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  1. Didn't it just sell recently (this spring)? Goblin/Nautilus listing - SOLD
  2. Yep. Back in the early/mid 80's you either had Kevlar panels or Dacron panels, no "membrane" technology, etc. Kevlar used in the "high load" areas, to keep costs down and to not exceed limits of % Kevlar allowed. A couple years later the "tape" sails started to come ot (Sobstadt "Airframe" and UK (nee Horizon) Tape Drive). Note the "rockign" of the panels in the #1, to try to line up the fill-oriented Kevlar to the load path along the leech. Back the Kevlar did not withstand UV or flogging very well (still doesn't) so typically smaller heavier sails (#2, #2, #4) were still all Dacron.
  3. An "IOR" inventory would have looked like: Main Hvy #1 Med #1 Lt #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Storm Jib Storm trysail Reacher/Jib top Genoa Staysail Dazy Staysail .5 runner .75 runner spare .5 runner spare .75 runner 1.5 runner 2.2 runner 2.2 flanker .75 blooper 1.5 blooper 22 sails, about 750K$ in today's $$.
  4. Been there probably 8 or 9 times since 1970, last time in the late 90's. No real issues getting in there, just pay attention. Crossing from Beaver to the Garden Peninsula/Big Bay de Noc is a bit trickier, with the shoals just west of Beaver (between Trout and Whiskey Is, and also Trout I shoal) and at the tip of Garden Pen. The other issue is depth in St. James harbor. it's OK by the ferry dock/Municipal Marina, but I bumped bottom (soft) more than once trying to get to a gas dock at the northern end of the harbor. It's been a while, so I can't say for sure, but if you draw 10' or more, you probably cant get into any slips/dock in St.James harbor .. maybe with the lake level at record levels it would work... If you have the time, you should visit the Beaver Isl archipelago, including "gunkholing" around the other islands (Garden Is has a small harbor that's pretty convenient to drop hook in). If you're worried about draft, you can charter a Boston Whaler 20'-something and use that to explore. At least you were able to back in the late 90's - haven't been back since. I remember in the late 70's a few of us got invited by some "locals" to a "party" in the woods... kegs, dope, bonfire, local kids with guitars,etc. Maybe it was the first BI Music Festival? It was easy for us to blend in back then - we had long hair, and wore jeans and t's - no Camet shorts or Henry Loyd dry shirts to make us stand out like dweebs! Our ride to the party disappeared at some point, so we had to find out way back along a few miles of wooded dirt roads at 1AM or so. Fun adventure! The Beaver archipelago has some pretty interesting history, from Native Americans' subsistence fishing/existence, to early Irish settlers pursuing commercial fishing and lumbering, to the Mormon settlements (and the US's only king) to present day tourism... there are lots of stories and interesting characters tied to the place. The Beaver Isl Historical Society has published numerous volumes documenting Island history - worth a read. In the very early 70's I remember there was still a vibrant commercial fishing industry, with fishing boats going after perch and whitefish especially. There'd be fishing boats hauled out on ways outside their respective owner's "fish shacks", with nets being repaired/dried outside in the sun. Like Leland tries to pretend ti still is. It's not that hard to incorporate Beaver into a delivery - leave Mac Wed am, be at Beaver in the late afternoon. Spend Thurs/Fri exploring Beaver, then depart Fri night to Manistee, getting there Saturday afternoon. Then hit Muskegon, St. Joe, and be in Chgo by Tues evening. If you've been doing the Mac,and deliveries, for years and years and never visited, you owe it to yourself to do it once, draft and time permitting. The Shamrock bar is always a good time.
  5. Maybe transfer anything valuable to the boat for the night?
  6. I noticed that CASRA will now be using PHRF TOT (rather than TOD) scoring. That's new, no?
  7. Wasn't the boat captain a guy named Marty or something? Used to brag about doing the Mac on just "water and vitamins". Yeah, I know about those "vitamins" from the late 70's !!
  8. "...will expose youth sailors to distance racing strategy and tactics..." Yeah, I can just see the kid on the Opti wondering if he/she is at the crossover point between the A1/A2 "Now where the hell did I put that sail selection chart?" and "Shit, this GRIB file is over 8 hours old!" But in all seriousness, sounds like a very good idea and a neat long-distance adventure. When I was a kid I got to sail small boats (Lightning, Snipe, CapeDory dinghy) for a few miles on larger inland lakes on occasion - it was "adventure" sailing for a kid, and not something you get from your usual junior sailing program. So - good to see kids get a crack at something like that outside of W/Ls, and without needing a rich Uncle Henry with the lake house to experience. Obviously, "shadowing" the fleet with support craft is a top priority.
  9. I think posting on here can probably help you in getting involved in racing again... a number of owners or er, "boat organizers", show up from time-to-time here and might contact you if you provide more background.
  10. It's def a Peterson. Not at all like a PT30 except for being an IOR boat. PT30 is much heavier, has a deeper forefoot, and is nearly a double-ender the transom is so skinny. Didn't the PT30 have an outboard (transom mount) rudder? Also the PT-30 had a more "boxy" doghouse.
  11. North, Quantum, Doyle, and UK all make shit sails... sometimes. North, Doyle, Quantum and UK more often than not make pretty good sails... and some are better for a certain class than others. And each of them occasionally makes something you wish could last forever. There are few programs in Chicago that could truly tell the difference between the best examples of sailmaker A's product versus sailmaker B's product, where both sailmakers have equivalent experience in that boat type. As long as you keep your sails fresh (1-2 year replacement cycle depending upon class), and you use a sailmaker that has experience with your boat type and provides appropriate levels of service/attention, you should concentrate your energy more on going out and sailing the damn boat with the same crew, working on mechanics, trim, driving and tactics, than on debating whose FEA model is more accurate or the relative modulii of aramid vs carbon. Curmudgeon rant over.
  12. Marion Hayes' son posts here as hayesrigging... PM him and see if he knows. Marion Hayes bought out Comp Tech (aka Plastrend) from Green and re-named it Island Yachts, and went on to build the Pet 34.
  13. As someone else said - been there, done that, not as interested anymore. Accommodate us by... having a start, a finish, and not bad-mouthing us when we are happily done with it? (That's nor really directed at you Glenn, I know you are one of those looking under every rock and stone for solutions...). I think Mid had a point - instead of trying to rebuild racing participation by restoring what was, accept what is (the new paradigm) - and work with that.
  14. The only A3 events there are the Beer Can series and Colors - which have always (lately) been on YS. Eventually NOOD and Verve will show up, I assume, as always. But I thought I read/heard that CASRA said that there would be a centralized entry portal on YS for all A3 races (like was done with the old crappy A3 site)? But all that is mentioned on the CASRA site (at least now) is that YS will be used for scoring. I know that Luiz would have to develop a separate app or set of CF pages to accomplish this function, and that isn't free. The alternative is to list all 30-some events on their schddule that aren't already on YS (Colors, NOOD, Verve, HS, etc.).
  15. Ding ding ding!! I worked for several years part-time as a race boat broker. I had any number of clients who wanted to move up from their 30-ish R/C to 40' or so, and race more seriously. I knew them and their programs/habits - these guys raced every weekend (often both days), and delivery crew brought their boats back from Mac for them, and they never day-sailed. I would talk to them about picking up a pretty recent (1-3 year old) race boat for pennies on the dollar where they could put the extra $$ into a full set of sails, bottom job, and they were like "Oh no, it needs to be a R/C with an interior". "Why?" "You're never even down below on your own boat except for Mac!" "My wife wants a boat with an interior we could cruise". But said wife was never seen on the boat previously... it really was more of a "I can't spend that kind of money unless it's something she will also approve of".