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  1. See Level

    Friday Tension Gauges

    ^^^The thickness and density of your wallet.
  2. See Level

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Put a bag in it, works fine. And put 2 hoses together for reach.
  3. See Level

    LONQR 2

    Red Mist? Really?
  4. See Level

    Did You Know...

  5. See Level

    Did You Know...

    Did you know the only good thing about raising homing pigeons is you can sell the same one over and over.
  6. Hobie 21 sliding rowing seat on each hull, good long pulling oars, foot steering.
  7. See Level

    What is it?

    Maybe it's a sash weight wrench.
  8. See Level

    What is it?

    Probably a chimney ash door handle. Maybe for a chimney damper.
  9. See Level

    "Do You Love Me"

    Great, now we're teaching robots how to fuck off at work.
  10. See Level

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Everyone's headed for the city front early to get the current relief.
  11. Great Equalizer 80/81? I did on Sunset, the Peterson 42 was a Friday afternoon start at Shilshole, Protection Island, Vashon Island, Shilshole Gate, Hat Island, West Point, Shilshole finish. Sunday morning I think
  12. See Level

    Fisheries Supply

    It's a shame that with the current situation, Carl can't putter around the store as much, changing things around a bit, or a lot (usually for the better)
  13. See Level

    Fisheries Supply

    Pier 55