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  1. If so maybe we could air drop them extra bows and arrows?
  2. GER308

    RGB Down

    So CMYK is up?
  3. GER308

    We found an old Olympic Flying Dutchman!

    What? you can sail in winter, the lakes don't freeze that often. Braassem is nice spot to sail :-)
  4. GER308

    We found an old Olympic Flying Dutchman!

    Great Job on the boat. The Dutch FD sailers are a great group and fun to sail with. Where are you located?
  5. GER308

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    They have always only been sort of Europe :-D Outside of the UK I've never seen an Etchells in Europe, apparently there is a small fleet in the Netherlands but that's it. Solings do seem to have some active local fleets, not too much but they are there.
  6. GER308

    Have you Boofed in a Devils Triangle?

    Boofing- Taking drugs including alcohol anally never heard another meaning.
  7. GER308

    FP - the biggest loser

    Hey, that's what we do here in Germany too,
  8. GER308

    Is tempesta cooll?

    He is what he is. I like the guy and it's been a long time but it was always cool sailing with him. I can see how he polarizes, I agree with a lot of what he says but could never express it like he does. All and all I'm glad he does it his way.
  9. GER308

    F1 2018...

    I watched from a bar in Vettle's home town of Heppenheim which is near my sailing club, That was fun. They change the sign when you come in to the town to "Vettelheim"
  10. GER308

    Favourite Boat pic?

    She was sort of back of the middle but she had a couple of good races, was the 2016 Austrian Nationals. She is a super nice young girl. Her BF sails a Finn, she mostly sails Lasers but and she had borrowed one of our club boats for a Regatta or two so we ended up giving her a boat that no one was using. Just borrowed her old Taylor Finn for a Regatta at their club on the Mosel River at Koblenz. Not a great place for sailing usually but it was a nice motorcycle ride up the Rhein and back.
  11. GER308

    Favourite Boat pic?

    This is my favorite pic of my current boat when I loaned it to a friend to sail in the Austrian Nationals,
  12. GER308

    12 witches indicted today!

    Enough of the witch hunt, can we get to the burning at the stake part?
  13. GER308

    "I wanna go back"....first-ever sail

    Good job. I was 11 when an officemate of my dad's took me out on his Hobie 16. Have been sailing ever since.
  14. GER308

    Motorcycle Threads

    Had a nice ride to Bitche saturday :-) Having a blast with my new old F650
  15. GER308

    Weed or Hash ?

    Aren’t they in Silicone Valley all into microdosing.?