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  1. solosailor

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    Well you I imagine you don't want to stuff CZ cloth in a bag, it's meant for furling. You will never get the luff tight enough for going to weather in less than very light conditions.
  2. solosailor

    elliot 780 - solo

    Converting? What needs converting? Add a tiller lock and autopilot and go sailing.
  3. solosailor

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    They all had them, now they don't. There is also the Colligo version.
  4. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    The heart of the matter is I looked at her sailing CV; today.
  5. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    A comment on competitiveness is not saying "she really shouldn't be there". Don't fucking try to put spin on it and put words in my mouth... so to speak, I said no such thing. And now that you've got me in a pissy mood I'll add if I did wish to compete and were asking for others to sponsor me I would certainly make sure my sailing CV wasn't full of errors.
  6. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    I never said she shouldn't be out there competing. As I recall I said "good on her" for competing. I like people who love to sail. As I recall now I think she did have electrical issues in the SHTP.
  7. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    Yes, I only spectate.
  8. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    Taking shit from you.
  9. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    Yes. Corrected 11th out of the 14 finishers. She was just shy of 2 days behind the other Express 27 and 6 hours slower elapsed than a 200 rated Westsail 32. Can't remember if he had major gear breakage.
  10. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    She has had a Figaro in SF Bay for several years to train on but it seems she does mostly crewed or doublehanded events...... not sure how much times she does singlehanding, although she did a good bit with her Express 27.
  11. solosailor

    Figaro solo

    Good on her for getting out there and racing but sometimes desire and heart isn't enough to be competitive.
  12. solosailor

    Hillary used email....

    Please give us a full detailed report on how they "conducted" the investigation..... really. You obviously have full inside knowledge of their operations. Please elaborate or you just stepped in more doggie excrement.
  13. solosailor

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    The one is SF just headed south to San Diego with a new owner.
  14. solosailor

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    I think there is a Santa Cruz 40 for sale on the West Coast..... another similar candidate.