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  1. dburchfiel

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    We use scoring software. I'll check with our scorekeeper and see what it is.
  2. dburchfiel

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    We run strictly Portsmouth in the winter. In the Summer series we run one design and all boats also compete on Portsmouth and since we started doing this 3 years ago our turnout has doubled. Sunday was the best turnout the winter so far but we have yet to see fewer than 17 boats.
  3. dburchfiel

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    We had 25 boats competing Sunday. A 505, a Musto Skiff an RS Aero7, 2 Wayfarers, 2 Thistles, 3 Sunfish, 2 420's, a Flying Scott and 12 Lasers. The weather helped, 62 deg. We also always have chili after sailing. Next race day Jan. 20th at Crosswinds Boating Center. Anyone in the central NC area, or anywhere else for that matter should consider joining us.
  4. dburchfiel

    5o5 worlds

    505 Sailors share everything. It's part of the class culture. Olympic status I'm afraid would change it and ruin the class.
  5. I can't sail on crabtree. Most of the time the average depth is under 5'. The HS Team sails there and we are limited on where we can set up a race course because even the 420's will run aground in many areas.
  6. Lake wheeler is ok if the wind is blowing down the lake /East or West and not across it. It's a very quick ride from one end to the other if there's more than 10kts. It also gets shallow quickly s you go west.
  7. dburchfiel

    How long to get FD from trailer to sailing?

    My 505 can take anywhere from 20-90 minutes. 20 minutes when I'm with a crew familiar with my boat who's done it a few times. 30 minutes if I do it myself and 90 minutes if it's with someone new and I'm explaining everything. This includes top and bottom covers. I keep as much rigged as possible and have lots of dedicated bungies to hold things in place. Rig and de-rig exactly the same way every time so nothing is twisted tangled etc.
  8. Just to let you know Racing has been cancelled on the 25th due to flooding at Jordan Lake. Next race day is Dec.2.
  9. Here’s the link to the Carolina Sailing Club. We have a very active Thistle fleets well as several others. Our next race day is Sunday the 25th. 2 weeks ago we had 17 boats out. If your boat isn’t ready to race there is a scratch sheet where you can sign up as crew. I’m also PRO that day and you can sit on Race Committee if you would like. In the winter we sail out of Crosswinds Boating Center, the one owned by 2 thistle sailors. If you race actively during the winter you can keep the boat there mast up. In the summer we race out of Vista Point on Jordan Lake and Henderson Point on Kerr Lake. Regardless I hope to see you on the water soon. http://www.carolinasailingclub.org/
  10. dburchfiel

    505 vs. 470

    When I talked about the build quality of the 505 I wasn't thinking of the early fiberglass boats. For a well built boat you need one with cored construction. I think the first well built boats were Lyndsay's but I'm not sure. In my experience a real bargain boat costs more in the long run than a reasonably priced good boat. https://usa505.org/advert/1978-lindsay-tuttle-6821-san-diego-ca/
  11. dburchfiel

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    While it's true that the 505 crews are usually quite big there are several lighter teams competing, especially on the East Coast. The boat is easily depowered. Take a look at the results from the 2017 Worlds. I doubt the team in 62 place weighed #230 combined. Finished every race and never capsized while several heavy teams swam.https://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=4206
  12. dburchfiel

    505 vs. 470

    I've owned both and have been in the 505 class for the past 12 years. 505-Much more expensive, much better built, more tunable and can handle a wider range of crew weights. With double poles I've had several people out in 15kts. who had never been on ANY sailboat and flown the spinnaker without a problem. I find the boat more difficult to capsize going to windward than the 470. On a reach or downwind it's easy to go swimming without practice. 470- Poorly built, simpler, capsizes easily going to windward in gusty conditions. It has a very low boom compared to the 505. I could sail single handed in 20kts. with a long tiller extension so I could get on the wire although I swam alot. Much easier to right from a capsize and it comes up dry. The 505 is reasonably dry after a recovery but has about 4" of water in it.
  13. dburchfiel

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    The 505 is ultra tuneable. There’s nothing out there comparable. There’s an active 505 team of college Sophmore women, out of Hampton Va. who I doubt weigh 220# combined and they finished mid fleet at the Worlds and the smaller of the 2 crews! For the record I sail 505 8822. However the boat rigging is usually quite complex but I have seen some simplified. 420 is ultra slow except in a blow. Laser 2 Portsmouth rating is slower than a laser. 470 if you can find one would work as well as a Coranado 15 or a 29er.
  14. dburchfiel

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    I don't even know what other clubs have Portsmouth racing. I've wanted to attend the HPDO for years but it's always been at our busiest time of year at work and haven't been able to.
  15. dburchfiel

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Whoops forgot those.