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  1. solosailor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The sale of denatured alcohol is unlawful in California.
  2. They should have shot many more. Sure show a picture once they are IN the Capitol Building and all mulling around. Why not show a video of them pushing and smashing and KILLING their way in. You don't deserve to live under the protection and laws of the USA fucking TRAITOR.
  3. solosailor

    “We need a new media system”.

    So far off the target you missed the whole backboard. "with no media, whatsoever, involved" is laughable. Fox, Rush, etc. for decades, then twitter, facebook, Trumps press conferences, etc.
  4. solosailor

    Save Amerkkka March

    Do they hang or inject for treason?
  5. solosailor

    Double handed options in US for under $100k

    Water ballast or canting keels really don't make sense for inshore racing. Even for medium offshore coastal work (Farallones @ 60n) it would be very difficult to make up the rating hit those systems have. Also as mentioned it adds a lot of complexity of use. How much to cant, how much ballast to use, etc. is always a moving target. It's more applicable for distance offshore where you can put it to work for longer periods of time. Also, many distance racers are off the wind and those systems provide less benefit.
  6. solosailor

    You heard it here first...

    The propaganda is strong in his weak mind. This is a perfect example of why we are in this situation..... decades of calling fellow Americans from a different political party "EMEMIES". Look in the mirror Venom.... see the traitor to your nation, thought so.
  7. solosailor

    New Moore 33

    Uggggg....... another disappointing thing to hear.
  8. solosailor


    I think you are looking for something you don't need. Sail suggestions from your system for an inshore race?
  9. solosailor

    Will it Fly? - Front Page

    Would that boat meet any offshore stability requirements?
  10. solosailor

    Save Amerkkka March

    How does a guy with a large closed black bag get to continue walking into Congress without deadly force..... that could easily have been a bomb.
  11. solosailor

    2020 Election Fuckery

    I used a pedo as an example to explain that saying something doesn't make it true and was booted for a month. I hope they realize you are just using it as an example, not actually saying it. It still says "insinuating pedo" on my profile when I didn't..... I just used it as an example like you did. You are raising an interesting question..... one that should be looked into at all expense.
  12. They are using that opinions of the loudest matters..... not the vote. It's that simple.
  13. solosailor

    Trump - Fortunate Son

    Big Pharma is not a small issue.
  14. solosailor

    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

    Um.... they are very good all around boats that point very well (only boat to win 3x Singlehanded Farallones). They have proven themselves in windward/leward, reaching and offshore. Upwind when a puff hits the tapered tip spills off and then then powers back up in the luff. Trust me I've watched this on their stern for hours. 3000lbs lead on a 5500-5800lbs boat isn't "don't have a lot of lead".
  15. solosailor

    Securing light wind sheets

    It's slow. I wouldn't want a hitch for a line that gets frequently trimmed.