reading ideas

    Both Dick Carter's and Ron Holland's latest books are good. Fatal Storm, if you want another "Fastnet Force 10" type of thing.
  2. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    Take your time and visit the other islands around Beaver Island too (Garden, High, Whiskey, Squaw). There is a nice little harbor on Garden island you can anchor in, protected and picturesque. It's hard to imagine but many of these small island were inhabited up until the early 1900's - not just native Americans but also small logging and fishing communities (with schools, mills, stores, etc.). Squaw Island lighthouse was manned until 1928. It's fun, and interesting, to go ashore on these islands and try to imagine them 80-100 years ago, when they were populated, and part of a thriving Island archipelago dealing in lumber and fish. If you're into it the bass fishing in Garden island harbor is pretty good - as a kid caught my first ever fish there after the 1970 Mac race. Beaver itself has a unique history, not just as the site of the only Mormon "kingdom" in the US, but also the commercial fishery - dozens of fishing "tugs" used to be stationed there, fishing (gill nets, pound nets, hook lines) for perch, whitefish, lake trout around the islands. All gone now. But part of a rich Celtic culture that is deeply ingrained in the Island. Leland is now a cute "tourist" town with a re-built "Fishtown" that is a really an echo of it's former self. I feel privileged to have first visited it in ~1973, when it was still a bona-fide fishing community, and the nets being dried and mended on rotating frames outside the clapboard buildings were actually being used to haul in perch and whitefish. After the requisite bloddy mary with the smoked chub at the Inn over the river, consider heading to the Manitous for a more off-the-beaten track adventure... how may ties we've sailed past, wondering what the islands themselves were really like? Go find out.
  3. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    Yeah... wow... that hurts....
  4. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    Well, it's more subtle than that: " the DNR has finally sent the requirements that the race must comply with. After reviewing the contract, we have determined that it is impossible to comply. " We don't know what these requirements were, only that BYC felt they were too onerous. Masks on the docks? One boat every other slip? Oh, poor babies! It's not like they gave the entrants a voice in whether they wanted to comply. At any rate, given that and the medical recommendations sent by the Fleet Surgeon of GPSC via the BYC Mac committee (which frankly I doubt many owners will enforce),, it's simply a farce to be holding this race. Simple hubris and wanton disregard for public health on the part of BYC and some of the more gung-ho entrants.
  5. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    Hah hah - Good one! You don't even have a boat anymore, so moot point, eh?
  6. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    No, F40s, where 10 is the practical (weight limit) max. Can't imagine 12 on a 40.7 is "ergonomically friendly" ! On 40-41' IOR or IMS boats with user-friendly cockpits, 12 was crowded. At any rate, 10 on a 40.7, is closer to optimum than 8 on a SC70. Let's stop beating this dead horse...
  7. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    I think everyone is talking around each other on this issue... I think there is general agreement that it is possible to execute maneuvers on a SC70 with 8 experienced crew, as long as it's not short courses strong winds more railmeat (above 8) is beneficial in moderate to high winds But looking at my statement, that started this trouble: "On something bigger (TP52s, etc.) it will definitely be a challenge both in maneuvers and in rail meat. Which means not sailing at 100%, whereas smaller boats may be able to." Do we not agree to the veracity of that statement in, say, Verve Cup conditions above 16kts? Where a Beneteau 40.7 is basically "fully crewed", with a full compelement of "railmeat", while the SC70 is not? And in that case is more able to sail to to its rating than the SC70?
  8. JoeO

    West Michigan Thread

    Who said I'm negative towards the Mac races? Did I make any comment when I posted that link? No. I've done more than my share of Macs - including 25 Chi-Macs, and the 1985 BYC Mac. I don't give a rats ass about the "on-shore experience", since I've seen that Island 30 times and usually get off ASAP after a shower, drinks and some sleep. Unless I'm delivering the boat back - and the last time I did that was in the 90's, when I was still young(-ish) and single ;-) My issue is the fact that holding this race is irresponsible from a public health standpoint. Races, regattas, race weeks all over the world, and many of higher stature, grandeur, and history than the BYC Mac, have been cancelled due to COVID19 concerns - and some of these cancellations were not the work of cowards, the mass media, or George Soros. The pandemic is not over, not hardly, in fact infection rates are rising in over 20 states - many of which chose to relax their restrictions earlier or to a greater degree than what CDC/epidemiologists recommended - and now they are reaping the fruits of that. Michigan has done a good job in now turning the corner due to strict restrictions, but now is not the time to relax or pretend its "normal". You've seen the letter from the BYC Mac medical adviser stating that all the normal shoreside social distancing and mask wearing requirements must still be complied with onboard, and crew should be screened before the race (which is actually pretty useless if you're an asymptomatic carrier, BTW - false security). Sounds good - but I have a hard time believing people will require their crews to wear masks during the whole race (unless it blows stink), let alone get tested a couple days before, and stay 6' apart from each other down below, or on deck. How do more than 2-3 people do that on a 36 footer? Sharing food/drink, communal food supplies, cooking? Absurd! And the raft-up at Port Huron? Sure , BYC's not sponsoring anything, but that won't stop boats from rafting up (it's a necessity unless the fleet size dwindles even more from the 128 it's at now - 50 boats dropped in the last few days?). crews from hanging out and partying, pretty much sans mask. So let's not pretend that anyone is going to responsibly comply with acceptable social distancing guidelines while sailing for 40-60 hours to Mac. Once everyone gets the first 6 hour stretch of upper 80's temps and no wind, the masks will come off. In the heat, humidity down below - the masks will come off. Then there's dedicated winch handels ??? Or sanitizing between shifts??? The Owner/Skipper has responsibility for the safety and welfare of their crew. BYC as OA has responsibility in this regard, and in my opinion is abdicating their responsibility by running the race. They are cavalierly putting the pubic (crews, friends, family, co-workers of crews, etc.) health at at risk so they can have their boat race.
  9. JoeO

    West Michigan Thread
  10. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    But we were talking about closed-course racing - at least that is the context in which I originally brought it up (thinking of Verve cup in August, if it happens). We all know that for TP or distance racing, you can do it with fewer as you have time to plan, etc. Lots to do as 40048 points out - even on a lowly 40 footer, where even I in my physical decrepitude do not need an (additional) grinder on the main, nor a pedestal jockey to trim jib/afterguy/kite, or a runner winch spinner. On a wholly unrelated note, looks like the BYC Mac is becoming a bit of a farce:
  11. JoeO

    Great 35-footers

    You won't be disappointed, G & G maintain their boats well and do quality upgrade work, jobbing out what they can't do to skilled pros. It will be basically turn-key.
  12. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    I knew I could get it out of you! ;-)
  13. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    I'm not saying I do. I'm more than happy to go out and race with whatever we get dealt - this isn't the "Worlds' or what not, its Chicago PHRF/OD racing. Big deal. if it's blowing 18-20+ and we're sailing with 8, we'll ajusrt My question was more theoretical - as to whether C20S didn't think the extra rail meat of 4-6 folk on an SC70 was noticeable in breeze, or how much it might matter. My thinking says "some". Buddahh knows that when going around the top mark on many boats, getting peeple off the rail too early in anticipation of the set is a loser move in a tight clsss.
  14. JoeO

    Chicago Area III

    Whaddabout railmeat in 20+ ?
  15. Piper in 25-ish hours. Lots of boats finished before midnight Sunday. You race on Slot Machine? I think the documentary had some Heart of America involvement - they also filmed on Invictus (G&S 45) which was chartered to the HOA group.