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  1. ZONE AREA FORECAST FOR WATERS FROM POINT REYES TO PIGEON POINT 10-60 NM http://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=PZZ571#.WrUzay74_IU
  2. http://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-122.58064270019528&lat=37.790251927933284#.WrSSsC74_IU and marine zone forecast http://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=PZZ545#.WrSWNS74_IU Preliminary fleet assignments up. Final will be posted on BAMA DHF page and JS by 5 pm Friday Mar 23 https://www.jibeset.net/show.php?RR=BAMA_T0094936&DOC=fl1&TYP=html
  3. Preliminary fleet assignments up. Final will be posted on BAMA DHF page and JS by 5 pm Friday Mar 23 https://www.jibeset.net/show.php?RR=BAMA_T0094936&DOC=fl1&TYP=html
  4. See details and updates on race and skippers Meeting http://www.sfbama.org/2018/DHF/index.html
  5. As a courtesy to our friends at SSS who have been so supportive of this race, we announced at last night's SSS Corinthian awards event that we would extend intro pricing until today. You win too! http://www.sfbama.org/2018/DHF/index.html
  6. Just a reminder that the 39th edition of BAMA's DHF race fast approaches. The race is March 24th. Skippers's Meeting Wed March 21st at Oakland YC Like last year, we have additional concurrent shortened courses that can be entered directly or changed to on course. See "Overview" --> https://www.jibeset.net/show.php?RR=BAMA_T0094936&DOC=X3&TYP=pdf Check BAMA's DHF page for details and updates --> http://www.sfbama.org/2018/DHF/index.html SAS recommended but not required. Separate BASIC and Venue/Topic Education requirements for both crew listed in NOR. Equipment options and some additions listed in NOR Please note that NOR and SI are now 2 separate documents to improve readability. If you are out of the area, or sold your boat, consider crewing for someone local! Have a great and safe race! BAMA Previous DHF Forums on SA: DHF 2017 SA DHF 2016 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=171427&p=5204875 SA DHF 2015 http://forums.sailin...howtopic=163063 SA DHF 2014 http://forums.sailin...howtopic=155276 SA DHF 2013 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=145027#entry4067844 SA DHF 2012 http://forums.sailin...6 SA DHF 2011 SA DHF 2010 SA DHF 2009 SA DHF 2008
  7. K38BOB

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Thanks. Nice summary. I'd also encourage folks to watch the video on the front page with Oakleys comments about halfway through it. Most links to that interview edit his out (or maybe I only finally watched the full interview after it was mentioned! ).
  8. The Flyin Hawian & a GunBoat were Foiled by going out in the ocean jus sayin This is the Only one Ever to make it somewhere else across an ocean Faster than the current Williwaw. and an inspiration for hydroptere according to Alain
  9. K38BOB

    Oracle Team USA

    Artemis is wasting time shipping the boat back and forth to SF, then are just now building a base in bermuda. BAR probably spent too much time building their fancy base on the wrong side of the atlantic, OR built a base when everyone else could, they just built it fast and moved there. They started building their 45T before anyone else, and BAR says they'll have more than one trial horse. Seems like Oracle is way better managed. NZ still isn't sailing a 45T, they said they were building their own like a year ago, then buys LRs and still isn't sailing. Sure, that's one way to look at it - if you don't really know how it works... Has it occurred to you that the land on which teams x,y and z are designated to perch - is still on it's way from Canada? Or that it might have been a slight advantage to know in advance when the event/s would be held, where the event/s would be held, in what type and size of boat/s, if surrogates would be allowed and then whether you could find sponsors who found that proposal attractive - if you didn't have 'independent means'. Not to mention the lack of transparency between Event Authority and the Defender on one hand and the hosts and the various sponsors on the other, the playing off of teams against each other on critical decisions and the convenient on the spot rule making by the Race Management so reminiscent of AC34 and which we have already seen in AC35. Apart from those few points you were spot on. Any link to this "Has it occurred to you that the land on which teams x,y and z are designated to perch - is still on it's way from Canada?"?
  10. K38BOB


    smaller presence https://www.facebook.com/SFBAMA
  11. K38BOB

    Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    well, something is going to give... Arcona yachts are available with a rubber bumper built in to the front of the keel - i guess because it's pretty common to hit rocks in scandanavia. Hobie 33 "Crash" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdVHhg5600Y
  12. K38BOB


    certainly insurance rates go up.... regulations getting tighter can be self inflicted too...both have happened locally in response
  13. K38BOB


    More than a relative difference - an actual difference. SF: -10M (wag) SD: 20M (wag) BER: 80M (that's what we're talking about!) Any land deals with Ber? That was a big part of the 34th discussion
  14. K38BOB


    No more than anyone else that would want to see AC35 raced on the SF Bay. Breaking news for those unaware (all here obviously) the venue selection is not put up for a vote to all members. It probably never was when other clubs considered other options as well, but apparently that's too difficult a concept to understand. Sorry folks, pursue other issues for your daily dose of AC drama - this one is stillborne. well, since the government and citizens of SF didn't really give a damn about AC34, and didn't really want AC35.., I don't see how anyone can be upset with LE. and, I really doubt the membership of GGYC expected that they were going to be consulted about the issue just a reminder that most of the sf bay area (and sailors, boats) are not in sf. Many travelled into sf to build the case for ac34 in sf. Don't recall a similar call to arms to build a case for ac35 in sf or sf bay area. Was there one?