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  1. solosailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    "command"?? "petty tyrants"?? You claim anarchy but can't handle the SLIGHTEST push back. Pretty weak. I command thee to eat shit.
  2. solosailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I guess my post deserves a private massage from the "lets compare rally cars to formula one cars" guy and then tries to tell me "anarchy" is the guiding principle..... unless of course I say something he doesn't like then it's "stop" it.
  3. solosailor

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Stop comparing Apples to Oranges. Each are great in their own CLASS.
  4. solosailor

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    Yeah, saw the limited build numbers. Saw the lack of use and newish (older but not used) sails. Doyle ehhh..... I'll track him down that route instead of through broker. Thanks.
  5. solosailor

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Main Halyard Jib Halyard Jib Tack (spectra line) 2x Masthead Spin Halyard Frac. Spin Halyard Cunningham Outhaul Reef Vang 2x Spin Tacks Pole Out 2x Bowsprit Articulation 2x Jib Tracks 3x Jib Sheets 2x Spin Sheets 2x Code Sheets 2x Twings Continuous Code Furler Control Dux Code Boltrope 2x Traveler Mainsheet Mainsheet Fine Tune Mainsail Clew (spectra) 2x Backstays Purchase Backstay 4x Lifelines (spectra) Anchor Line Outboard Lift =42x Not including those I don't sail with or use only for offshore nor sail leech or foot lines otherwise I'd be at 49++++++x: 4x Hull/Keel Lift Bridal Dock Lines Throw Line Lifesling Line
  6. solosailor

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    Anyone have any input on this ride????
  7. solosailor

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    I believe some of the AIS models now also do DSC.... only this is useful to the boats around you. Get this first and the EPIRB 2nd.
  8. solosailor

    Flying Tiger

  9. solosailor

    Flying Tiger

    You'll never find out now as the minimum length has been upped to 38ft.
  10. solosailor

    Flying Tiger

    .... and in '18 with a class win.
  11. solosailor

    Best Speech EVERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Because it was so fucked up when he stepped in. Please compare that economy to the one Trump stepped into. Since only the great depression was a worse crash maybe you should compare apples to apples not some small recessions. Looks like Obama took it from the Bushes near 10 down to <5 and Trump riding on the Obama legacy economy moving it another single point. I apologize as you're not talented enough to be a shill.
  12. solosailor

    Best Speech EVERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Bad? You mean the bankrupt economy Bush and his cronies left for Obama? He saved our version of capitalism, put our economy on a long upward road of gains which are still going today. You are a fucking shill or stupid. Do yourself a favor and look at a graph or two.
  13. solosailor

    has anyone noticed

    Civility is reserved for the civil minded..... spouting off that the bombs are "con jobs by the Dems" is not civil nor close to public discourse. It's just plain partisan propaganda spewed out by an asshole. You'd rather pour gas on a house fire while locked inside if the fire department had one libural on the crew.
  14. solosailor

    Three cheers?

    For sure a HH54...... doublehanded back from Hawaii in 12d1h.
  15. Then why do the faithful still chant "lock her up" while drooling on their anti-Hillary shirts?