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  1. dburchfiel

    Advice needed on a good mounting unit for an Ipad

    We use these for our iPad's in the cockpit. https://pivotcase.com/products/ They have a variety of high quality suction cup mounts
  2. dburchfiel

    Help me decide on my next boar

    What about a Wetta or a Contender?
  3. Jimmy Buffet does have a 7X, he used to have a 900. I've been in recurrent training with one of his pilots.  He flies himself but it takes 2.

  4. dburchfiel

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    My bad. Should have been 2.77 Long range cruise and 2.25 normal cruise. I looked at the logs. That's mpg not knpg.
  5. dburchfiel

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    It is, a 900EX Easy with winglets. I've got 12 type ratings and it's the best flying plane I've ever piloted. Test flew a 7X when we were thinking of of getting one. Very similar but the side stick was nice, same with the Airbus.
  6. dburchfiel

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    I don't know man. Jets have gotten way more efficient. The one I fly the most gets 3.77 mpg in normal cruise and over four in long range.
  7. dburchfiel

    Leaving it all behind

    Thanks all, gives me a lot to consider I have great insurance through my employer but that will end when I retire next year. I'm in great health but at 68 who knows how much longer that will be. I had to use healthcare outside the US once. I had a flight from Raleigh to Toronto where we picked up our passengers before continuing to London. I noticed a small problem in Toronto that got worse quickly while crossing the pond. I called Medaire which we contract with to find health providers worldwide if needed. I ended up having a Dr. make a house call to my hotel room. Got a shot and some oral medication and he came back the next day to check on me! Total cost was 150 pounds. I've been on trips where either one of our other pilots or one of our passengers needed healthcare and the care has always been excellent and cheap except in the US. Then it's been expensive. We even had a pilot fall and break his arm in Namibia and he got great care.
  8. dburchfiel

    Leaving it all behind

    Interesting. I'll have to see if I qualify, probably not. I do get VA health benefits since I served in Vietnam. I didn't even realize I qualified for that until a few years ago!
  9. dburchfiel

    Leaving it all behind

    Hopefully within the next year I'll be retiring, selling everything buying a live aboard and cruising to who knows where. I'd do it now but with no place to go with COVID I might as well keep working. The biggest question I have is what do people do for health insurance when cruising abroad?
  10. Mr DB, let me know if you need crew for training up etc.  Been on a 50 once at Wrightsville for the MIdwinters I think around 2013.  I always remember planing upwind with 35 knots as we came back in the inlet.

    Lot's of Thistle and more Lightning time,

    Rick 162 lbs, fit, old,  62

    1. dburchfiel


      I'll do that.  I hope to be sailing my 505 by mid December if my knee replacement recovery keeps proceeding as it has been.

      I'll be 68 before I'm back on the boat so 62 isn't very old to me! 

      Where do you live? I'm in Raleigh.



    2. dburchfiel


      Never mind.  I see you're in Chapel Hill.

    3. dolphinmaster


      Dave, heal good!  984-363-7363


  11. dburchfiel

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Get some 3m finishing film (sandpaper) for your RO sander. It comes in 1000-5000 grit. The hull will be smooth, dull and fast sanding with 600 0r 800. After that sand with 2000 grit then 5000 grit and it will be gloss. For some reason my photo's aren't loading but there's a picture of my custom painted car in the 505 Covid thread that was done that way. The only buffing that was done was swirl remover after sanding with 5000.
  12. dburchfiel

    505 Covid Project

    I checked it against Duke Blue and It's different. I was worried because if it was Duke Blue I'd have to repaint it!
  13. dburchfiel

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    nice job
  14. dburchfiel

    So me and my dad went and bought our first boat

    I can't be as kind as many others. I've seen this play out several times on my local lake not always with lack of destruction you managed to luck through. Having done many things I've been interested in but hadn't done before I had to the good sense to at least read about it, question people with knowledge and experience and these days consult you tube. An hour or 2 of research could have resulted in a different outcome. It was shit luck that no one was hurt and no property destroyed. You didn't sail. You survived. One rung below being a Darwin award recipient.
  15. dburchfiel

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    These https://www.amazon.com/Density-Interface-Sponge-Cushion-Backing/dp/B07YY14D16/ref=asc_df_B07YY14D16/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=416671577205&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=576608533783462555