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  1. Kids with helmets...WTF

    I have two young boys that are learning to sail at home with dad. We wear PFDs, but no helmets. Skiing, snowboarding, biking and skateboarding, helmet without fail. We even have full face helmets for downhill or pump track biking. I've seen the head injuries first hand and have chosen to protect my kids in those sports. I have yet to witness a major head injury while sailing. PS: I wore a kayak helmet in two Key West races in 2003 or 04....blowing like hell on an F28.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I explored the calculator and it doesn't yield a workable number. Still looking... http://www.texelrating.org/site/filestore/algemeen/TR_Easy_Calculator.xls
  3. Agreed, hence the request for rating info. I wasn’t on the boat for that race, so I can’t speak to the provisional rating or the reasoning thereof. As for the Ft L to KW race, they were about 45 min behind the F31R (-30) and a solid 6.5 hours off the GB 62 (-51) with the GB 60 (-45) finishing about four hours ahead of them. I like the way you are thinking on the mono references, but we need to extrapolate a multi rating. I appreciate the; data, direction & feedback...all good. I reached out to Mr. Gibbs.
  4. Help! We are racing a Simpson 48 catamaran (13.7 m (44.936’)) that has been modified with 3' ama extensions aka sugar scoops. This boat is new to the owner and racing. It doesn’t have an established rating, short of a provisional PHRF 141.0 rating from the recent Fort Lauderdale to Key West race, in which it won the multihull division. In the name of fairness, transparency and the spirit of competition, we are looking for a sister ship with a racing history or documented rating. The boat was designed by Roger Simpson and I would suggest there may be a few racing in either Australia or New Zealand. I have researched race results and I contacted half a dozen multihull clubs in both countries with no luck so far. If anyone can post a link to this thread with a rating for a 13.7 Simpson with or without the sugar scoops or direct me to a sister ship that has a race record or result, I would be very grateful. Time is of essence, since the rating of this boat is to be ‘penciled in’ this coming Friday in preparation for the Miami to Havana race.