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  1. ORC and sport boats

    ....with the jib halyard is to tight and the bow it taking two calls at once.
  2. Twitter Toddler in Chief back at it

    "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." How many times has he broken his oath since placing burning his hand on that bible?
  3. Club racer electronics

    You ping fucking starting marks in the Estuary?
  4. Pac Cup 2018

    Bring freeze dried beer next time.......
  5. Rolex Big Boat Series - San Francisco

    What big boats? Not many or any around here anymore.
  6. A few questions on hurricanes

    Maybe without any headwind and running at a very high RPM. I've sailed over 5k miles on a HH54 including two Hawaii return crossings. Boat is fast but not wicked fast. Great ocean boat but I wouldn't want to try to outrun a system unless I was already caught out.

    This. Stop breeding or one child max. I know it's bad for the pryimid scheme society we have but if you want to get scared by a graph take a look at worldwide population growth.
  8. J/92 heavy weather sailing

    I see three.......
  9. CF mast refinish

    SprayMax 2k Clear. Two part paint in a activated spray can. $25
  10. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    Yes that will work, looks like a nice inexpensive unit and runs on 12V. It does NOT need to say NMEA, simply RS422.
  11. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    Search Amazon for RS422 to Wifi. Find one that uses 12V power. All RS422 to Wifi bridges should work with no complicated setups. NMEA (& AIS) are simply serial strings.
  12. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    Used Brockhouse iMux and others but without additional needs like multiplexing NMEA signals $75 sounds better.
  13. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    Standard Horizon 5500 (VHF/GPS/AIS) to RS422 to WiFi bridge ($75 Amazon) to iNavX or such.
  14. Impeachment = Violence

    So Trump supporters would get violent for ANY impeachment reason?