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  1. trisail

    What is this dinghy?

    Good evening, Your boat is a "Peanut" dinghy and originates from one of the Scandinavian countries. Elsewhere in the world it is known as a "Nutshell" dinghy. I doubt if the rig in your picture belongs to the boat. The boat was designed and supplied with a balanced lugsail rig. With a bit of Google searching you should find whatever info you need. Expect a sailing performance from "poor" to "extremely poor" but have fun nevertheless.
  2. trisail

    Beach launching a Wayfarer

    Good evening, I would suggest you water jet a stout wooden post into the sand just above your parking bay. Use a hose pipe and jet water into the sand, at the same time dropping the post in. When you turn off the hose the post will lock solid into the sand. Drive it in deep. Leave the post in place for good. When you want to recover the boat, hook a six to one handy billy to the post and the launching dolly. Rig it so you pull by walking downhill from the post towards the beach when you pull the rope. Local fishermen do it to retrieve fishing boats. Have fun.
  3. trisail

    Worst/scariest moment in a dinghy?

    While doing national service in the Navy, sailing a dinghy into the gunnery shooting range. Being shot at was not too much fun. Being escorted out by a patrol launch also caused us some anxious moments. Luckily we were not charged.
  4. trisail

    Significant Other Participation

    My non-sailing wife and I have been racing our14ft scow design together for over 9 years. It's a main and jib only class which helps to keep things pretty straight forward for her. I'm very competitive but she is the exact opposite.We really make a point of having fun and having a laugh when things get hectic. She believes that the close proximity of boats in those critical seconds before the star gun goes off is a good time to make new friendships and to strike up conversations with the other ladies on neighbouring boats. If I hail a port tack boat too loudly she accuses me of being overly aggressive. Fortunately for me, the previous owner also raced with his wife and had set out the cockpit in such a way that the helmsman can take over all the control lines from the back of the boat should the lady in front have a total brain freeze. Her only requirement is that should we capsize, we go home. And she refuses to hike. And I dare not ask her to "use your weight, my love". She goes wild if we end up near the front. That's very seldom. All in all I actually like sailing with her. It's our thing. Oh, and our combined age is 118 years.
  5. Thanks for the link / pictures. Please tell us a bit about the job. Very pretty boat, well done!
  6. trisail

    Solo night watch

    Solo sailing and sleeping.......there is only one rule. "velocity x mass = right of way "
  7. trisail

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    Good evening, I used the halyard downhaul system on my 9 meter Farrier trimaran which I sailed solo most of the time. I never bothered to capture the downhaul line inside the hanks.......too lazy. Once hoisted, I would just snug it nice and tight and slip it into a cam cleat on the cabin top. If you want to do a sail change, drop the sail and apply tension to both downhaul and halyard. Then cleat both. Change sails as normal. The beauty of this system is that the dowhaul is attached to the halyard, so the halyard is held captive while you clip on the new sail. The halyard is kept right where you want it and it is under tension so it will not snag spreaders etc. When you're done, transfer the halyard to the new sail. The downhaul keeps everything tight on deck until you get back to the winches to hoist the new sail. Try it. You can rig it with gear you already have on board.......its for free. Chuck it if you don't like it. Have fun.
  8. trisail

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    Good evening, If you do change over to hanks, rig up a downhaul on your headsail halyard. Tie a light line to the jib halyard snapshackle. The line passes through a small block next to the tack fitting and is led aft to the cockpit and a small cleat. When you hoist the headsail the line snakes up the forestay along the luff of the sail. When you have to drop the sail you throw off the halyard and pull down on the downhaul line. Then cleat off both halyard and downhaul. It snugs the headsail luff down onto the foredeck and keeps the sail out of trouble till you can make your way forward. It also keeps tension on the halyard to prevent it from riding up the forestay and snagging in the rigging. Have fun!
  9. trisail

    Clipped Swan

    Hi, Looks like an S&S Swan 57? The 57 and the Swan 47/48 were the prettiest Swans ever built I think. Pure class.
  10. trisail

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Hi Russel, Check Nyker's link. That's the story. Yes, these little multis really are cool rides on the open ocean. As a kid, pictures of the Brown's boats have also encouraged my ventures into trimaran sailing. My first multi after a Hobie 14 was a Dragonfly 8 meter. ( the fixed beam jobby) The guy who bought the boat from me has now done the same race three times, first to finish every time. So I'm pretty proud of my backyard built F9AX. After 12 years of some heavy sailing the boat is 100% sound. Here are some pics of their race starts. Not my pics. Taken by the crew's family and friends.
  11. trisail

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Thanks Wayne, Your voyage and the pics of your yellow hulled Redshift helped to keep me going while I was toiling late into the night building mine.
  12. trisail

    Self steering trimaran

    Good evening, No, they are very different. The Farrier F36 versus the Corsair 36 was a sore point for Ian Farrier. The Farrier F36 is a serious offshore trimaran. One of the early ones has circumnavigated. Th Corsair 36 was not designed by Farrier.
  13. trisail

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Yep, also pretty! Obviously comes from a good family hey! Did you build her yourself? My old boat, an F9AX that I built myself. Foam core, hand-layup. Minimalist boat with no gadgets. A no budget boat, we had no money, so no need for a budget. But a mate and I did take it on an epic 1800 mile ocean race. Sadly sold it 9 years ago to a good home.
  14. trisail

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Pretty boat! I think the F9 is the best looking of all of Ian Farriers's designs. And a beautiful boat to sail offshore too. I miss mine.
  15. trisail

    Self steering trimaran

    Good evening, A 1000 tiller pilot is plenty good enough for a 23ft tri. The helm on a little tri is so light. A multi tracks well (or should track well) and the autopilot doesn't work that hard compared to a same size monohull. The tiller hardly moves. The battery drain will be minimal. I had a Farrier F9 trimaran with a Simrad 1000 tiller pilot. We sailed the boat 1 800 miles trans ocean, two up and the little tiller pilot coped well. Keep it simple. Keep it light.