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  1. GER308

    All things FINN

    Was sorry to miss Copenhagen. We had 2 courses and 2 start groups per course. Everyone was assigned a different course and start each day and we had colored streamers to tie on the head of your sail. I have been to the Masters in 2008 Medemblik NL, 2014 in Sopot Poland, and 2018 in El Balis Spain. Love it and feel lucky to now live in Germany where it is easy to get to a lot of fun regattas all over on a small budget.
  2. GER308

    All things FINN

    Anyone here coming to the Masters in Medemblik? Really hope it happens, and Corona doesn’t get in the way like last year. 2018 in Spain with 350 boats was a blast, already 150 sailors on the entry list!
  3. He has already done a lot towards to making it less embarrassing to tell people I'm American
  4. GER308

    Jack Nicklaus

    Been there, done that. Getting chased off is part of the fun.
  5. GER308

    Finn rigging

    Is that the boat he modified and made the first Devoti mould from? Was at my sailing club in Germany for a bit if so.
  6. GER308

    How far do people travel to club race?

    I sail out of a small club on a tiny lake in South Hessen Germany. I live about 50km away, It's a bit different to San Diego where I am from. We have 3 club races a year which we don't take too seriously. plus each of the active classes Opti, Finn and Laser have a yearly regatta and a yearly Cat Yardstick regatta. For us Finn's there are within say 150km radius probably 10 regattas a year on other small lakes. It's probably about the same for Lasers, Optis, A-Cats, maybe Corsairs and 470s. There are some bigger lakes like lake Constance a bit further away so we go there for regattas now and then. Generally try to do a couple of bigger events a year like Masters Worlds ( I've done the Masters in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain) German Nationals, Swiss, Dutch, Austrian Nationals... I like sailing in the Netherlands and try to get there once or twice a year.
  7. Was really looking forward to the Finn Masters in the Netherlands, all paid, new sail... Oh well, I will do something else but really bummed.
  8. Ever since this Corona stuff has been in the news I have this in my head.
  9. GER308

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    It's a double clutch so it's more of a computer controlled manual. Split second shifts, so hardly notice it. 2 modes, Drive which shifts really early early but is super economical. I use it if I am just putting around through traffic. Mine is a 2015 model, new in 2016. 2016 model came out with 3 sport modes. Sport which shifts more like I would normally ride. Thumb and forefinger for the + / - buttons to adjust. You can select manual mode and just shift with the buttons, no letting off the throttle just hit the button.Smoother and faster than you could manage manually. Most, me included, are skeptical at first, try it and don't want anything else
  10. GER308

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    My new NC 750x Daily commuter, tourer... Automatic with DCT Double Clutch works fantastic. Drive and Sport mode. Pushbutton manual option. Shifts better than I ever could. Nothing fancy but dependable, get's fantastic milage 60-70 mpg riding 150-160kmh on the Autobahn. Not fast but enough for what I want. Lot's of torque... No long trips this year, Italy for sure, Switzerland and France too. Next year Norway is my plan.
  11. GER308

    Finn Class making friends?

    I sailed the Masters in 2008 in Medemblik NL, 2014 in Sopot Poland, 2018 in El Balis Spain and am going to Port Zeland NL end of May.First week of June. Never spent more than a few hundred Euros, Mostly camped on site. Great racing 240 - 350 boats. Sopot my be somewhat of a resort destination, well for Polish people. The others not so much. Port Zeland 295€ entry, 5€ per night with a small tent. maybe 100 € to pitch in for fuel for my friend who Is driving the 3 boat trailer and 60 for gas for my motorcycle. Like new second hand North sail for 500, good second hand WB Sail for 200 will get two seasons out of them. Boat, older but fast Devoti 3500€ Second hand HIT mast, nice and stiff 1800€.
  12. GER308

    Finn Sailors Dropping Out

    Got my entry in last week. Expect at least as many as in Spain in 2018. 350 boats, top ever was 355 in Lake Garda. Some think it might break the record this year. Looking forward to it.
  13. GER308

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    A friend of mine teaches an integration class for refugees. She spent the whole morning consoling a young Kurdish girl who just lost most of her in Syria living family and neighbors.
  14. GER308

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Loaned my boat to a friend to sail the Austrian Championships. Love this pic.