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  1. Not a Cape Cod Mercury for sure.
  2. we had 20 boats out on 2/19 and 12 on 3/5. Thistles, Flying Scotts Wayfarers, Jet 14, 505, 420's, lasers and an RS Aero.
  3. The only one I ever aw was a northfix. Had it on my 470, worked great. 2quick pulls and the kite was up.
  4. Stunsail tack bend- same as the buntline hitch shown in the video. I use it all the time.
  5. 14 boats out Sunday. 505's, Flying Scotts, RS Aero,Jet14, Lasers and Wayfarers. We have rotating RC and everyone records times and wind readings then sends them to our scorer. Nothing's perfect but we get boats on the water, everyone competes intensely and it works.
  6. In our club we use anemometers to measure and record the wind for all races. We use wind dependent numbers and things work out ok. We recently adjusted the numbers we made up for the RS Aero based on results and the particular sailor's past performance in an established class. I have yet to see any handicap system where everyone is happy but it beats the hell out of sailing alone. Jimmy mentioned that the handicap fleet had diminished in the Governor's Cup Regatta which is true but alot of that is because we lowered the number of boats needed to make a one design fleet from 5 to 3. We have lots of data to send to US Sailing but where's the Portsmouth Committee? As far as I've been able to tell there's no one to send it to and no one cares. I'd love to see an active Portsmouth Committee and would participate if we can get some interest.
  7. In our club, The Carolina Sailing Club, the vast majority of our members are US Sailing members and travel to many regattas. Our Winter series, which is Portsmouth, Starts Sunday. We often get upwards of 20 boats competing. As mentioned earlier we started having all boats compete Portsmouth as one design during our Championship Series and it has definitely increased participation.
  8. Thanks man. That's very helpful. And if I do buy the boat, I have to admit that the $199 option is so darn cheap I might actually have to roll up my sleeves and do some dreaded "building stuff." I am the worst person in the world at "building stuff" but even I managed to build that trailer and nothing has dropped off it yet so I must have got it more or less right. I hate car topping anything and I'd personally go with the $199.00 option. of course you need to add $20.00 for materials and almost an hour's work to fit it to the boat!
  9. For a new (or unrated) boat, one can always derive a rating from the formulas. I have done it several times in the last few years. There is a table to convert between Portsmouth and PHRF numbers, and tables to adjust the ratings of boats in non standard configuration. For example, a boat that is rated with a spinnaker sailing without one. Some of the multi-hull fleets adjust for crew weights. Your fleet just has to do a little leg work to make it happen. I've had to assign Portsmouth numbers to a couple of boats in the club, an RS Aero and an RS 500. I went to the UK Portsmouth site to see what they rated there and compared it to something similar. In the case of the Aero we compared it to a Laser and just adjusted the US number by the appropriate percentage. With the 500 the UK had it rated the same as a Fireball so we gave it the same rating as the Fireball on the US site.
  10. Our club, the Carolina Sailing Club has several small one design fleets and an Open fleet. Over the years participation has fallen. Sailors of one fleet or the other would think they'd be the only one of that fleet to show up and end up staying home. This year we decided to experiment by having everyone sail in the Open Fleet (Portsmouth) as well as in their one design fleet. Participation has markedly increased and everyone likes the fact they will always be competing. Not a perfect solution but having 15-20 boats competing beats the hell out of what we had before.
  11. Go Tyler and Drew. Wicked Pissah sailing.
  12. Almost capsize; the masthead never hit the water. How you recovered with the crew swinging around the forestay is a move I'd like to learn. Nice. My experience is usually a turtle!!
  13. Which boat was that? I've never felt any dinghy capsized would drift faster than "swimming speed" in any nornal wind. I bet cat are a lot more likely to be uncatchable though If they float high and don't turtle most boats will take off pretty fast
  14. I was single handing my 470 once when the wind went to zero. It was in the 90's and I jumped in the water and gave the boat a shove it went about 20 yards, I swam to it and did it again and again. Then on one shove the breeze came in at about a knot and the boat took off. If the breeze hadn't shutoff completely again I would have had to swim to shore and then find where the boat had washed up. As it was I still had to swim half a mile in my gear. Now I stay tied on. When I launch single handed I moor my boat in waist deep water while I bring the dolly to shore. I have a gallon paint pail filled with concrete with an eyebolt in it and a short line attached to a gallon bleach jug for my mooring. I just take it with me when I leave.