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  1. Essex

    Aground in New Jersey

    "the anchor caught on the bottom of the boat" ??? I think some suspect journalism here.
  2. Essex

    what is it?

    Thought those stands we're some cool new appendage design at first glance, like hit a button and t foils unfold....
  3. Essex

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Well having just watched this FG/Macif RTW tube, I think maybe he did make a deal with Posseidon.... I mean htf does he not sleep and yet always look so wide awake and "ready for his closeup" while still ripping allong at 30/40 knots ???
  4. Essex

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Well this just popped up on my FB, nice bit about taking Jimmy spithill out for a ride on Macif. I know AT said he doesn't want one but damn after watching this I wonder who could say no.
  5. Essex

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Just regular old curiosity, no vested interest, no axe to grind. How about you?
  6. Essex

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Hey I am a consumer and I am also very interested in the numbers behind these campaigns. If the sponsors want to keep it quiet that's fine but not sure why you are getting on the case of us who want to know / speculate how much.
  7. Essex

    Lightning protection or no?

    Local church appears to have a lightning rod on top of a cross. Pretty sure they have never been hit, so I guess that must be the way to go
  8. Essex

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    on reflection, maybe i undersold the brenta. maybe should have tried along the lines of: I found just the boat for a man of your obvious taste, I can have you sailing this beauty by the weekend, but we'll need to move fast these don't stay on the market long. why don't I get you a drink while I run some numbers with the finance chaps. This will be a much better investment than an old J105, but I don't need to tell you that .....
  9. Essex

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    How about......
  10. Essex

    Kiwi 35 v melges 30

    But "Adrenaline Again" was the name of the kiwi 35 used to race Long island sound late 80s / early 90s
  11. Loading more supplies because you can out of food? I mean good job and all but no.
  12. So a "provisioning drop" in the Falklands, does that not rather invalidate the whole effort??
  13. Essex

    Leave the dock

    Also I see you live in Iowa. Where did you have in mind for this dock?
  14. Essex

    Race flag ownership

    Keep and distribute among crew
  15. And why the old cardboard box to record this stuff on??