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  1. Movable Ballast

    The F1 2020 thread

    No, I noted that as I watch RG flash across the entire track and into DK. I'm so happy that the cars are safe enough to tolerate poor drivers... For his sake (RG) and the rest of the grid I'm glad he is out of F1 in 2021... Sol et,al. Take the political shit to PA. Don't fuck this forum up as well...
  2. Movable Ballast

    Sun baked - faded instrument case

    Put your covers on after every use. If not to save the plastic bits but the LCD will get sunburnt and become unreadable...
  3. Movable Ballast

    What will Biden do after election?

    Go back to the basement... Hell in three weeks he'd probably have forgotten that he actually ran...
  4. Movable Ballast

    Obama in Orlando

    Too funny, head in the sand posts... Blah Blah Blah… Who would have thought that Obama being the most recognizable modern Democrat could only attract 50 people to his rally... But that's OK I've got a great crisps recipe for you!
  5. Could you identify which climate model has been correct?
  6. So when Trump closed all flights from and to China in Feb (it's a fact). Did you praise him for a diligent decision or condemn him as a racist like Biden... I'm thinking the latter.
  7. Movable Ballast

    Debate #3

    When did he take it? He's been in a hole for 4 days...
  8. Movable Ballast

    Debate #3

    Both candidates did well last night as did the moderator. Biden was much better in the first 30-40 minutes till the Adderall started to wear off. The last half he stumbled quite a bit. Was not prepared for "who built the cages Joe". Trump did well by not being his own worst enemy. Trump got his two main messages in, Hunter's e-mails (now the media must take them at least partially seriously) and probably the biggest one, Joe's been there for 47 years and not done any of the things he now wants to do... I agree with D'Ranger's comment. Joe was the Priest and Trump was the preacher… The contrast brings the two religious roles in the old Poseidon Adventure movie to mind. Great to see the mute button was not needed. Trump needed this more than Joe. With the polls so close in many key states this debate may actually make a difference...
  9. Movable Ballast

    Why America can’t have 5G

    Context is a notion lost on you...
  10. Bullshit. It's a straw man with no output.
  11. Just read this, and I've a similar study not long ago. The article uses model predictions that are not always (in fact rarely) accurate. One could cite the plethora of debunked climate models in the last 20 years using similar algorithms. That said, yes we could have done better but not much... There are many players to blame, Trump is only one and he does deserve some but not all... We'll never really know. And yeah, It's America. We do value our freedom even over life to some extent much more than more "compliant" cultures/countries... Good or bad, that is a factor in of itself.
  12. Covid deaths will continue for the rest of time, It ain't going anywhere. As far as I can tell options are; vaccine (turbo herd immunity). Vaccines don't work for everyone so some will still get it and some of those will die. Herd immunity (see you guys in 10 years or so) and masks probably will prolong that due to they're effectiveness slows the spread, many more will die over a longer time period. Many, many more die... and the virus dies out due to a lack of a host... Not an expert but what other options are there?