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  1. Here we go Might even have to pay the man a visit and take a closer look.
  2. Is collegiate bass fishing safe ? I do like to catch that on espn now and then.
  3. Is this another "front fell off" ??
  4. Essex

    Windward Passage

    Nice history, thanks. Found this while googling (back when the NY Times occasionally covered a little yacht racing and the SORC was a big deal)
  5. Thread / race had me forgetting all about covid. There I was checking tide windows to enter / leave Les sables and missed the obvious.
  6. Ok I didn't mean actual, but modelled windspeed will do.
  7. Can you get actual windspeed on the tracker? The relative flows and colors are ok but just how light is it in front of them ?
  8. What's HB doing in Falmouth ? Isn't their base in Gosport ?
  9. Well if AT went way West you would have to keep an eye on him at least if not actively cover him.
  10. Yep that's quite a cascade going on Charal there.
  11. I was wondering if that 360 cam was up there permanently - pretty cool feed to the cabin. (Guess I'll ask them).
  12. What kind of racing dinghy is > 200k ??
  13. Essex

    Any opinions on the new dufour 430?

    Says right here "Essential Family Cruiser"
  14. Essex

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    That's tempting, long time ago but had a blast on one of those (and a little swimming now and then).
  15. Essex

    Follow the Rules!!

    I never noticed he was standing on the top rung before now.
  16. A nice little arch with trav mounted on top might be the trick here. Can hang a few cup holders on it too.
  17. Essex

    Smack Talking Bitch

    When you put the foils in the wrong way...
  18. Sailmaker : eh boss we should start thinking about a new main soon
  19. Essex

    Great 35-footers

    A little older but Pearson 35 claims a 10ft beam.
  20. Essex

    ticky tack?

    But...all i keep seeing is hoisting without gloves on.
  21. Yeah, about that, I don't recommend renting the directors cut.
  22. So this wasn't an April 1st thing ?
  23. Essex

    US sailing couldn’t even get this right

    I was taught if you flemish coil you should flip it over each day to avoid a damp mess underneath.
  24. Essex

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    Its is possessive like his, her It's is a contraction of it is Mmkay