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  1. solosailor

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    It's easier to say "youth is wasted on the young".
  2. solosailor

    So much for the rising tide theory

    You can't have a pyramid scheme without peasants.
  3. solosailor

    Pac Cup 2018

    That is a massive change for the Melges and now rates just barely faster than the Columbia 32. Looks like a smaller ISP and spin. provided a +6sec/m. It will have a strong shot at the overall with a more manageable setup.
  4. solosailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    They will not panic but double down on the "deep state" conspiracy shit and would rather burn this bitch down (the USA) than admit Trump might be a bad apple. I'm sure if Trump is ever impeached or indicted there will be some that move forward with his promotion of 2nd amendment remedies and think they are patriots when they are the traitors to our countries principals. I don't fear a real civil war because most of these gun hoarder are clueless and after the first few are shot down most will retreat to the man cave. They will rot their brains with even more outlandish conspiracy theories and do some needed home upgrades like hanging a larger Confederate flag or an upgrade to a Nazi one while stewing on how the world did them wrong while indoctrinating another generation of radical hate.
  5. solosailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

  6. solosailor

    Pac Cup 2018

    They pulled the plug a few weeks back.
  7. solosailor

    Pac Cup 2018

    Highly likely, happens frequently. The fleet is a mix of Corinthian and Pros. I'm in favor of 2x fleet position updates as in the past so competitors sail their own race and make their own bed.
  8. solosailor


    Where are you going to race?
  9. solosailor

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    God forbid they spend an afternoon learning a bowline. Don't forget to remove the analog clocks from the club.
  10. solosailor

    Singlehanded Transpac 2018

    There haven't been many fast boats the last few rounds and it will likely be an Olson 30 FTF. When I went they were mid-pack.
  11. solosailor

    Finished upgraded solar system

    Increased output. If one has any shaded areas the panel in full sun is still going full tilt.
  12. solosailor

    putting in a keel lifting point

    BYC is a 2.5t (downgraded 3t) hoist.
  13. solosailor

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    My old Jag uses a single center knock-off. Hope that helps.
  14. solosailor

    Sleep Timer