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  1. GER308

    12 witches indicted today!

    Enough of the witch hunt, can we get to the burning at the stake part?
  2. GER308

    "I wanna go back"....first-ever sail

    Good job. I was 11 when an officemate of my dad's took me out on his Hobie 16. Have been sailing ever since.
  3. GER308

    Motorcycle Threads

    Had a nice ride to Bitche saturday :-) Having a blast with my new old F650
  4. GER308

    Weed or Hash ?

    Aren’t they in Silicone Valley all into microdosing.?
  5. GER308

    Weed or Hash ?

    I don't know what the EU's stance is, here in Germany where I have been living the last 18 years the legalization movement is getting stronger. Medical has been legalized but very very few can get a prescriptions. Big differences between the states, very conservative Bavaria and the East or more open states like NRW. Several city's are starting to experiment with legal sales but still have a ways to go.I think France and Spain are still pretty far away from it but it's everywhere. The legal US states are certainly showing the way. Things in The Netherlands are pretty much the same. A few years ago they passed a law that you had to be a resident to get the WietPass to go in a Coffeeshop but most city's wide not to enact it. Certainly most of the bigger city's, the Randstad city's Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam it's bushiness as usual. I was just in Lylestad sailing, there the Shops are closed to tourists. A few km's away in Almere or Enkhuizen they're open. I wonder how is it in Portugal, all is decriminalized but how is Cannabis.
  6. GER308

    Weed or Hash ?

    When living in the US Hash was rare and so special, here it's normal but still I have something inside that says ohhh wow Hash. Mostly prefer weed but Hash is nice if you have to carry it around.
  7. GER308

    Olympic sailing, is it still the pinnacle?

    The Soling would never have even existed without the Olympics. The 470 seems to be sailed here, not huge but they get 15 -25 boats for their local Regattas, much more for the bigger ones.
  8. GER308

    Olympic sailing, is it still the pinnacle?

    Every little puddle here seems to have a Finn fleet. We have over 20 in my club with about 12 really active. I'm heading to Barcelona for the Masters on Thursday. 353 boats registered. There is also a fair bit of 470 activity around too.
  9. GER308

    Finn Masters El Balis

    Cool did not see Henry on the list! Did see Charles, he was the only Ami I know when I last checked. 300 boats now should be fun!
  10. GER308

    Finn Masters El Balis

    Any of you Finn sailors here going? I'm excited, my last Masters was 2014 in Sopot Poland. 295 Entries so far, deadline is 01.04 so maybe we will break the 300.
  11. GER308

    RIP Doug Peterson

    Thanks for posting that! Sailed Irrational Doublehanded in the 95 Transpac-
  12. GER308

    Stormy Daniels to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

    Trump seems to squishy to really make it much of a bang, would be more of a flop, squish sort of thing I suspect.
  13. GER308

    Fast "safe" boat....

    In that hairy chest with thick gold chain sort of way.
  14. GER308

    opti's (sic) rule

    We sail on a tiny lake and have very little funds and an all volunteer program. Only a few of the kids own their own boat and the rest sail club boats at a cost of maybe 100 Euro for the year for youth membership and we organize travel to regattas as a group so it costs almost nothing for the kids. For the better sailors we have a couple of up to date Regatta Opti's. It seems to work out. Sure lot's drop out but some stay on and graduate to Lasers and what not but they all have fun. Starter boats are cheap and durable and there are a lot of them and a lot to race against. No better boat for the quite young ones. The more advanced kids from from my club go every year to the big Lake Garda event as a group with a coach, thousand some other Opti sailors, great sailing and lot's of socializing at the campground and around the lake. The class can't be all that bad.
  15. GER308

    Fazisi Front Page

    Scavenge up a short mast for it and send Rimas off in it?