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  1. Watching the southern ocean footage again and again has got me thinking - was HB put on it's ear on purpose to show off the BOSS logo on the hull? sharing a similar patch of water to ALC, but seems to be heading at a higher angle, which as the tracker shows, was not something he was doing for long.
  2. The same guy that canned an around aus attempt a week out booted 8 guys 3 weeks before a hobart? No way! Such a stand up citizen
  3. Expect to see a name/crew change for one of the 50 fleet to a high profile ocean racing team...
  4. Come down to Rockingham, we can chuck you on an Yvonne 20 - 2 handed, single trap, assy, 60th National Titles over New Years, 10 boat local fleet. My 61 year old father is driving one and he isn't the youngest so no excuse.
  5. @ jonas a When dealing with trade winds, average weather patterns are rarely wrong. In this case, the doldrums are larger to the West and the new breeze fills in from the East on a 4-5 day cycle. Those who went South were relying on Cyclonic activity, which is highly unreliable at best. Those who couldn't shake the orange line only need to look at % of leg spent close hauled. The whole real fleet going east was probably a dead giveaway as well. Now on to some real ocean racing, time to attack the 24 hour record!!
  6. I highly disagree, I couldn't believe how many people didn't take the wider E course, in fact I was licking my lips the whole time - a lot less stress when there's only 1,000 or so boats going the right way! (not to mention the weather changes at 3am here, get fucked if i'm gonna wake up for that) Fortunately I have raced from AUS to JPN so spent considerable time studying the weather patterns through there, but even a quick glance at the averages would tell you to get East. Bloody ecstatic with a 785 considering how little time was spend captaining the ship. cheers!
  7. referencing d-grade multihulls when talking about the latest and greatest 100' racing monohull. excellent tangent
  8. make sure you come up for air lads
  9. I guess they didn't grow them for nothing
  10. Do you have links to these reports? So is this a typical WA iq indicator about not clicking on links above all the side comments, while the action is happening? yep
  11. Do you have links to these reports? Adventures of a Sailor Girl feed indicated the same deal. Ricko rolled em. Golf clap
  12. Do you have links to these reports?
  13. is this cunt for real or what?
  14. Illusion not sure how they calculate it, if you copy the below link to your browser you'll see the figure i use Briar Cheers mate. Looks like i'm stuck being mediocre for the moment
  15. Ah, so you haven't died of sexually related diseases yet then mate. Must be time for a beer. Virgins can't get STI/D's ! Where you hiding lately?