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  1. Essex

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Well I personally have given ATR/HB feedback that maybe it is not such 'good marketing' and that some of us just find it very irritating. Not saying I am right, just letting then know.
  2. Essex

    Ok to move J30 traveler to companionway?

    I will point out that you are highly unlikely to get endorsement of modifying a j boat in a j boat forum, even though many are long past their expiry dates for One design racing.
  3. Essex

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    HB showing the interior Sept 19....
  4. Essex

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Excuse if I lost track but why are they inspecting a production facility of a builder they no longer authorize to build lasers ???
  5. Essex

    New imoca boats

  6. Essex

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Knowing this crew I imagine the entire inside of that cabin is one big flexible LED screen showing the outside world
  7. Zero delay please. Penalties for not transmitting for whatever reason.
  8. Essex

    idiots in power boats meet regatta, video

    I believe you generally pick up a card at each stop - making a full hand by the end of the run.
  9. Essex

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    Maybe fly a flag to indicate you have a foul in hand to other boats so they can try stay clear.
  10. Essex

    Mixed age group OD racing

    Vote Yes ......for the children
  11. Essex

    Fastnet 2019

    Nothing new about that situation of course, just way faster closing speeds. It's a big ocean but still...keep your AIS on everybody.
  12. Essex

    Fastnet 2019

    By 'outgoing' I was thinking after they round the rock and head back home, the entire rest of fleet will be coming at them no ?
  13. Appears to be a fap-5011 on eBay now, can't see age of listing, assume later than when you searched.
  14. Essex

    Fastnet 2019

    Wonder if dodging outgoing traffic will be much of an issue for the ultimes.
  15. Essex

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Yes I was thinking dirt bikes were a good comparable and of course some will prefer to buy pre owned.