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  1. See Level

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Ron Rawson may have built the only "ice class" fiberglass sailboat
  2. See Level

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "great for anchor" For what, a body?
  3. See Level

    New sailor question

    Probably why he's angry.
  4. See Level

    What is it?

    What IOR boat had chainplates out on the rail?
  5. "If you can't fix it, feature it" technique Break out the cracks wider and couple inches down and fill with coarse aggregate or river rock mix.
  6. He probably has 20 or so of the exact same outfits hanging in his big, out of camera view RV
  7. See Level

    Too far gone?

    PUI, wait, 2:40, I think I was eating at the drive in. Anyway, it was joke based.
  8. See Level

    Pole in aft cabin on older Hallberg-Rassy's

    Rudder post extension to fit external tiller if the wheel fails As said above
  9. See Level

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Sort of a nautical version of this
  10. See Level

    Ideas for outhaul strop

    How about this??? Never mind, I'll show myself out.
  11. See Level

    Too far gone?

    Ask Bob Perry. Buy I'm guessing he'll say... Canoe stern.
  12. See Level

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    Stretch's to conform, stays stuck good, easy to remove and comes off clean. And is slippery so the sail doesn't chafe thru it so it's good for spreader tips as well.
  13. See Level

    Random PicThread

    The "Forest Deity" I haven't seen it in a while.
  14. See Level

    Makes my marina look tame.

    I've seen worse.
  15. See Level

    12:35 minutes you won't get back

    Vogon constructor ship, They hang in the air much the same way bricks don't.