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  1. Fintho

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Surely a boat like Yeah Baby ( ) is a much better deal. And cheaper! Crazy
  2. Fintho

    Vendee Globe 2020

    My guess is that there is a problem with the 'flip-up' system of the rudder in question, ie. he hit a ufo, took the rudder out and the force of the impact also broke the mount. I think its a lot more complicated than just dropping a new rudder in, even if he is carrying one onboard (which face it, he would be).
  3. Fintho

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    To be fair, even the fully crewed 100andsomething foot J-Class boats get it wrong, if anything it'd make the start interesting now that there's only two supermaxis. Also every time I see this a little bit of my soul dies inside of me
  4. Fintho

    The audacity of youth

    Fingers crossed I can make it work! Maybe I need to find a hot girlfriend with huge knockers and set up a patreon and see you over on that page in cruising anarchy. Or I put in some hard work and get it done myself. I think most employers can see the hard work a sailor needs, and how those sorts of skills can be transferrable to the workplace. Regardless, cheers for your thoughts
  5. Fintho

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Fingers crossed some of these problems are solved in time for the ocean race, imagine a boat full of 10 or whatever crew with half of them sleeping having something like this happen. A good way to loose talented sailors that would be...
  6. Fintho

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Sorry WHAT??? How much needs to go catastrophically wrong for a boat like that to fold in two in 4 seconds? I guess when carbon fails it really REALLY fails
  7. Fintho

    CYCA S2H Two-handed division

    I realise that much of the s2h is a pissing contest for the supermaxis, but wouldn't it be awesome to watch a decent fleet of imocas or class 40's absolutely hauling ass through Sydney heads and around tasman island. I guess its still to far from France to tempt them into coming on down, and that foils aren't allowed (or are they? when does a daggerboard count as a foil?).
  8. A sobering reminder of the risk we all take whenever we go offshore.
  9. Fintho

    CYCA S2H Two-handed division

    And the autopilots that the VG boats use are way way ahead of the consumer market in terms of technology in many cases. I imagine some of the Sydney boats will be running nothing more than a beefy tiller pilot that just steers to either the wind or a waypoint, not taking into account roll, waves, currents, etc. Because of this, I could easily see many boats still hand steering a lot of the time, especially in shifty conditions with a kite up.
  10. Fintho

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Hang on, where did he go? I cant see any of those glorious comments anymore
  11. Fintho

    Best Ocean Races

    I guess it also comes down to how 'competitive' you want to be, realistically most older style cruising yachts could be fitted out to be cat1 safe. Won't get near the front of your division though (probably)
  12. Fintho

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Gotta say im a bit sad that im ignored, im so intrigued as to how one would make a three masted imoca
  13. Fintho

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Hang on, just to get this straight, you want a: - Carbon Fibre, Scow bow, brigantine (3 masts) rigged, Imoca 60 with a cabin top on it? Is it foiling too? Have you ever seen a boat in real life mate? You're nuts.
  14. Fintho

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Have you seen the inside of an Imoca 60? No standing headroom and a 'living' area of like 2x6 meters just behind the mast. The rest of the boat is just bulkheads and sail storage in light air. Do you really think the average cruising couple knows how to handle a wing mast and 3 headsails? I almost think there couldn't be a worse boat to base a cruising boat off of
  15. Fintho

    The audacity of youth

    That's somewhat the plan, I've got one more year of uni left, then its time to hit the water on my own. I sometimes regret not taking a gap year straight out of high school but I really think then I wouldn't have been motivated enough to actually go to Uni, as silly as that might sound. My younger brother is taking a gap year out of hs, the same year I finish uni, so if we go together its cheaper too. We'll see. As I said right now I'm crewing anyway and building up my quals, maybe ill find a job later on delivering fancy yachts to fancy places, shitboxes to shitholes, Ill figure it out (maybe). Regardless though, thanks for all the advice anarchists