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  1. Not without their internet connection.
  2. See Level


    Ass man of Manassas
  3. "The remote area, 160 kilometres from Seattle, is close to land in Oregon where armed anti-government activists seized and occupied the wildlife refuge headquarters for more than a month." If by close you mean within hundreds of miles. Drama... WTF, Your media is worse than ours. Local news story, And from the official report,
  4. See Level

    I Remember

    Utmost honor and respect to the Firefighters, Police and those lost on flight 93 who fought back. And all survivors of 9/11 victims. And a thanks to our Canadian friends, in an around Gander who took in thousands of people when the planes were diverted there.
  5. See Level

    White Whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Upside down Orca's? Some of them are mostly white in the belly.
  6. See Level


    Fuck you, wasn't I the one to give you info on your boat when you were asking? Typical hater lib.
  7. See Level


    How very adult of you.
  8. See Level

    what is it?

    Since the invention of drones, the boys looked long and hard to find something to do with their old fighting stunt kites.
  9. See Level

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    Not when you're going downwind.
  10. See Level

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    Nope, we found out early that masthead kites were not only faster, but easier to handle due to lower apparent wind speeds. BTW, I still have a frac ultimate kite, barely used if anyone is interested.
  11. See Level

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Fresh water raises the risk of electrocution. You are a better conductor in fresh water as opposed to salt water.
  12. See Level

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Read this. No swimming near boat until it's fixed. -GFCI-Electrical-Shock-Protection
  13. See Level

    So Tonight its Elton John

  14. See Level

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Take the rig off and you've got a decent little motor boat.