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  1. See Level


    Lost? PA is 16 floors down on your left.
  2. See Level

    Random PicThread

    My dad's Tbird was put together at Jensens in 62, I spent a fair amount of time there as a kid. At their final Christmas party there were still a number of customers that had years on me.
  3. See Level

    The Zombie Fleet

    It'd work as a swell fortress to fight off the zombies though, they never get through steel.
  4. See Level


  5. See Level

    Random PicThread

    Looks like it was next door to Jenson motor boat company on Boat Street.
  6. See Level

    leaky cracked water tanks

    I've never tried a water tank, but I fixed a plastic kayak with P-tex ski/snowboard base repair sticks. Still stuck after 10years
  7. See Level

    Stainless Wire Railings

    Check out the Hayn architectural rigging catalog. Lots of info about cable railings.
  8. I think DDW's photo is pretty recent. It was listed with a salvage auction house last year, I guess there were no suck...err takers. There's a nice Salvation Army store up the street, maybe they can stuff it in the donation bin.
  9. See Level

    you're not helping!

    "As soon as you're done fucking around up there do you think you could get me a beer"
  10. See Level

    Pukers United – For those that have

    Stay on deck, eyes on the horizon.
  11. See Level

    what are they?

    Oscar Pistorious's baby feet, uh.. blades, waiting to be bronzed.
  12. See Level


    Possibly a publicity stunt Oops! Autonomous robot struck and 'killed' by a self-driving Tesla in Las Vegas ahead of CES By Cheyenne Macdonald For
  13. See Level

    The Zombie Fleet

    That's really more of a decaying corpse than zombie.
  14. See Level

    Spreader Geometry

    Polar diagram for Volvo 70, it's probably similar, if not more conservative. From