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  1. In the days of horizontal oil drilling, where you dont even bother asking a neighbouring country to buy their oil, you just drill it out from 2 klometres away, are we really surprised that Rimas the decoy is managing to keep us distracted from reality and we remain so focused in the opposite direction for so long. A bathtub sized boat.... While China are turning reefs into airstrips.
  2. Why do we keep seeing the "Russian community" supporting these freeloaders financially ? The USA doesnt bother sending dollars to Russia, to encourage idiots to become venture capitalists ! They just elect them as their president and let the world witness it instead ! FLAME ON.
  3. And so ends the politically correct plastic politician controlling the media generation. Interesting to see Obama finally take off the mask of statesmanlike conduct and attend a Hillary rally full of venom, boogie moves and candour. (pity it came so late in his presidency) If Trump achieves one thing, with his process of 1000 political appointments including 2 new judges, and control of two chambers,it will finally to be a president who had the courage to say "Im as angry as hell and Im not going to take (Chinese) (sh)it anymore" !.
  4. he turns his back on capitalism, thumbs his nose at a rich man's sport, breaks with western values, shows contempt for money by leaving his gofund account untapped, shouts his lifestyle from the rooftops, and you wonder where he gets his funding from ? Seriously ? This time they have been astute enough to not brag about the free russian vodka provided to hovian supporters, but you can bet there is still the small band of hovian sympathisers tasked the role of keeping his outrages coming...
  5. Only my second post in this thread. (which must be some sort of a record). So what has changed with this guy ? He drifts around, panhandling his way into a newer boat, pretending he doesnt have a clue. What he does have is street smarts and a masters in the art of grifting. At least the cheesemanaut, sprouts and hovians and the harleysaki on the porch of the FH had some first class photoshopping. This thread isnt funny at all.
  6. I read as far as page 19, then jumped to the end, and it is still the same shyt. Is there a short version somewhere ?
  7. no maam, I didnt ask your daughter if she was a broad with a tight reach, I said dont steer broad, give me a tight reach. Can she stop crying please and can we get back to sailing now ?
  8. "Someone has to go up there and run a new halyard through that block." No such thing as preventative maintenance ? So why did the creative delusionist volunteer need an adjustable spanner if he is just pushing a halyard through a block ? And why didnt he tie a lanyard to the end of the adjustable spanner in case he dropped it ? An adjustable spanner falling 3 storeys into the headbone of the halyard puller sounds pretty ugly for a capitano focused on safe work practices... 100% creative pipe smoke bullshyt.
  9. Hmm, reid is like the old monochrome hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on a 286 amstrad......... You are in a forest... In front of you is a tree with a door in it. Do you (a) sacred sideslip past it because your rudder is broken or( take the upward path to reid stow minion enlightenment , © strap on the therapeutic device and give it the maersk treatment or (d) choose the red pill and the free russian vodka while holding piece of coloured cellophane above your head and doing the brown sticky stuff doodle..... The next day, he just chose the next option. Rinse and repeat. He must be pizzed that a mummified german has stolen his driftathon record though.
  10. lovely hull, beautifully built but the killer was the 84k plus 15k for a competitive sail wardrobe. Thats a lot for a 26 foot trailable yacht, considering that the bottom has fallen out of that market and you can save 50k + by buying something similar secondhand. If I had a lazy 100k Id be in it, but Im happy with a secondhand 24 footer with a cruising interior at 9k instead. I think that when Jim started, I said he probably wouldnt get past 5, which is the point where the tooling up costs are recovered and the passion to work for nothing starts to wane. Good luck to the new purchaser. If the molds dont end up in china or the phillipines it will be amazing. The only way they will stay onshore is to down spec it, and sell them as a chopper gun built kit for home completion at half the price. The obstacle there are the new open mold emission prevention laws. It would have to be a dodgy backyard operation. Usually the current boat owners chip in, form an association or business and buy the molds where they form a tax deduction. They remain unused, and the value of the boats already made is maintained a bit better. Stage 3 is usually to hire the molds out with the gelcoat already applied, but in doing so, the handling and transport of the molds degrades them pretty fast.
  11. take it to golf anarchy
  12. look again. there are clearly things missing from his table between the two photographs of him at his table. Glasses. chord. papers. The white marks on the table reveal he has been lifted up from a slouched position (probably so that it made a more saleable photograph) and items removed, one of which was probably the missing ships log which would detail what happened to him and what his mental state was. Eventually the ships log will end up in the hands of the media. No doubt there is haggling going on right now, concerning price.
  13. So where is the ships log ? enquiring minds (except DIRT of course, he is a unicellular cerebral vacuum twat) need to know.
  14. We have two new record setters here: The mummified German who has beaten Reid Stowe's 1000 days of drifting record (who said you had to be alive to do it ?) and The newby "Dirt" for having the unmitigated gall to put up a whopping 18 valueless posts without ever posting a picture of his mum/mental health supervisor/parole officer's tits first. Get with the program Dirt.
  15. Pictures of the boat kept in top trim condition years ago appear on the internet. His regular postings on Facebook ended in 2009 and friends hadnt heard from him since. Wife left him and departed the boat in 2008, dying of cancer in 2010 Sailed extensively solo after his wifes death. Found dismasted and dead in January in one of the most isolated places on the planet. Had time to take the boom off when dismasted yet made no attempt at a jury rig. Had the experience to rig a jury rig and temporary aerial for the radio, but didnt. The dismasting wiped out the fence right around the boat including the cockpit tower. The mast was cut cleanly off at deck level and the shrouds disconnected, not sheared. No sign of ships diary, but it was probably looted. (items removed from navigation table as shown in 2 photographs.) I counted 23 locals standing on the deck including young kids in one photo so its likely that there was souveniring of more boat contents than that taken off the navigation table. Internal timbers showed signs of long term zero maintenance which is inconsistent with his reputation for self sufficiency and earlier boat photos. Not just a sudden heart attack. Everything points to a long depression with him giving up the will to live when his $160,000 pound boat was dismasted, he was in one of the most isolated places on the planet, and everyone and everything had deserted him. Check the diesel tank. How much fuel left ? Does the motor start ? Does the radio and bilge pump and solar panel work ? Are there any flares onboard ? Anything missing from the first aid kit ? Why the internal disarray ? Where is the liferaft ? What experience did the island doctor have in determining the age of mummified sailors and their cause of death ? There is much more to this story than has been released, and local authorities should be required to provide a lot more information. What are local "fishermen" doing 60 miles offshore ?