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  1. daffy

    Harbor 20 Championship

  2. Automatic transmission fluid
  3. Got'a clean that rust off first, then some atf and 80-120 W/D should do the trick.
  4. daffy

    Hello Stress Engineers

    So ADD is obviously at falt, but how dose a 2500# 24' boat do that much damage to a 9000# 30' boat in light air?
  5. daffy

    Twisted cover

    What type line i.e. Sk78, pre stretch?
  6. daffy

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Shit, get a Santana 30`30 for less than 10k and kick there ass's!
  7. daffy

    drop the drops

    Yep, throws in club racing is fine, major regattas,count em all!
  8. daffy

    Santana 28

    If your doing any cruising 28 is way better than R26
  9. Lmao, was epic, Bill kicked ass, but the commentary was wholly shit!