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  1. Good morning, the Tempest is also responsible for the greatest Olympic moment ever since Paul Elvstrom..........That was at the 1976 Canadian Olympics when Dave Hunt and Mike Warren set Gift Horse alight after the final race. Gift Horse was a sponsored boat and the guys sailing it felt that the old horse couldn't carry on any more. Instead of putting her out to pasture, they decided she had to be put down. So they took acetone with on the last race and afterwards set the boat alight with matches obtained from a Belgium sailor. Apparently the officials also had a total melt-down. Imagine trying to do something like that in this day. Regards.
  2. Good evening, Many many years ago I was part of a group of university students who had the use of a three quarter tonner for club racing. Our navigator was a young woman who had a doctorate in marine biology. Without a doubt, she was the most intelligent one in the team. We were sailing an overnight race and Lynne the navigator was steering. Another member goes and sits down in the cockpit between Lynne and the compass, blocking her view. He then asks the stupid question, " Lynne, am I blocking your view of the compass?" Within a split second came Lynne's reply, " No, don't worry Gavin, just turn your head sideways and I'll look through your ears".
  3. That's good going! When I was busy building, I would look at pics of Redshift and just dream of getting my boat sailing. I put in about 3 800 hrs, maybe a touch more to build our F9 to a very minimalist finish. I took four and a half years from start to finish. Small kids and general family life necessitated two lengthy breaks in building. Apart from a plywood Opti dinghy and two plywood rowing boats, it was my first venture into glass and foam. Sadly we sold the boat after 4 years of sailing it. I still miss that boat. I'd love to build an F82 now and reckon I can knock it off quite quickly with the knowledge I now have of how to be more economical with my time and now knowing what to do to to avoid sanding so much. But it is nice to see that there are still folk out there building their own Farriers. Have fun!
  4. Yes, that's it. The plans come with a very good build book. The hulls are build in a female mold. For the floats it looks like this: Wow these photographs bring back memories of when we were building our F9AX! Every spare minute was spent in the backyard boatyard. No such thing as surfing the Net on Saturday afternoons like I am doing right now. There is only one problem with building a Farrier. No other designer's quality of plans and building guidelines measures up to Ian's and it makes it impossible to build any other boat. Have fun building. Your workshop is awesome. Enjoy that first sail! Regards.
  5. Good morning, As said before, post the picture on the F boat forum. Ian Farrier will soon respond with an answer. He is very good giving the correct solutions to these tipes of issues. They are such nice boats, it is worth perusing the matter. There is not much a brave guy with a steady hand on a disc sander, followed by some patient epoxy work, cannot repair on them. Have fun.
  6. Good evening, I have posted this illustration on a different thread a few days ago. This was our third attempt at building an emergency rudder on a Farr 38 many years ago. We were about 400 miles north of the Cape Verdes when we lost our rudder and sailed the boat back to port unassisted. It never crossed our minds to call for help.
  7. To their credit, way back in 1968/1969 Victress, a 40 ft Piver was sailed solo, non stop through the a Southern Ocean as a competitor in the a Golden Globe. The boat sailed by Nigel Tedley tied the loop, but unfortunately broke up and sunk just a thousand miles short of completing its circumnavigation. But the world of trimarans have moved on since those days. Nope, they are not good boats.
  8. Donald at press conference. " I am lodging these protests against my competitors in last night's Wednesday evening beer can race. That will make me the winner".
  9. Good evening,While I cannot comment regarding using a drogue, three of us sailed a rudderless Farr 38 over 500 miles using this jury rig.
  10. Good morning, Quite correct. The original Voortrekker was a 50 footer designed by van de Stadt for the 1968 OSTAR and sailed by Bruce Dalling into 2 nd place. Bertie Reed then sailed her in the first BOC round the world race in 1982, ending second. Voortrekker II is (was!) a 60 ft Angelo Lavranos design done for the SA Navy for Bertie Reed as a short hander. She was first monohull in the 1982 Two Man Round Brittain and Ireland Race. Sadly the first BOC race in 1982 had a 56 foot size limit and Bertie therefore had to take the old Voorterkker on the race. John Martin however sailed Voortrekker II in the 1986 BOC race. He won the first leg as well as the last leg. That boat really had few equals when it came to sailing upwind. Sadly the navy sold the boat in later years and it fell into disrepair. At least she went down while sailing. Regards.
  11. Good evening, Anyone for a genuine Weta? This one for sale on Gumtree, South Africa. (Kinda like Craigslist)
  12. Good evening, I am sad to say that this once solid, sound and repairable Vertue has now joined the Zombie fleet. It belonged to an old mate of mine, now sadly deceased and he kept it in a shed, to be relaunched upon his retirement. The boat got sold and was stored in the open. Now kaput.
  13. The Dabchick class scow has been the main junior class in South African sailing since it was first launched back in 1956. The flush decked boat was designed for marine ply backyard boatbuilding by the late Jack Koper. The boats are almost indestructible and can self help even in the most adverse weather conditions. A number of Whitbread/ Volvo sailors started out on Dabbies. These pictures by former Dabbie sailor Neville Sharwood at the December national champs which included a special day set aside for former class sailors to have some races as well as a race between the top 10 juniors against the top 10 oldies.
  14. I have always carried my two Lasers side by side on the roof. Never had a problem.
  15. Sailing offshore in South Africa is just different. Not my pic.