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  1. Except for those new or near new boat that have turned up here


    X- 35


    The boats been built in sheds

    and turn ups from the US....

    and lots others I dont know about


    Sydney and Melbourn are not the only place where inivation, intrest and investment in sailing is happening......

    Infact we have a huge advantage with TCO being a lot less than sydney/mel and some world champ sailors out on the water to race against to boot.......


    x-35 and archie's are hardly GP boats... there is money being spent/invested all around Aus, but apart from Hardy's SMB, all of the top boats originate from Syd/Melb


    Thats my opinion, which is based on competing in top regatta's in syd/melb/hobart/adelaide and being from perth so I've had a pretty good view of what is where...

  2. more rumours from this side of the country is that former ninety seven (farr 47) owner is looking at the doll to bring over west, and another west aussie to buy a 53 footer for an east coast campaign (pretty sure it wasn't georgia tho, and currently in court over contractual issues so probably on hold for now)...