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  1. should be good watching boats that can't get within 3+ metres of each other go match racing given GDs outspoken distaste for the cycling/pumps element of the last series, I dare say they would allow a generator for keel hydraulics and possibly winches
  2. I was as integral to ETNZs success as you. Here you are complaining from breakfast to sun down about something that didn't effect the result and everyone else are the perennial whiners? maybe sit out the next few plays sport, you're starting to spiral a bit too far down the rabbit hole.
  3. Surely the 'world against us' narrative has run its course, no one outside of NZ is buying it and I'm sure theres more than a few kiwis sick of it as well. Deplorable actions by ETNZ and NZ Herald for having a crack at the minnows of the comp. Pete fucked up, he owned it, you fixed it, you won, move on.
  4. NZ can barely scrape enough bones together for 1 team
  5. comparing 10 minutes of a restricted course fleet race to possibly 1 hour of open water match racing....
  6. I thought the telling parts were (paraphrased) - "we threw the ball as far as possible... even if it was illegal we would start there and make it fit within the rules" and "we had to design the autopilot before we thought about the control systems" What was the main difference? the whole design philosophy.
  7. audience

    I remember Jimmy being on Colbert but I get your point. I'm sure you have a whole bunch of conspiracies as to why ACEA went that way (pocket lining, impending doom?) Australian coverage has been great, FoxSports have had a dedicated sailing channel over the Cup finals period with prime time replays of each days racing all the way through, including the youth cup. Obviously helped that Aussies have their grubby little fingers all through the teams/committee. Good to hear key players are backing in the platform - any whispers on what the Kiwis want for the next cycle?
  8. audience

    It'll never be as consistent as any current top league sport, but if designs change again it will be 5 different designs in 5 cycles. People are creatures of habit and this only creates more confusion. I have as much proof for those markets going up as you guys have that the overall viewership has gone down. 95.6% of the worlds population live outside the US. Losing the core sailing audience is your personal anecdotal evidence, personally I've had a lot more AC related conversations this cycle than the past 2 at least. I absolutely love sailing dinosaurs, my weekly is a 65 year old cat design, but you don't seem to grasp the concept that sailors aren't the target market of the current class. Lots of people love harleys, does that mean the MotoGP is using the wrong type of bike? Lots of people love 'trucks', should the F1 consider a change? No, they are the fastest of their type around the track and hold more appeal to a wider variety of people. So you're suggesting next cycle should be O'pen Bics? AC team budgets have always been $XX(X)m and that isn't going to change anytime soon. As mentioned before, those sports are historically well attended and don't need/don't have much promotion - much lower entry level skill set/cost, and a greater location availability.
  9. Did a Hobart with Pete, you'd think very wrong.
  10. You're grossly mistaken if you don't think any of those guys could go out and stick it to any high performance 'yachtsman' on a lead mine.
  11. audience

    Forgot to include the <sarcasm> </sarcasm> when referencing the AMA and MLS. Absolutely they demand a higher sponsor dollar, they have multiple rounds per season and you've just backed my point about consistency. The trouble with 'it's not working' is that is based on the US market with only 2 data points... one of those data points being incomplete! I can guarantee that viewership has gone up in the UK, Swedish, Japanese and French markets. Aus most likely down (1am WST, 3am EST) and NZ doing its thing. Looking like at least 2-3 more European teams next swing which certainly won't hurt European viewership. I believe Clean has also alluded to more US teams being interested? It may indeed force people to re-assess where sailing is at and where it needs to be, but if you focus on what sailors want you are grossly restricting your target audience. Sailing nerds crack a chubby when 2 big dinosaurs dial up and park for 2 minutes, whilst average joe is saying 'why the fuck aren't they moving?' and promptly changes the channel. You're not going to lose the core sailing audience by making it quick and simple to follow, you definitely will lose the general sports fan if you make it slow and technical. Camping, backpacking, swimming etc. all have one major thing in common - low barriers to entry (cost, location, skills etc) - and have always been the biggest sport or activity participation wise, at least in Aus, so there's not some meteoric rise that sailing can follow.
  12. audience

    Without all the numbers from those markets I can't make an accurate interpretation. What are the numbers outside the US? What were TV numbers from IACC Canoe days? Simply saying 'this is the wrong format' 'this isn't working' etc. without a feasible alternative is pointless. Also, I think you understate how hard it is for a new sports league to gather momentum and a supporter base - you'll only get this through consistency. Consistency in rules, boats, teams, scheduling etc. and it will take 3-4 cycles to really get the wheels turning. As stated earlier, theres been plenty of flops when it comes to televised sailing leagues, one thing none of those attempts had/have is the prestige and fame of the Auld Mug so I think the potential is there. Or maybe sailing is just doomed for a life on Youtube Live.
  13. audience

    Exactly. On that logic the AMA and MLS should fold? People that want something to fail will find a way to paint it that way. Would love to hear what you think a sustainable cup looks like?
  14. How to destroy the AC - 1. Nationality Rule 2. Change the class again ETNZ will only get funds if there is exposure, they will only get exposure by increasing participating teams, they will only increase participating teams by having consistency. I used to be right behind the Kiwis taking the cup back, but now I'm not so sure. Nationality rule would be worse than CNEV.
  15. ETNZ doesn't even have a NZ skipper