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  1. cmckinnonr

    Anarchy V autopilot

    Another option is PyPilot. DIY autopilot. If you run OPEN CPN this is a good option. Setting are controlled via the Pypilot add-on.
  2. cmckinnonr

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    I'm also looking into doing this on my 30/30 for shorthanded racing, I currently have Raymarine ST2000+ hooked up to NMEA0183. I have been doing alot of research on my next AP. From what I understand The B&G and NKE will drive better then a Pro. I would do a H5000 if you can afford it. Its about $5000+/- for computer, CPU, rudder feedback sensor, And gyro compass. Simrad rudder sensor has a 120 degree limit, so if tiller does 360's it will need a ruddeer stop. you will need a AP controller, If you have Chart Plotter, MFD, that can be used. The rudder sensor is a good/should have performance upgrade. But NOT a must have!!! I wouldn't bother with Hydra or Performance upgrades. after reading instructions they are geared more towards canting keels and daggerboards on a large ocean racing hotrods. For tiller drive you will need the pelagic drive, raymarine Q047, or DIY linear drive. Also look into Raymarine EV100 Tiller, It is SeatalkNG/NMEA2000. It will run about $1700 with AP, Rudder Sensor, And STNG/N2K cable. You can hook a remote up for less then $400. Madmen marine remote, Raymarine "E22158" ST1 to STNG ($90) Only problem I found is the raymarine rudder sensor has a limit of 60 degrees. I was unable to figure out if that's a mechanical stop or just its sensing range. If it's a mechanical stop, it might be overcome with a linkage ratio over 1:1. (as my tiller will move about 75 degrees and there is no chance of a hard stop being installed on my boat). I'm sure the EV100 is nowhere near as good as the H5000 as the price will tell. I just found out about The Pelagic AP ($1000) and will need a Antisense NGW1 gateway ($200) for wind sensor. I was concerned that it didn't have a rudder sensor and will continue with more research on this item. I did notice that the Pelagic tiller drive plug had 3 Pins. Maybe it has a servo motor, a limit switch, a reference sensor, or just a extra pin. My biggest pet peeve with autopilot without rudder reference sensor is The AP computer has no idea what the rudder angle is. Try to imagine driving a boat without knowing what the rudder angle is. You would have no feedback of weather helm, if you are hard over or not, cannot anticipate wave motions. also if over heeled and need to come up a bit, know how much rudder angle to give up. My ST1000,2000 AP is lacking all of this. when the helm is hard over the motor will continue running against the stop dramatically shorting its life. it would be salved with a simple limit switch. I'm guessing this is intentional because it will destroy its self within a few years (shortly after the warranty expires) As i use mine all the time . Then you need to buy another one. My Criteria for an autopilot for Double/Single handed racing. Remote control, Ability to steer to apparent wind angles, rudder sensor.
  3. cmckinnonr

    Anarchy V autopilot

    I have had Raymarine ST1000+ and ST2000+ tiller pilots. I have used them for Thousands of hours. They are okay when water fairly flat and wind is below 15 Kts. They cannot drive a straight line unless you constantly change the gain and damper settings when conditions change. For an autopilot less then $500 they can do some cooling things like follow tracks from a plotter and sail to apparent wind angles. They are more reactive then predictive, It only knows "I need to go left or I need to go right". Like a beginner on the helm. They work well under power in all conditions. Cant drive fast downwind, starts doing S turns, always ends up in multi-able gybe's then a knock down. Will try to get you killed in shit conditions. Probably the best booze cruise autopilot for the price. Works well for single hand, light air, beer can races.