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  1. FT 10M

    Like most new designs The FT10 had some teething issues. From all accounts these have been rectified on any new or used boat you would be interested in. Great boat IMO.
  2. F1 2017

    Ferrari's exit was all on Vettel. In this case I agree with Max, "why would a champion contender be so aggressive?". Makes no sense. Mark my words. this is the season turning point and the end of the championship for Ferrari 28 points is to much to recover from with only 6 races remaining. Vettel's dream of a WDC in red have died at his own hands.
  3. Republicans Falling Like Ashes To The Ground

    The polls said Hillary would win in a landslide... So put whatever faith you in the "polls" in the appropriate context...
  4. Republicans Falling Like Ashes To The Ground

    Who are these Americans? GDP up 2.3% 4.3% unemployment 3% uptick in U.S manufacturing What not to like?
  5. Russian Hacking Evidence

    Russian medaling has been demonstrated to go back to 2004. Did you thank Putin for Obama?
  6. Breitbart declares war on the Republican Party

    IF you listen to the interview Bannon said both parties, rep and dem. Good for him they both need a kick in the ass.
  7. Republicans Falling Like Ashes To The Ground

    One guy considers retirement and you guys translate that into massive defection. WH=GOP, Senate=GOP, House=GOP majority of state Governors=GOP, majority of city Mayors=GOP. If that's losing, how are the Dems doing?
  8. Unperson

    Kinda like the N-word then Bob?
  9. Russians Babies Become American While Trump Pockets Money

    I would say you are the simpleton. Most likely??? So no evidence to your claim huh, OK so you make shit up and call me a simpleton using bullshit. That's rich. No CEO of a corporation the size of Trumps would know who the renters are. CEO's deal in big picture, apartment manager deal with tenants. Simple enough for you...
  10. Cougar

    What's unethical about sex in a car?
  11. Ann Coulter to the rescue

    Also sorry for your plight. Has it been firmly established that acetone is the cause? Epoxy molecules are to big.
  12. Ann Coulter to the rescue

    yeah that'd work to erase any boner...
  13. The Pivot is Real

    My unfunded mandate (mortgage) if fixed. has been fixed for some time and will soon be paid. Taking a second (upping my debt) beyond my ability to pay even the interest is irresponsible. As many found out around 2008 betting on the come. Upping the debt ceiling only allows for more spending not current expenses (unless we spent more than we have). Our budget (if we had one) should cover that. We are bankrupting our kids and think it's all OK?
  14. The Pivot is Real

    So uncontrolled debt is a good thing? Run your own household like that do ya?
  15. Russians Babies Become American While Trump Pockets Money

    TDS for sure. its all true you know... Of course if someone uses a trump owned property to have an anchor baby Trump himself must have known right. Yeah right.