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  1. daffy

    sometimes you just suck - FP

  2. daffy


  3. daffy

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    A fucking Toyota? Lmfao
  4. daffy

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    Yep,when scot said the wind could clock to the left I almost lost it! Backing breeze anyone
  5. daffy

    Olson 30 on FB

    Why not open the transom?that tube cockpit will hold a lot of. Water.
  6. daffy

    How are We Perceived?

  7. daffy

    Waterline J/105

  8. daffy

    Totally lost...

    S-30-30pc has a decent interior, plenty fast in the light. Great bang for the buck!
  9. daffy

    laugh or cry?

    + 1
  10. daffy

    who what where