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  1. Maybe someone could sell practice sails like they do for Lasers
  2. I don't know how it would go in the US but I have been living in Germany for the last 17 years and am super happy with the way it works here.
  3. Mike did a good job of explaining, what is meant by partners is the opening in the deck. one person holds the mast butt down in the opening while the other walks the mast upright from the back of the cockpit.
  4. I sailed my own star for 4 years and crewed for 4+ years after that intensively . Never dropped a rig on my boat (I was always real careful as I didn't have much money) never dropped a rig when crewing the first 4 years, did end up dropping one after moving to Germany and going to the Euros on Mallorca with a Russian skipper. We lost our mast Jibing in about 20 knots when one of the retaining wires broke at the spreader tip and the spreader did not swing back with the backstay causing the mast to invert. But yeah they do come down now and then. No need for the ladder, seems it would be more in the way. If one holds the butt in the partners and the other walks the mast up it's pretty foolproof. I did it singlehanded like that often on the trailer and in the water. Standing the mast up with one on the ground and one on the boat and just lifting and dropping it in is how most do it. I've done it singlehanded like that too but not recommended unless you are pretty comfortable with putting the mast in..
  5. I have to say I am really happy with my small sailing club, untill I moved to Germany I was a member of MBYC in San Diego which was a great club but now am a member of Segelverein Biblis, we only have a small crappy lake, we have a small clubhouse with a kitchen you can use and a fridge with drinks and a little box to put your money in. All volunteer work and everyone is required to pitch in, some go way beyond what is required. For my 200€ a year I get boat storage, a little clubhouse and grounds which I can use when ever I want, a great place to camp with my daughter for the weekend, a 3 and a 6 Finn trailer I can use... We have a good youth Opti and Laser group. About 20 Finns maybe 10-12 who actively travel to regattas, 15 Lasers a few other assorted dinghies and maybe 10 A Cats and a few other cats (though cats seem a bit silly on our little lake) Finns followed by Lasers are the most active Our record is 43 Finns at our regatta, lasers usually 20 full rigs and maybe 10-15 radials. Our lake is too small to be much fun to just sail around on but when we get out for training or regattas it's ok, just have to sail lot's of laps. We have 1 Finn, 1 Laser, 1 Cat, 1 Oppi and 3 Yardstick regattas a year. We have probably 10 regattas a year on the lakes within about a 100 km. I tend to then do a couple of bigger events, Masters, German Nationals, some other nationals and such maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Off to the Swiss champs next month :-) We also meet to train Saturdays through the winter or until the lake freezes.
  6. It's a dick measuring contest for a handful of billionaires. It provides a good paycheck for a few top sailors. It's nothing to do with the sailing anyone else does. It's probably a shit event to be the event that non-sailors think of when someone mentions sailboat racing. The new boats are pretty cool though the format seems wrong. A series of events with the new boats would be cool.
  7. Looks a bit like a Conger
  8. I am picturing Doug and Carl Eichenlaub building Aluminum IOR boats in heaven now.
  9. Not in any recent Olympics if ever. Finns used to be provided up until 92 but the sailors brought their rigs. AFAIK Lasers are provided but not switched. Other than that people bring their own equipment.
  10. Sad, Doug was a super nice guy besides being a brilliant designer. Glad I got to sail with him a bit. Super down to earth guy, I always felt honored he would always stop for a chat with me in the YC parking lot.
  11. Pull the sheet to initiate the jibe and as the boom comes over flick it in the other direction.
  12. Rick had a flat bed trailer which fit 3 more Stars on their trailers so he could transport 4 at once. His truck was pretty tricked out, I believe it was lowered just enough to pass under highway overpasses.
  13. The original class rules called for a crew of three who "Did not earn their living with their hands" and no paid crew.
  14. a Sonderklasse?
  15. Doublehanding the Peterson/Eichenlaub 41 in the 95 Transpac I wasn't meant to feel this / Asleep at the wheel though we had a tiller and not a wheel.