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  1. Movable Ballast

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

  2. Movable Ballast

    F1 2018...

    yes, correct. Vettel said the car was in-drivable and DR drove the wheels off it.
  3. Movable Ballast

    F1 2018...

    Just a guess, But I think Vettel veto'd it didn't want to compete against DR. CLC will not challenge Seb.
  4. Movable Ballast

    F1 2018...

    I was hoping DR would get the Ferrari drive. Le Clarc will be fine but Dan would have push Vettel to be better CLC won't.
  5. Movable Ballast

    Jim Acosta...out

    A spelling error apparently...
  6. Movable Ballast

    Jim Acosta...out

    a dushe knuckle like Acosta having no baggage is a tall ask.
  7. Movable Ballast

    Jim Acosta...out

    Total waste of time, just a ratings grabber. Not having a press pass is not suppressing his free speech. One of you guys should roll up to the WH and ask for a press pass and see how it works out for you... It's actually great for the WH. It can now say we will not even entertain restoring Acosta's press pass until the suit brought by Mr. Acosta is decided. It could take years!
  8. Movable Ballast

    "National Cleavage Day"

  9. Movable Ballast

    F1 2018...

    I'd agree with the others. MV could have let Ocon go and drafted him to actually improve his position. MV is not thinking long game, more a corner to corner driver, much like Montoya and we saw how well that worked out...
  10. Movable Ballast

    norcold refrigerator

    Wanting to put a retrofit reefer in the ice box of my boat. Would you recommend the Norcold?
  11. Movable Ballast

    Express 34 hits submerged object, now what?

    I'd have to agree, 5knts is not going all that fast to cause that much damage, it looks like 1/8th" or so of bondo at the leading edge. Lot's of grinding just to get beyond the past repair and back to the original damage. The bilge damage would suggest that the laminate is fully compromised. You'll need to grind from the bilge as well to build up that structure as well...
  12. Movable Ballast

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Wow! RIP Dr Walker. A manual of sail trim was one of the first sailing books I read... The Pearly Gates YC just got much stronger... Sail on.
  13. Movable Ballast

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Imagine how much money in glass and resin has been spent on that thing! Could have built a fleet of Lasers!
  14. Movable Ballast

    Headsail ripping out of foil - how to remove McLube Sailkoat

    +1 on the replacement foil being to big (#6 Vs #5) the differences are subtle but important. Rather than replace all the luffs on the your headsails maybe replace the foil with the correct size and sell the #6.
  15. Movable Ballast

    Express 34 hits submerged object, now what?

    How much is the boat worth? Could be a total loss with that kind of major structural damage.