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  1. J35 Shoal Keel

    There were some shoal, wing keel Schock 35 on the east coast back in the day !
  2. J 24 average boat weight?

    Original broacher 2600#!
  3. Polishing stainless welds

  4. Bad Company

    No doubt, draft to forward on both sails, main luff looks tight, and need crew wayyy forward!
  5. 6 meter Worlds

  6. Fixing a Santana 20

    Check the class web site. I
  7. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

  8. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

  9. jib sheet line vs cam cleat

    Feisty got it, rebuild with new balls!
  10. White Pride.

    Alex Jones! Scooters brother, lmao!
  11. Smart Watch

    what model pebble? all i see are 50-60 dollar ones.
  12. Poll: Next AC Boat

  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

  14. Trailer Sailor 20' - 23' PHRF Racer

    How do those funs do?light or heavy air?
  15. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    Pictured: me, apparently But a charter operator! Your point of view makes sense now. This Cheeki Rafiki incident threatens your livelihood. God forbid these boats get a bad reputation for killing people, and more strict industry regulation on maintenance/ operations is bad for business. If not poor design choices and bad oversight of the charter industry's safety practices, then why did these people die? What should have been done differently? What does your 25 years experience tell you about this? I think you just answered your own question. It appears that it was the operators failing not the design that was the major contributor. 40.7's were the workhorse of sailing school industry for over a decade, and many are still working today.i would estimate that over 100 000 people have sailed on them in this capacity, they have crossed oceans hundreds of times and sallied the equivalent of circling the earth a thousand times. And 4 people lost their lives as the result of one, perhaps questionably maintained, example losing its keel. As a result you condemn all production boats with a similiar keel design system as being unsafe. When ever a group of ignorant. inexperienced wanna be sailors start bagging Beneteau's, Jeanneau's et al, they are just show that they are inexperienced and ignorant. But by arguing this point on the interwebs you can add 'tool' to your list. It did impact upon our industry in that the RYA require that we have annual keel inspections - something that most of us responsible operators that operate in shallow waters did anyway. One of my ex employees stuck my BH 41 up of the rocks at pace that required a 20K repair. Stronger than ever now. And you should get your teeth fixed. +1