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  1. Team Vestas grounded

    I've been very careful to not get dragged into any tit for tat discussions on this forum, but you, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. http://www.fieldyachting.com/2014/11/vor-3011-sad-event-for-yacht-racing.html oh yeah?!?! I am pretty confident - it is an unbelievable mistake and should Not happen in a 100 years on a professinal boat and Team like This! I am really at a loss to read so much bullshit here. Normally the Forums are more eduated. It simply is a MUST to plot your postions every h on papercharts and to cross ccheck the Plotter with a redundant GPS pos. I had the unpleasure to Hit a reef in the biscay aß Child - navigator got confusednbetween ap Position and plotting pos in Chart. Never again. Watch captain or captain needs of course to recheck nav aß well. Just imagine a commercial ship a passenger vessel or an atomic submarine to be navigated by the same aseholes.... Whyncant u accept that they fucked up? It happensnin life...In this Position aß a pro it should Not have happend... Makes the vor unansurable... "Normally the Forums are more eduated." If your navigation is anything like your spelling I'm shocked you manage to make it off the dock without hitting something! Unless you were on the boat you have absolutely no idea what happened, and unfortunately the amount of respect for your opinions is likely to be zero. At this stage that is very little to do with the fact you're a noob and more that you've proven to be a bit of a jumped up arse. Let he who has never scrapped the bottom cast the first stone. So you can put yours down for a start!
  2. Artemis?

    is that it over or just the link dead?
  3. Artemis?

    Absolutely agree that nobody wants to be doing this, but it has to be done. So do it right and in a way / with people that are going to instill confidence that there's light at the end of the tunnel, rather than the hunch shouldered mumbling of a man who by listening to him makes you think of doom and gloom! The press fluff isn't from the reporters but from Mr GGYC who goes off on one about cup organisation and process And I think the committee is great! But the point of the conference is not for them to tell us just what a fantastic job they've done in putting it together.
  4. Artemis?

    This conference is a complete farce! Ian so obviously doesn't want to be there, hunched shoulders,"um" every other word, single word answers, and Mr GGYC is just a ringmaster! Just a whole lot of press fluff. At a time when the sailing world has been hit hard, and the cup has been rocked, you'd have thought they would have someone who can inspire confidence and a belief that there is real progress and a way forwards! Instead its a "What a good job we've done building such a strong committee" exercise! What utter tripe!
  5. AC Youth Cup

    so how many do we reckon will go through? I'm wondering whether they'll do the top 2 from each selection plus 2 other "picks", giving them 12 for the final. Maybe a 2 groups of 6, top 3 go through to last 6 kinda structure?
  6. AC Youth Cup

    results from race 2 1. Italy 2. Gbr 3. Nzl
  7. AC Youth Cup

    1, 1, 3 for the brits yesterday. Their latest video is pretty sweet!
  8. AC Youth Cup

    Latest from the Brits is they have 1, 1, 2. not sure about any of the other results, but a good start from our lot!
  9. AC Youth Cup

    could be. The list came out at about 1:30 in the afternoon over there. I'm not sure how long the races are but i'd imagine 30 mins, with a 10 min turn around, which gives 4 hours, so i suppose its possible! but i could have the race timings completely off....
  10. AC Youth Cup

    are those results or the race groups? its only 1:30 over there, they cant have got them all in this morning.
  11. AC Youth Cup

    Good gallery of the Brits on the AC45
  12. AC Youth Cup

    DKMS - thats not far off what we were talking about! No sailing today due to too much wind, they are operating a maximum wind limit of 17kts to help ensure none of the boats get broken. Early start tomorrow for training to try and catch up lost time. Racing is still due to begin on Friday. In the spirit of SA, Fuck of (and do some sailing) newbie!
  13. AC Youth Cup

    GBR youth being put through their paces! GBR youth being educated on how to not break and AC 45 when putting it together "So when your clinging on to the vertical trampoline hanging 40 foot up in the air....."