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  1. solosailor

    Trump Ramblings 101...... He is nutz..

    jizzking is just spouting his usual lies, misdirection and misinformation.
  2. It's not how fast you can go..... but how long you can go fast.
  3. solosailor

    Carshine Anarchy

    SprayMax. Exact match color + clear.
  4. solosailor

    It's Fox, but you know it's also 2020.....

    They should have wheeled in a cart of Bleach and an IV bag and said we have "YOUR" stated prescription.
  5. solosailor

    Insurer Recommendations?

    Before Geico came out with their own branded insurance they wrote my policy through Ski-Safe w/named value and was less than Geico when I last checked.
  6. solosailor

    J 80 mast head antenna

    And check better cable options that meet the rules to reduce weight. The J/80 cable won't be too long.
  7. solosailor

    What's the significance of the SF Bay Potato Patch?

    Funny, most races to the Farallones try to start on the ebb.
  8. solosailor

    Baja Chart books

    Besides current real charts maybe Charlies Charts or such.
  9. solosailor

    Race to Alaska best boat

    That was Mamma Trieds. Mad Dog had the swing up through net design. I got my boats swapped there for a moment.
  10. solosailor

    Race to Alaska best boat

    I built the peddle setup and did some mods on the boat as well. Dual recumbent bicycle peddling, swing up design.
  11. SH or DH Longpac, Doublehanded Farallones, Singlehanded Farallones, Singlehanded Transpac, Doublehanded Pacific Cup, Bermuda 1-2
  12. solosailor

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    The Evo doesn't require a rudder feedback sensor, nor did the X-5 & ST4000+.
  13. solosailor

    Log book pen anarchy

    What inspection requires a log book?
  14. solosailor

    J/111 2011 questions

    Hey Blur, I wanted to send you a message but you have receive off. Could you ping me, I'd like to send you a message offline.
  15. solosailor

    J/111 2011 questions

    J/90, J/125 no?