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  1. Danceswithoctopus

    Louisville... loinfomofo’s

    And I invented the Cunningham. Still, everyone is correct.
  2. Danceswithoctopus

    Louisville... loinfomofo’s

    Lo Info Mo-Fos
  3. Danceswithoctopus

    Seattle, the first official Anarchist City in the US

    You can marry your gun, but you have to give it a blowjob.
  4. Danceswithoctopus

    Seattle, the first official Anarchist City in the US

    Well I hope Mr. Trump will remember, Seattleites don't need him 'round anyhow. That's right: Seattle is a HELL HOLE. Stay the fuck away! It's dangerous, scary, naked bicycle-riding LGBTQ everywhere looking to convert innocent republicans, cars parked on the wrong side of the street, dogs and cats living together, and no suitable water anywhere for sailing, and the latte stands REQUIRE you to use soy milk. And our golf courses suck (because the sand traps are so wet that they're quicksand!) Seriously: don't come here. We don't want you or your jackboot thugs.
  5. Danceswithoctopus

    Where is the exit?

    Antelope Freeway, 1/8 mile.
  6. "Fine - no one that posts on this site would support condone or accept targeting cops for execution. I never really believed that." I really know better, than to dive back in, but for Joker, who loves to parse words and their meanings and seems to fancy himself a wordsmith, this statement, taken literally, means that he believed that persons who post on this site would support condone or accept targeting cops for execution. The use of the double-negative makes the retraction pretty useless, actually. He acts as though it means one thing, while it really means the opposite.
  7. Thread Title: Democratic position - “Blue lives ain’t shit” no wonder their supporters think it’s cool to execute cops Where to you clarify that you don't mean it's an Official position? And what difference does it make. My point remains valid. If you're too dumb to know the meaning of your words, you have no business attempting to engage in a discussion.
  8. Danceswithoctopus

    Do lockdowns work?

    <hijack> I was granted the moniker during a dive trip to God's Pocket in 1997. I encountered an octopus at around 100' (so I was a tad narced) and the rest of the dive group watched as I took my glove off and played with it for a few minutes. It followed me around for another ten minutes or so until I started to ascend. Upon returning to the surface I was dubbed, Danceswithoctopus. </hijack>
  9. Danceswithoctopus

    Kamala Harris is the VP pick.

    Back in the '80s I had a friend from Taiwan. We used to go to Chinatown in Seattle and party. The after-hours parties in some of those restaurants had the BEST food ever! Only time I ever had Peking Duck. Amazing!
  10. Good God! I can't believe you actually wrote this in the thread you created accusing the Democrats of having an official position that it's cool to execute cops. You pathetic hypocrite! Not only that, and forgive the whataboutism, but . . . Oh, fuck it. You're a lost cause. Those who are not blind already see it.
  11. Danceswithoctopus

    Sorry Trumpkins, you HAVE been brainwashed

    This deserves at least a golf clap.
  12. Danceswithoctopus

    Kamala Harris is the VP pick.

    Without arguing against (or for) your underlying premise, I submit that healthcare records are one place where race may be relevant due to genetic predisposition to various diseases or conditions.
  13. Danceswithoctopus

    Do lockdowns work?

    It seems to me that the question Dog is trying to ask is whether MANDATED lock downs make a difference over voluntary lock downs. Of course, Dog will correct me if I'm mistaken. Having now redefined the question, I would submit (in response to myself) that countries with voluntary lock downs that are working aren't really comparable to the US anyway since their governments are encouraging social responsibility, not politicizing the virus as a hoax and creating confusion among their citizens. But those that have any measure of success are providing accurate and timely information about the virus to their people. Transparency and honesty in this case is necessary to gain and maintain the trust of the populace. My worthless $.02.
  14. So, you think you have a better understanding of the fiscal needs of the each and every one of the municipalities you are so quick to chastise than the officials whose jobs it is to make those actual decisions. You should write a book, go on a lecture tour, hire yourself out as a financial advisor. And you cite Fox News as your source. Brilliant! Hey! Speaking of that. How're you feeling about your premise: "Democratic position - (sic) "Blue lives ain't shit (sic) no (sic) wonder their supporters think it's cool to execute cops (sic)"? Or the statement that Solo quotes right above this, that, "[t]he vast majority of Democrats support defunding the police"? It seems to me that most of the Democrats who responded here disagree. Where's you "vast majority"?
  15. Danceswithoctopus

    John Bolton

    If it's not true, it's not classified--it's fiction.