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  1. See Level

    Sad, waterlogged Holder 12 monohull

    Is the ring hard? maybe it's a glob of thickened resin put down when the deck went on, cheap way to attach mast tube bottom to hull. I think I recall those boat's might be vac- u- formed plastic but it's been a while. And it would make a pretty darn good drinks cooler for a party.
  2. See Level

    Wilderness 30 "Yahoo"

    Is this Yahoo? I just ran across this old ad, I don't know anything about it though, it seems like one pops up every year or so. This one's mine, near Seattle, but it may be spoken for
  3. See Level

    New sails

    I thought you were making the worlds finest hiking racks, then I saw the photo down thread. Nice work.
  4. See Level

    Sad, waterlogged Holder 12 monohull

    Drill a 1/4" hole in the deck somewhere near the mast step area, turn the boat upside down on sawhorses and drain the water out of bow area. Turn it back over and cut hole for 6" deck plate. Vac out remaining water and dry as much as possible. Before you put the deck plate in, spooge some fiberglass mat inside around the mast step tube. Install deck plate, go sailing, leave it open afterwards. Suck out left over water with a shopvac. Lots of dinghys separate the bow from the side tanks, on purpose, because most dinghys leak some when capsized.
  5. See Level

    What is the boat on the left?

    Came in fixed keel or lifting keel version, not a centerboard.
  6. See Level

    Removing Duct Tape Residue From Cabin Top

    This stuff
  7. See Level

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    OK, I'll start. Here's the Ed trying to wash the stink of a DNF off his driving hand.
  8. See Level

    Spot the racist.

    FYI "Oregon and Washington are both "at-will" employment states. That means that a Portland employer, for example, can terminate an employee for any reason or no reason at all."
  9. See Level

    Expedition style motor yacht thread?

    "The Oceania 75 employs over 2500kW of solar panels as a standard feature," Really...
  10. See Level

    Expedition style motor yacht thread?

    Wild Horse? It's been brought up few times but I don't know where
  11. See Level

    Plane Missing

    Undocumented Interplanetary Immigrants?
  12. See Level

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Fifty As in Fifty/50 chance of sailing again...Ever
  13. I'm sure they are actually very nice guys once you get to know them and ms13 is just an innocent social group.
  14. See Level

    Should I Be Worried?

    Great, maybe soon we can replace those loudmouth back talking bow men.