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  1. Mid is a Nazi

    Who were as Socialist as the DDR was democratic.
  2. RIP Doug Peterson

    Thanks for posting that! Sailed Irrational Doublehanded in the 95 Transpac-
  3. Stormy Daniels to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

    Trump seems to squishy to really make it much of a bang, would be more of a flop, squish sort of thing I suspect.
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    In that hairy chest with thick gold chain sort of way.
  5. opti's (sic) rule

    We sail on a tiny lake and have very little funds and an all volunteer program. Only a few of the kids own their own boat and the rest sail club boats at a cost of maybe 100 Euro for the year for youth membership and we organize travel to regattas as a group so it costs almost nothing for the kids. For the better sailors we have a couple of up to date Regatta Opti's. It seems to work out. Sure lot's drop out but some stay on and graduate to Lasers and what not but they all have fun. Starter boats are cheap and durable and there are a lot of them and a lot to race against. No better boat for the quite young ones. The more advanced kids from from my club go every year to the big Lake Garda event as a group with a coach, thousand some other Opti sailors, great sailing and lot's of socializing at the campground and around the lake. The class can't be all that bad.
  6. Fazisi Front Page

    Scavenge up a short mast for it and send Rimas off in it?
  7. Ark of Noah insured ?

    Is that the harbor in Urk? I think I've seen that thing.
  8. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    Doublehanded Irrational with a friend who had just bought her in the 95 Transpac. Was a wild trip!
  9. Finn sailing

    Here maybe 4000€ for the full package depending on the mast and sail condition. 2000 -3000 Euro for the hull with rudder, boom, and maybe slipwagon. Round carbon mast maybe 500 to 700. Older simple road trailer dunno 300-500. Used sails - almost new starting about 600 to free for older sails. I have a Devoti of the same age, a very hard 2010 HIT wing mast, combo trailer, good used sails and all the rest which cost me about 5500€
  10. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Fuck I hate the fucker that built that boat! A crazy dude I knew at Nawiliwili offered to torch it for me before he left Kauai, I told him no but maybe I should have let him.
  11. Finn sailing

    We are a couple of hours north of you and have about 20 boats, Saturdays during the winter usually 5-10 on the water for training. Feel free to come up and have a go at sinking our boats if you like. Or have a go at sailing one.
  12. Pond Sailing for Practice?

    Here in Germany we race on a lot of really small lakes too. We have had up to 43 Finns on our little lake, though that was pushing it a bit. Segelverein Biblis: https://www.google.de/maps/place/Segelverein+Biblis+e.V./@49.6827558,8.4274886,672m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47962acd13cbbf11:0x18619bae89c89772!8m2!3d49.6827558!4d8.4296773?hl=en Just for sailing around it would be boring but we have a good training group with a few really good sailors so it's fun
  13. strict class

    Maybe someone could sell practice sails like they do for Lasers
  14. A poll about health care

    I don't know how it would go in the US but I have been living in Germany for the last 17 years and am super happy with the way it works here.
  15. Stepping a Star mast

    Mike did a good job of explaining, what is meant by partners is the opening in the deck. one person holds the mast butt down in the opening while the other walks the mast upright from the back of the cockpit.