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  1. He is a patriarch in the game. He's now a published author of some very good books. Probably happy to let Gladwell stick his neck out.
  2. Trickypig

    Fleming Auxiliary Rudder Windvane

    I don't have any experience of this type of Fleming. Mine is a straight servo pendulum and works great. My only suggestion would be the same as my previous post. I e When under motor the yoke that holds the plywood vane should be pinned in the upright position. See photo:
  3. Hoppy LB really was responding to the article about the masturbator. LB loves this place.
  4. Geeze Mad, really? A made up news story about a man arrested for using a flame thrower to clear snow; is that it? I saw Boothy there and it certainly entertained him, LB and some other kids.
  5. ‘That throbbing vein in his forehead “ Not at all, I don’t feel the least bit fazed in being the recipient of your shite. You are a study in arrested development that’s all.
  6. Aaah that move! Of course. "My"... how self important. Maybe you are William LB Golding and this is your little `Lord of the flies' thread proving how you can encourage one liners about pussification. or just a n unfortunate insight to trolling.
  7. No it'll be all the tired old classic trolling moves. Just wait; it'll be " I am The puppet master and I do this all for my own amusement" next.
  8. "I've seen it before when a quality person turns up like the owner of a sail loft or famous tactician starts posting and the likes of you sends them off.": Unless English is your second language this means people like you... Dictionary meaning for you just in case But I think you know this.
  9. Don't pretend to want a conversation now. It's got the dull thud of insincerity. Learn some comprehension skills and if that's not the problem stop manipulating what people have said into what they didn't say. I've made no shit up about you.
  10. You pretending to be interested in conversation rather than attention seeking is funny. You ignore the merit of most posts and attack the poster, that's a troll's modus operandi. It's not brilliant satire or parody it's mostly grubby attention seeking. Before you read the art of conversation you should read "This is why we can't have nice things" The internet makes trolls feel famous; that's you LB.
  11. You enjoy that... Getting people to put you on ignore? You don't offend me, you rarely amuse me; but you totally shit me with your gadfly antics. It sends good posters away; people who really do know about AIS, people who can race boats, boat owners sailmakers etc. I've seen it before when a quality person turns up like the owner of a sail loft or famous tactician starts posting and the likes of you sends them off. Sailing Anarchy forums go through cycles and generally the quality goes downhill when an active troll like you starts shitting all over threads and picking scabs.
  12. There you go again. You really are a problem child LB, needing constant attention for your fabulous skillset whilst running people down for anything real or imagined; mostly imagined.
  13. Questions that come out of this: Will the CYCA discuss publicly what changes to the SIs/rules may be needed with regards to mandatory AIS ? When does the CYCA publish next year's SIs? Are there other races where this has happened? (other than the Volvo) Will they have to mandate signal strength and antenna placement? Will there ever be a boat that bangs the corner like Indian Pacific in 84 again? (that's for Jack's benefit) Dialling the update on the tracker to real time is the only other solution which takes the heat off competitor's compliance.
  14. Looking at the tracker for 0120-0130 in the morning clearly shows the boats tightly bunched and Oats gybing as a reaction to Blackjack and Infotrack suddenly slowing to under 7 knots. (paps post upthread). The night was a .9% moon so night vision glasses pretty useless You can bet the navigator called that gybe from the AIS screen given the hour. Every crew member aboard will remember that moment as it was the turning point that put Oats around BJ and Infotrack.