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  1. trisail

    Morning Cloud III

    How could Ted Heath afford his boats? He stayed single and had no kids! Just not having kids saves you a packet. Shite, even I would have been able to afford a Morning Cloud or two if I had no kids! On a more serious note, I have on my bookshelf "Tack now, Skipper", the autobiography of Owen Parker who was Heath's professional sailing master for most of the Morning Clouds. Owen Parker had nothing but the highest respect for Ted Heath as a great gentleman, always considerate of others and a great leader both ashore and afloat. What more can one ask for? "Tack now, Skipper" was first published in 1979 but is still a great read.
  2. trisail

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Yep. My wife's boat. I rig it....while she socializes. I steer it....she's not interested. I hike out.....she does not do "hiking out". I wash it, pack it up, I sand it and paint it. She is the owner after all. But her "Poppet" must always be in the pink.
  3. trisail

    Fazisi Front Page

    To fully understand what Fazisi was all about you have to read Skip Novak's book about the boat, the team who built and sailed her and about the Whitbread Race which she sailed. I doubt if a person from the West where everything is available all the time will ever understand the conditions under which the boat was built in the Soviet Union. Those guys built the boat with such little resources. They were broke when they started the build and stayed broke for the entire voyage round the world. In his book, Skip Novak writes about the Rushian crew standing outside a Tesco supermarket in the UK just staring at shoppers who can walk into a supermarket and buy whatever they want or need. They could not take their eyes off the loaded supermarket trolleys. The boat's voyage around the world was much more than just a race. It was about the strength of the human spirit. And Fazisis will always symbolize that.
  4. trisail

    RIP Bruce Brown

    Bruce Brown was out here in St Francis Bay ( home of the perfect wave ) some 10 odd years ago and gave a short talk. Interesting, but he actually named the three surfers in that now famous poster. The surf break where the perfect wave was filmed is simply called Bruce's these days. It only works properly a few times a year. This October we witnessed it in all its splendor. Regards from St Francis Bay, Home of the perfect wave.
  5. trisail

    Ian Farrier

    Sail on Ian!
  6. Good morning, In earlier posts there were references to fatalities in other ocean races, amongst others that of the Volvo RTWR. It should be noted that there were THREE deaths in the very first Whitbread RTWR in 1973/1974 stemming from MOB's. Two deaths on leg 2 and one on leg 3. These were the Southern Ocean legs. None of the people were even found after going overboard. Chay Blyth who's boat lost a man on the 3rd leg was criticized for not searching long enough before resuming racing. By the way which some posts criticize the Clipper Race, the Whitbread/ Volvo RTWR should therefore have ended right there and then in 1974. Instead, offshore racing has grown and because of these deaths in various high profile races there has been incredible emphasis on safety awareness, and in particularly MOB has been driven to the top of the list. The biggest benefactors of these safety developments are us weekend warriors. In conclusion, we all sail for different reasons.....I see my sailing as an adventure. I also enjoy mountaineering which is also an adventure. "Adventure" a noun: a risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. Like the mountains, the ocean is the last place where we can still escape modern society's "let's find someone else to blame" culture. Both the mountains and the ocean requires you to accept responsibility for yourself and the group with you. When I step out there, I practice safety, but I accept the risks. Regards.
  7. trisail

    Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Good evening, If you think cruising multihulls are poor performers to windward, maybe you sailed the wrong ones. Forget about the tubs with their stubby keels. Try a nice little trimaran. The boat in the picture is a Farrier F9 cruising tri with good accommodation setting off on a 1800 mile ocean race, here sailing into a 45 odd knot breeze soon after the start. And leading the fleet too. There is a saying, "just like you don't buy a Porche for its ample boot space, you don't buy a trimaran for its ample accommodation."
  8. trisail

    Recommendations for first time boat build.

    You build your own boat if building a boat is what you'd like to do. As been said before, every person has different reasons for doing it. In some countries there are few choices of available boats, or secondhand boats in some parts of the world can be hugely overpriced. Then building also makes sense. I will leave out the word "financial" because like owning a boat, building a boat is better better discussed without talking about FINANCE. I built a Farrier F9 a few years ago. I wanted an F boat and building one was the only way for me to get one. I found the building process hugely rewarding. The sailing was even better, and I appreciated the boat so much more than if I would have if it was bought ready to go. Building an F boat is not too difficult. You need to be focused and have the ability to to see a project through to conclusion. It is a mind- set. Oh, and don't build a too big boat. The F82 would be a good choice for the OP. Ian is selling plans again for a few of his classic designs, so have a look. My boat has since been sold, but I would build another F boat tomorrow if my circumstances allowed it.
  9. trisail

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Good evening, Congrats with the new boat. Before you set off, beef up that sagging beam supporting the mast step. Many moons ago I did my first paid for delivery job taking a Pearson 26 on a 450 mile off shore passage delivery. That same sagging beam nearly cost us the rig. It was impossible to get any tension on the shrouds, the mast just pushed further down and the rig flexed like spaghetti. A quick fix is to just prop it up from below with a piece of hard timber. Have fun.
  10. trisail

    Building my first boats

    Good evening, My advice to you is go and check out the work of Dudley Dix. He is good at designing for amateur builders. His work are of high standard. His boats sail very well. He himself is a very experienced bluewater sailor and he is a hands on backyard boatbuilder too. He actually home built a number of his own designs. Check out his website. He confirms a number of opinions expressed here by others regarding boat size. He has some particularly nice mid size steel boats for amateur construction as well as some small boats in ply wood which would be ideal for a 19 year old to build as a first build. so, check it out and tell us what you think! Regards. p.s. Bruce Roberts boats sail poorly, general opinion is that his work is not good. The designs are over 40 years old. Building a boat is a huge undertaking and if you are going to build, you might as well build something decent.
  11. trisail

    six foot skiffs?

    I used to look at my son's Optimist an then at my Finn and thought what if we put the Finn rig on the Optimist........?
  12. trisail

    Flipper Scow by Peter Bruun

    Here you are. Cannot get any easier. Otherwise go to a YC boat park and look at any centerboard dinghy to see how it is done. Have fun.
  13. trisail

    12 foot IMP dinghy

    Yep, around Durban. Not worth a second glance.
  14. trisail

    Flying dutchman restoration project

    Good evening Nicholas, Your boat looks too new to be SA 19. If you want some background and info on your FD, in Cape Town, try and track down Gerhard Koper. Ask around at Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club where to find him. He is an architect and a former SA FD champ from the old days. He will be able to give you some background about your boat. Also check via SA Sailing for the FD class association contact persons. Class associations are usually very keen to help newcomers to get onto the water. Another old days FD sailor who can assist with info on your boat will be Al Leenstra. Contact him via Aeolians YC in Gauteng. This looks like a great project to get back onto the water.
  15. Good evening, will do so with pleasure.