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  1. Movable Ballast

    Gavin Just Sent Us Home

    Overblown as usual... Depending on your job, you need to go home. I'm at work...
  2. Movable Ballast

    So, whatcha gonna do with your $1000 Donald Bucks?

    Wow! You really can't follow a thread can you! Amazing...
  3. Movable Ballast

    So, whatcha gonna do with your $1000 Donald Bucks?

    Well if you whittle your income down to less than $75k then you really need it. I can't...
  4. Movable Ballast

    So, whatcha gonna do with your $1000 Donald Bucks?

    Not getting it and neither are you! The benefit tappers of at $75k and goes away at $99k.
  5. Movable Ballast

    GOP corruption this one is breathtaking

    GOP huh... I guess you'll have to tell me when DiFi became a republican...
  6. Movable Ballast


    Club is closed till the end of the month... Can still go sailing just no racing. Was looking forward to N2E this year... The closings are the right thing to do however. It will help.
  7. Movable Ballast

    The F1 2020 thread

    It's off, cancelled...
  8. Movable Ballast

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Whoa! Sprit envy! I really like the retractable sprit, that big ol'e thing would be a an interesting time in a crowded start! I like the bobstay, I need to add one for Code Zeros.
  9. Movable Ballast

    Race Committee: How to Improve the sailors experience

    All volunteer at our club using preset marks so the courses are not always square and we have our share of shit shows every now and then that we laugh about at the bar later. For our few big events we have a proper PRO especially when out of town boats come in for big events. We want to put our best foot forward in our sailing community. Small club, small fleets. It works for us.
  10. Movable Ballast

    Gropenfuhrer’s Stock Market

    Oh my god! it's the spelling Nazi! Oh shit!
  11. Movable Ballast

    Gropenfuhrer’s Stock Market

    You do realize you are arguing with idiots. Your logic and data will never surpass there opinion pieces...
  12. Movable Ballast

    Scooters A5

    Good luck with the E35! As you know the two already in Dago are tough to beat. That will keep you and them challenged between the great weekends at your slip and on the hook!
  13. Movable Ballast

    Mounting different diameter prop on propshaft

    Make sure you have the clearance for a bigger prop (obvious). Make sure you have enough engine to turn the bigger prop (not so obvious)…
  14. Movable Ballast

    Gropenfuhrer’s Stock Market

    In a word, yes. The common flu is contracted by millions of people each year and kills tens of thousands each year yet no "national closings". CoVid19 is a different strain of the flu, proportionally it's contraction rate and kill rate is miniscule when compared to the common flu.