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  1. This is a bizarre new twist! Crew. I can't believe I could get sucked into this thread again. There lies madness.
  2. They dis a 32s5 as well. 5200 bonding the grid? The bonding methods have been discussed at length but if you think that was what you were looking at, you were unobservant. `a couple of bucks more and new keelbolts' The point is that on a 40.7 they are cast into the keel. You will be trucking the keel off to Mars before any keelbolts get replaced in a boatyard for a couple of bucks. There you go... a polite civilized response. Drab and devoid of humour. Give me a LB/JS joke any day. (well most of them)
  3. The shipwright in question was asked to keep the bilge looking shiny and a la Beneteau. When you take the lids off the trick of the eye telling you they are continuous frames is lost and you realise what a weak point it can be if the pan attachment is failing. putting glasswork within the frame made the frame continous and bonded to the hull. Fiddly though and I agree re comments of continued `non inspectability'. There is no doubt that the demise of the Cheeki Rafiki crew has shone a light on this construction method. The fact that insufficient remedial work was done some years ago and the crew were scratching their heads immediately prior to failure means the pan attachment was failing without a visual clue.
  4. Jack, you make that sound easy. You can't essentially re-tab a boat that has a glued pan liner; although I get what you mean. You have to cut/grind out the pans then glass frames onto exposed hull. I have seen the tops of the frames and longitudinals removed and laminate put into the inside of the frames, then the tops put back on so all the furniture still fits sweetly. The problem with this method is whilst the framing/longitudinals are made stronger, you may still have some detachment under the pans. It all harks back to the fact that damage is hard to identify and then very expensive to repair to a high standard. I would do ocean miles on a Beneteau but I would also have a higher than normal concern for any damage apparent in the bilge area.
  5. Who me? "deafening response" fuck off Jack, I know enough. Sold them, watched them being made, oversaw repairs. I can see the lynch mob at Beneteau's gate; and it's not fair. Nevertheless this tragedy has revealed a weakpoint in trying to ascertain what damage has occurred in the shiny bilge. Ok... so some cracks in the frames, some rust around bolts, some deflection etc etc but the glue joint remained unseen. Glued in grids are a problem I reckon. Commercially used sailboats with thousands of miles under their belts need better than a cost driven manufacturing method like that.
  6. You may be able to work out the length of the boat the model is taken from. Most half models seem to be 3/4" to 1 foot or 1" to 1 foot. Bob can probably advise here. Can you post some more photos from different angles? Especially one that captures the sheer since the posted photo seems to be from slightly below the model
  7. It looks as if you are tipping horizontally. I've always tipped vertically. The paint looks too stiff. You may need to use a retardant thinner expressly made for helping the paint `flash off'. Normal thinners just evaporate out.
  8. The BH41 has a more obviously glassed in frame structure where you can see any problems. Haven't you read the latest `god save me clauses' in a boat survey LB? Generally they will deny any responsibility for structure that cannot be properly accessed to inspect. In the case of the 40.7 that would be the integrity of the glue under the pans.
  9. Oh for feck's sake... check the bloody date on the article !!
  10. This book would probably solve it for certain. It is more than a story of yacht design and goes into accounts of Nathaniel's character and his relationship with L Francis... an insightful read. I borrowed a copy from a friend to read and really should be a part of any sailor's library.
  11. The grid was molded with no pans, just flanges along the edges of each frame and longitudinals, then glass was laid over the flanges onto the hull. They had some pans for the engine sump and heads but not in such a way that only glue was used for the grid liner. (I still resent calling them frames and longitudinals since at every juncture there is no continuation of the vertical surfaces.)
  12. Their 80s and early 90s boats had the grid glassed in on flanges. They moved to the glued in pans as a development in their production. They would be better off going back to their original construction technique for the gridliner.
  13. Looks like an L Francis Herreshoff metre boat.
  14. A visit to the Royal Prince Alfred's might be fun if you're a racing sailor. There's some history in paintings and photos on the wall and I'm sure there would be some Anarchists who could take you out for a race on Saturdays there. BJ it would be remiss if you didn't head up to Cowan Creek. Refuge Bay/Americas Bay Very popular but full of establishment gin palaces (stink boats). Cottage Rock for a swim and clean freshwater supply Yeomans Bay/Castle Lagoon pretty anchorages with a nice walk up to waterfall in Castle Lagoon Pinta Bay/Jerusalem Bay is similar to Castle lagoon. Smith's Creek right up the end is quiet and very very still. Akuna Bay marina with fuel and services. Cafe for breakfast/ lunch Cottage Point Inn: a pricey and very nice restaurant where you can tie alongside. Bobbin Head.. past Smith's creek and a long motor the end of the creek where you'll find a marina with Cafe. Halvorsen Boats where based here and there is a some history for this boatbuilder to look at on the walls. Brooklyn at the mouth of the Hawkesbury has visitor moorings with a dinghy ride into a dozy town. The pub is Australiana with a bit of Deliverence country about it. There's also the oyster shack where you can buy fresh oysters. Brooklyn is also on the train line if anyone needs to be picked up or dropped off for Sydney.