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  1. Hmm, was hoping for something about AIS usage on vessels over 60'
  2. Essex

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Well back on page 1 it says: Silver Bullet, Luna Barba, OEX
  3. Essex

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    Sounds like a good job by mark, well done sir! Maybe your brothers boat should think about using him next time for wxrouting.
  4. Essex

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    Hey fuck you with the New Jersey dis. Although I am on my second hiatus right now. It happens, go play golf for a few years and recharge the sailing batteries.
  5. Could this God entity maybe supply me with a nice 40-50 cruising speedster (something like a stretched J125 with a starck interior maybe). Promise I'll call it the raising God awareness.
  6. Essex

    Transpac 2019

    Well you know that 4 hour tracker delay the navigators love so much really sucks for us watchers.
  7. Haha yes you might be onto something there, how bout model it on figure skating - points for each clean tack gybe hoist douse rounding, singles doubles. "What a flamboyant Spinnaker, approx 50,000 sequins on that"
  8. Essex

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I rather like it, but that stack, is it functional? I doubt it but if is needed then would be better moved back (well assuming that would still be functional). Also think I would be planning a little cruise up the Amazon soon.
  9. Essex

    what is it?

    For extra points can anyone figure who drew the hull shape ? Outfit called designunlimited appear to do all the cool interior and exterior styling stuff. In past they have used wellbourne and Farr but hard to find who on this one.
  10. Essex

    what is it?

    I thought we stopped using "paradym shift" 20 years ago, but apparently that's what it is.
  11. Essex

    what is it?

  12. Essex

    what is it?

    Those 'windows' do look like his style
  13. Seems a whole lot of boat to build without a main sponsor, how does that work ?
  14. Essex

    what is it?

    A fine looking interior to my eye, outside not too shabby either.
  15. Essex

    what is it?

    Does look much better if you click on the interior image, else way too narrow looking.
  16. Essex

    Box Rule in the early days

    OK guys, gybing in 3,2,...
  17. Essex

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    Thanks, that was a fun watch..
  18. Essex

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Umm, don't think that is any way logically correct (or rational).
  19. So no work on WOXI this year? Surely some appendage tweaks must be in order. It's too quiet....
  20. Essex

    Cape Horn Race 22

    Not sure but is this the same race planned a year ago starting from gibralter? Both associated with this Alex honey guy from gb2 First iteration said Falklands stop was politically insensitive, now that's all it is. I think.
  21. Essex

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    So where Fazisi at now ??
  22. Essex

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    You might think he would have had a 'what did we learn / what can we do better in future events?' discussion - or even just asked himself this. But apparently no.
  23. Then again most all of that would have needed to be replaced anyway. Well maybe not the big winches - where would those go anyway on Hawaii ??
  24. Essex

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Ok this thing seems to have legs, I shall start fundraising immediately so a few of us can sail around the world raising awareness. Thinking something like skip Novak's ocean master will fit the bill. Maybe call it the "ocean backyard global awareness project initiative" (not sure if that the boat or the org, maybe both).
  25. Wonder what's the storage bill on those guys