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  1. daffy

    8 Bells for Butch Parker

    I remember racing against Butch back in 80's , he raced with Mike Rockoff and John on GoGoGo Santana 20.had many late nights with that group!
  2. daffy

    Looking for boat

    Harbor 20
  3. daffy

    This thread has jumped the shark

    Fuck I love SA never disappointed
  4. daffy

    Non-traveler mainsheet

  5. daffy

    Gelcoat not curing

    Awesome thread, brings back mems from 70-80's
  6. daffy

    sheave box for 5mm spectra

    I''d use a Clevis pin
  7. daffy

    J/80 North Americans - Sept 19th to Sept 22

    Why would anyone sail a J-80 in a light air venue?
  8. daffy

    Daysailer suggestions?

    Montgomery 15, can handle 3 for a day sail has motor mt and you can take a knap!
  9. daffy

    R2AK 2019

    If it was a keel would work but the bulb is on a strut, no lift