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  1. Stainless is used against carbon all the time. I'll have to go tell my gooseneck 316 stainless pin to begin rusting as it's lazy ass is still like knew 12 years later. As well as my t-bar fittings, as well as my backstay pin, sheave pins, sheave boxes..... all stainless.... all rust free a decade plus later. Yes of course you can encapsulated stainless in fiberglass first for any application you can't inspect or replace like in a rudder tube insert, etc.
  2. solosailor

    1) Wreck boat 2) go Social 3) Profit!

    There is a clew, he just doesn't know how to use it.
  3. solosailor

    Taming a nervous NKE auto pilot

    Does it act the same under a compass, not wind mode?
  4. solosailor

    AC45F Lux for sale

    Where would you be able to keep a crane and launch unless you owned the property?
  5. Possibly the Singlehanded Farallones will be held this Saturday. 30+ entries already. Still waiting on the USCG final approval.
  6. solosailor

    Connect with J/88 Oceanvolt owner?

    Does the Oceanvolt charge with 12V or 120V? The Honda will put out very low 12V as I recall. Not quite my moms hybrid.
  7. solosailor

    Laying 1708 overhead

    You do realize the superior properties of epoxy over poly for secondary bonds, no?
  8. If you think the world would ridicule us for voting for Biden over Trump you haven't been anywhere. We are the laughing stock because of Trump and his followers/enablers.
  9. solosailor

    Political Rally Headscratcher

    Why do you have to discriminate against someone who lives in their vehicle?
  10. solosailor

    Inboard/Outboard PHRF Credit

    -3 credit for inboard here in NorCal last time I heard.
  11. solosailor

    Another police murder

    so I could kill myself.
  12. solosailor

    Another police murder

    I wish I was a man like you.
  13. His "friend" was a guy he watched on youtube trying to argue for "sovereign citizen" to a judge for jaywalking.
  14. solosailor

    Carbon fibre mast maintenance

    Paint it white. Clear coat with "UV" inhibitors is like drinking sunscreen..... you really need the protection on the outside. If you have to have it clear and like a crazy hot surface then go ahead and paint it with Awlclear, Alexseal Clear, etc.
  15. Twice denied this month for the Singlehanded Farallones by the USCG. Ugg.