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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Oh fer fuck's sake you dreamy woo woo twat... "a job well done", really? There are families with children and pets sailing his route in a 1/5 of the time all in shape shape condition , entering/leaving port without rescue and not regarding themselves as courageous and record breaking.
  2. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    yeah sorry for bold. But a helicopter sent as a taxi for him and ships that cost 8k/hr to run and a coastguard cutter with full crew? Not salient? I can't understand your permissiveness.
  3. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    The mid pacifi I can't be bothered trawling back through all his misadventure but as I recall The Alaska Lawn Dart include a Coastguard Helicopter being sent out to rescue him which you fail to mention The Mid Ocean "now in danger" call... inlcuded ,in addition to the Hercules, the diversion of a coastguard cutter, a bulk carrier and a car ship. We discussed at the time the cost per hour of running ships of this size if they are not pursuing their normal course and schedule. This whole clusterfuck involved a lot of co-ordination by rescue services and civilian resources. which you fail to mention.
  4. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    "If you don't have the means to get in" is an ignoble description for an emergency.
  5. Rimas is alive

    I'm hoping there is a step that can be taken before state intervention. Community intervention... ie that the debate here and on FB can eventually help his enablers and friends understand the folly of Rimas's constant demands for help from rescue services under the guise of distress calls. Pulling back their support will stop the folly.
  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    All of this goes without saying. I'm pretty certain any SAer here who, having sailed enough, understands the value of this. It's the abuse of this valued service which is at issue.
  7. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Making empathetic and understanding arguments about Rimas's plight the first time is understandable, the second time not so much, the third, fourth, fifth time (actually I've lost count) would make you seem foolish. Any sailor who has gone to sea at his own risk regardless of his preparation, should have the right to do so. Rimas doesn't do this, he drags every available resource into saving him again and again and again. Take his VHF and Delorme off him, he is not a sailor's bootlace.
  8. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Scanas... NZ requires a cat 1 cert to clear customs. I haven't done that for some years now but when I did it was a major shitfight to get a certificate for my cruising boat that was more than capable. I never needed to do this anywhere else. It's exactly the type of bureaucracy that gets put in place because of people like Rimas.
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Takes his Delorme off him and I'm fine. A VHF means only the cost of short helo flights and launch trips as a consequence.
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    When has common sense ever been so lacking? Amusement for the masses? What?.. a handful of FB followers and even fewer SAers. He and his enablers are creating risk and large cost for others whilst achieving nothing of merit. It's what brings down legislators and bureaucracy on us sailors.
  11. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I dunno... maybe make some sort of effort to have these basic things attended too. A simple VHF with battery and small solar panel is no great achievement, nor is ground tackle or for that matter all the other minimum equipment requirements. To repeatedly fail in basic seamanship is not an excuse to call on the resources of so many government agencies. The irony is that the cost of fuel for 2 helicopters, diverted coastguard cutter, diverted Hercules, launches and RIB (not to mention the wages) would have paid for a Hallberg Rassey in good condition.
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Wait what? If his radio was working, why didn't he make a call when near Fiji or ships to let his "very good friends from all over the world" know he's ok? He was given a new sail for this boat and spare sails aren't hard to be had, even for free. The broken tiller thing was pure Rimas bullshit. No ground tackle.What sailor sails anywhere without basic ground tackle? He left with a non working motor. ...and you say "Calling for yet another tow was his only option" He doesn't call for a tow. He makes a distress call and he has done it too many times without ever attending to any basic requirements to make his boat seaworthy.
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I think what is becoming obvious to all is that Rimas consciously understands that he won't get a tow in unless he makes a mayday call over a fictitious distress situation. This is not the act of a man `without a mean bone in his body'.
  14. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Many Pacific destinations have bays where a sailor can simply anchors and dinghy in to shore. Rimas cannot even safely anchor his boat or probably handle a dinghy safely. It's ridiculous.
  15. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I think CruiserJim was right... there was more south in the breeze than usual so he could clear that island to the north of his last position. The tiller being `broken' was a lie. The rest is what Rimas is actually good at; whiling away the hours eating almost nothing and staring into the distance. Fuck he is skinny right now. Glad he is alive.