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  1. Essex

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    So where Fazisi at now ??
  2. Essex

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    You might think he would have had a 'what did we learn / what can we do better in future events?' discussion - or even just asked himself this. But apparently no.
  3. Then again most all of that would have needed to be replaced anyway. Well maybe not the big winches - where would those go anyway on Hawaii ??
  4. Essex

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Ok this thing seems to have legs, I shall start fundraising immediately so a few of us can sail around the world raising awareness. Thinking something like skip Novak's ocean master will fit the bill. Maybe call it the "ocean backyard global awareness project initiative" (not sure if that the boat or the org, maybe both).
  5. Wonder what's the storage bill on those guys
  6. Essex

    Kite Kat... Bat5h!t crazy?

    And you'll get a whole foot more usable cabin space below, liking this more and more. Where abouts is this happening ??
  7. Essex

    Kite Kat... Bat5h!t crazy?

    Looks like a worthwhile experiment to me, and if it's not right then keep tweeking. Love the design goal: three old guys looking for double digits on a Wednesday night. The mods look quite complex (to me), need to move the mast step support post forward and maybe add a new bulkhead. Masthead (to my eye) might be almost a foot lower so standard sails fit no more ?
  8. Essex

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    R2AK candidate perhaps ? Lower deck just 4 or 6 bikes driving the stern wheels, upper deck r&r for off shift.....
  9. But wait, what became of the big American flags on Mimsy ??
  10. Essex

    Melges 24 Single Handed

    Well said. Clearest memory of m24 ownership is banging through chop on double handed delivery (of course the wind built and went on the nose). Just on our ear and pounding for 3hours. Well I guess also recall those screaming reaches with 5 of use stacked on the aft rail.
  11. Wow, only up to page 25, going to take some real effort to catch up (but I guess he didn't die in the ITCZ).
  12. Essex

    Melges 24 Single Handed

    Rocket 22 maybe worth a look.
  13. Essex

    Melges 24 Single Handed

    A little smaller and not much below but how about an open 5.7 ?? (Well not really any below )
  14. Essex

    boating dumbfuckery

    GA sounds cool
  15. Essex

    Hoist by your own...

    Yeah PVC pipe will flop all over the place, thus the recs for aluminum boat hooks. Anyways glad you got it fixed.
  16. Essex

    What's Going On Up There?

    Well there's a big diff between the "round and a half with end bent in" and the solid double round we use for keyrings (if y'all can visualize those descriptions).
  17. Essex

    What's Going On Up There?

    Why is a cotter pin better than a ringding in this application? (assuming the pin was inserted with the ringding or cotter pin on the bottom / underside).
  18. Essex

    Hoist by your own...

    Perhaps time to consider converting to ketch rig??
  19. Essex

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Well it all came from a hole in the ground...
  20. Essex

    Schooner No. 5 Elbe Sunk in Collision

    Wow, guess that vid should be in safe boating courses for years to come.
  21. Essex

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Wow, I see what you mean....
  22. Essex

    Another Builder gone under

    The Mk IV needs foils
  23. Essex

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    I see from next story down Baltic have a new 40m yacht about to start, can they handle more than one order of this size or would Sr Piana need to shop elsewhere ??
  24. Essex

    Melges 24 and Old Guys Don't Mix

    Just needs a little choreography practice.
  25. Essex

    What is it help

    Is that a chine down aft or just the paint job?