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  1. daffy

    Cool or Homo .... are we "That" PC

    Fucking raccoons!
  2. daffy

    shit show (front page)

  3. daffy

    shit show (front page)

  4. daffy

    holy christ!

    Kieith Lawrence once told me God would take it down!lmfao
  5. daffy

    SA Front Page has gone

  6. daffy

    Kiwi 35 v melges 30

    Well said!
  7. daffy

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Been their once ,no pfd at all, spent over 10 minutes before recovery and was not easy, life goes by fast, thoughts and prayers to all involved.
  8. daffy

    Looking for a performance singlehander

    As long that you don;t need to go upwind!
  9. daffy

    J80 - Harken 32.2A WInch replacement

    Really need that large of winch?
  10. daffy

    Protesting other fleets

  11. daffy

    halyards reccs?